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It's Hard to be Happy

Tagged as: Happy Holidays.

Written by Nass on December 24, 2017
Hello friends.

It goes without saying that it's been a long long long time since we've spoken, even longer since I wrote anything that resembled a blog (even my tumblr posts were never this thought out!) and probably even longer still since the last time I thought about this site.

And I mean, literally, the site. I still remember you guys and sometimes very fond memories play in my mind when I daydream of our many arguments, love affairs and escapades (remember when some of us decided to meet...IN REAL LIFE!!!).

Anyway, mushy stuff aside what's been going on with me?

Honestly, not a hell of a lot. I'm 23 now and really I just feel like I'm just trying to get by in life.
Not to say that in like a depressing way but to be frank many aspects of my life are rather peaceful and they have been for quite some time. That isn't to say that they can't be improved still but I dunno, it's just peaceful....almost routine.

I wake up.
I go to school & work.
I go home.
I sleep.

Pretty much every day of the week, it keeps me really occupied, That being said, I had to....lessen the importance of having a social life, so I don't see my friends very often anymore. Days,even weeks go by and I barely even notice. Dates don't matter to me anymore since my body instinctively knows when it needs to go to work anyway. I have the day off for the holidays and honestly until like 7am today I had no fucking clue Christmas was actually tomorrow. Never got around to gift shopping so I may have to work some Christmas magic tomorrow and hope my family forgives me (AKA ALL Y'ALL GETTING MONEY IN A HALLMARK CARD).

Yes my life is very routine indeed, very cyclical.

Almost nothing ever changes in my life.


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December 24, 2017
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