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3.0.0 (Mon Feb 14, 2011)

First public release of VuTales v3

3.0.1 (Mon Feb 14, 2011)

Fixed various BBCode parsing errors
Rules updated
Fixed typographical error in the privacy page
Fixed bug where threads would not be bumped on new posts
Added changelog page (this page)

3.0.2 (Mon Feb 14, 2011)

Fixed the CSS for code tags

3.0.3 (Tue Feb 15, 2011)

Fixed 'tag as x' title looping on the tag search page
Fixed typos in the rules

3.0.4 (Tue Feb 15, 2011)

Fixed 'tag as x' title looping on the tag search page
Fixed typos in the rules
Fixed a bug where avatars would appear for users without an avatar
Fixed activation emails linking to not

3.0.5 (Thu Feb 17, 2011)

Fixed broken links on the dashboard
Fixed missing spaces on the dashboard
Fixed bug where bbcode for quotes wasn't added to all recieved mail
Various CSS changes

3.0.6 (Thu Feb 17, 2011)

Added the ability to sort tag searches by likes or date submitted

3.0.7 (Sat Feb 19, 2011)

Fixed case where toggling the social media panel on blogs wouldn't work
Removed background of social media panel
Fixed a few cases where the site would link to

3.0.8 (Sat Feb 19, 2011)

Fixed bug where blogs that had been in draft status for a few days could break the order in which blogs appear after being published

3.0.9 (Sun Feb 20, 2011)

Changed the captcha used on sign ups

3.0.10 (Sun Feb 20, 2011)

Fixed bug where sign up/ login modals wouldn't appear

3.0.11 (Sun Feb 20, 2011)

Fixed bug where editing blogs could break the date they were submited

3.0.12 (Sun Feb 20, 2011)

Various CSS changes

3.0.13 (Fri Feb 25, 2011)

Restored donor message on IDs
Fixed typo on changelog
Fixed bug where fragments could be empty

3.1.14 (Thu Mar 17, 2011)

Added in experimental support for caching blogs and posts to speed up generation times and allow future BBCode to be more expensive to parse.

3.1.15 (Sat Mar 19, 2011)

Fixed bug where deleting non-existant caches would throw errors.

3.1.16 (Sun Mar 20, 2011)

Added New! alert to QoTW on the header for a day after a new QoTW starts.

3.2.17 (Fri Mar 25, 2011)

New feature.

3.2.18 (Fri Mar 25, 2011)

Wording tweaks to emails sent.

3.2.19 (Sat Apr 23, 2011)

Updated logos page.
Changed spoilers to black out text.

3.2.20 (Mon Jun 06, 2011)

Fixed the QoTW New! alert from thinking it's in a different timezone.
Added some Javascript to refresh the session on the Dashboard.

3.2.21 (Sun Jun 26, 2011)

Changed post links on the front page to link directly to the post.

3.2.22 (Fri Aug 19, 2011)

Added resizing to modals.

3.3.23 (Sun Sep 25, 2011)

Added picture blogs.