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Hall H -- Super Panels!

Omg I saw Megan Fox lololololol.

In the flesh. For real. Yes.

Along with Cameron Diaz, Tim Burton, and a bunch of other really famous people… including OMGOMG HAYAO MIYAZAKI. *hyperventilates*


… Just kidding. :D

But seriously, I got up at 6AM, lined up for the exhibition hall until it opened at 9:30, went to the WB booth to snag some free swag (which apparently ran out at about 10:15), and...

Comments: 7 Submitted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 05:43 AM

Downtown Street Names Are Very Boring

[Start: 9:05PM]

Today was the omgfirstofficialdayof ComicCon! Yay. But before we could go, I had to make up an orthodontist appointment, in which I got rubber bands. In two words: They suck. D: So even though the orthodontist told me to keep them on 24/7, I’m not wearing them right now. Rawr.

Anywho, I met up with three of my friends, two of whom were cosplaying as Marth and Ike from Fire Emblem (apparently this morning they were...

Comments: 16 Submitted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 06:22 AM

Preview Night

DISCLAIMER: The creator of this blog accepts no responsibility for any loss of limb or life or mental regression. Read ahead at your own risk. ;)

… Somehow, I feel like the guy from Densha Otoko. Except there are no pretty girls, trains, or teacups to be found in this blog whatsoever. Anyway, here I go~

As I’m writing this, my badge and lanyard is sitting next to my iPod, on top of the printer, and the bags of free stuff are...

Comments: 9 Submitted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 06:14 AM

"What the heck is this crap?!"

So uh, author's note (skip down if you don't want to read. Or uh. Well, you should know where the "back" button is.) -- Sorry if it sucks. But uh, I just HAD to write something for this prompt. XD

Being a bando, there’s no shortage of strange people for me to write about. But I have homework due tomorrow, so this’ll be short. And most likely very very crappy. >___>;;

But firstly – “If...

Comments: 20 Submitted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 05:13 AM

If Quizzes are Quizzical...

Start - 21:04 Apr. 26

Currently listening to - Guang Liang stuff. So bittersweet… but I still <3 it. Beautiful music. Oh, and I haven't played any games lately, 'cept for on the NDS, so I'm not gonna blog about that. :P

This past week was chock-full of testing. :S … Anyways. Last Sunday, I had to go to Chinese school early, to take the dratted AP entrance exam that I'd spent the weekend studying for...

Comments: 8 Submitted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 06:01 AM

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