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hi it's nicole (2016 trini update)

Tagged as: life update.

Written by trinay on December 12, 2016
I watched a compilation of 'hi it's nicole' from all of her videos over the years and it was weirdly rejuvenating. I highly recommend it even if you don't know who nicole337 is.
Here's the link:

Whenever I'm bored, I automatically go to vutales in the same way I used to browse MMOTales. Usually there's nothing new, but I do see my old emo blogs on the front page which is kind of embarrassing. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to think about sad things or be reminded that I was sad/struggling. I already experienced it once and I don't want to relive it in my head, if that makes sense. Sometimes I browse around a bit on the site and feel disappointed that it's dead, but to be honest I wasn't helping at all by passively browsing. So it's time to write a 1 am blog.


I'm flying to Seoul in 3 days, on my best friend's 21st birthday. I feel really bad, but I completely forgot back in September and the flights were weirdly cheap on that day. Basically, I've had this minor eye problem for a while where my eyelashes grow upwards and into my eyeball (gross sorry). It's gotten worse in that I can't actually take out my contact lenses without tearing up in 10 seconds because of the stabby stubby lashes. The NHS is an amazing healthcare system but I would literally be on the waiting list until I die, so I applied to be a top clinic's beauty model and get it done for free. I'm a poor student and my parents retired a few years ago. Anyway, I was selected so they're going to fix my eyes and also my face (???) in return for a few reviews and exclusive rights to interviews and pics for the next 6 years. I never wanted a nose job but I guess I'm getting one now, since it's in my contract. My mum is coming with me and it'll be painful as hell but at least I can save my cornea and have a crazy story to tell when I'm a wrinkly grandma. I've had two nightmares about it already and I'm super excited.

Other life:
This weekend was stressful but productive. I went with my boyfriend to buy my best friend her 21st birthday present from our friendship group on Saturday. Oxford Street was freaking ridiculous, it was like the whole of London was panic buying gifts at the exact same time. It was to the point where I couldn't even get data, so I had to pick out her necklace by myself. I think it's pretty nice:

I just want her to feel loved and appreciated on her 21st. It's a big milestone but asians here tend not to celebrate it too much. My friend is the type of girl who says she has no presence and she cried last year at her birthday party because we were all paying her so much attention. She's a disaster honestly, but I love her.

Speaking of disasters, my group mate is fucking ridiculous and he's probably my best male friend. I messaged him Saturday morning to send me the notes for a plant that he wrote for a previous essay, so I could use it to write a script for our video presentation. Saturday night when I come home- nothing. Okay it's normal, he fucked over his other group on Monday during their poster presentation by not showing up to their rehearsal. I call him on Whatsapp, Facebook and phone twice, nothing. Texted him, posted on his wall. Woke up at 8 a.m on Sunday morning, hoping he sent it- NOTHING. Literally spent the next 6 hours researching all 4 plants from scratch, reading clinical studies and writing the script. Took a stressful nap. He then messages me 'oops' at 2.45 p.m and says he had a gaming marathon from Friday night through to Sunday and only just woke up.

I literally could have cut him. I was freaking out to myself the whole time I was writing it up, that I would have to pull an Anna Akana and roleplay as a Pharmacist counselling myself as a patient on video. BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DO ANY WORK.

I just finished the script with minimal contributions from him and I basically never want to work with him again. It's 3rd year, who the fuck games from Friday to Sunday when there's a 30% coursework due in on Wednesday??????


I applied to two study abroad programmes to do my final year masters project. I really want to go to Hong Kong University bc my cantonese is pretty basic and I love Hong Kong. Relatives = free accommodation. Sweden's Uppsala University is also amazing, with a great pharmacognosy lab who actually teach analytical skills to students. I'm annoyed because my current phytotherapy professor basically said he would only assign lit reviews to masters students, because he thought we didn't have sufficient analytical skills to even step foot in his lab.

-1000 respect because does he think we're going to pull lab skills out of our ass for PhD projects???? After only doing dry projects ????? Super shortsighted and insulting. I'm leaning towards Sweden but I'll be happy if I could just get out of UCL for a few months.

Also I found out today that my group only got 73 for our poster presentation. I was upset because we got such positive feedback from the professors who asked us questions and we won 2nd best poster in our session. Apparently that award doesn't mean anything because the winner for best poster in the 1st session only got 70. That's scraping a first. I designed the whole poster by myself as well and my group was really encouraging to me so I feel really bad and disappointed. Here's a smol screenshot of the poster, it's not meant to be masters-level professional but more like healthcare professional information so the orange and purple colour scheme was a-ok:


So I've been in a relationship with the bf for almost a year now. I'll be spending our first anniversary away convalescing in Korea with my mum though. I'll really miss him, we've basically spent every day living together since March/April. My cousin commented that maybe we're spending too much time together but I haven't seen any symptoms of that. I'm the typical only child who likes her space and hates sharing but I really like sharing space together with him. He's the older brother type that takes care of everything and is really good at everything he tries plus is super kind and enjoys teaching people. I'm really happy with him. This is the longest relationship out of the 3 serious relationships I've had and I'm really happy.

I've officially almost put 50 hours into Pokemon Moon and I haven't even beat the Elite 4. I literally bought a 3ds xl for £80 from Gumtree just to play this stupid game because Pokemon Go wasn't that great. I love my primarina ok.

So yeah this is my 2016 update. I like plants a lot, I'm thinking of either doing graduate medicine or a law conversion -NOT BECAUSE OF ASIAN SYNDROME, I'm genuinely interested in both and very passionless about everything else, and I'd like to study abroad for a bit, even if it means spending time apart from the bf of almost 1 year. Group projects are still stressful as hell though.

CHALLENGE: Write a 2016 update for yourself! What have you been doing? Not posting enough on vutales obvs but what else?

Have a good holidays and new year's guys <3
(I think the visitors counter is fixed as well? It's cool that we probably all come and browse but no one posts anything.)

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December 12, 2016
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December 10, 2017
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October 10, 2012

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Sun Dec 18, 2016 04:19 AM +

Hiiiiii!~ Welcome back! Basically it's just me and cheeze postin' the forums.

Ewww, is that like ingrown eyelashes or something?

Wow you're getting masters? I thought the last time you posted you were getting your bachelor's still. Has it been that long...

Well, it does look a little cluttered, and on the first look I don't know if I should be reading from left to right or up to down. Should probably have some elements that naturally guide the reader along a path.

Have fun in Korea though! I've always wanted to go. please post pictures here of your journey so I can live vicariously through you.

Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:51 PM +

Hi Froggy! ^^ Why are you postin the forums when you could be postin blogs??? /nagnag

Yeah it's called trichiasis and it's really gross. There's like 2 options: lasering off my hair follicles so my lower eyelashes never grow back again or lower eyelid surgery. Otherwise I'll go blind and that would suck, I already have the corneal abrasions and little blood vessels growing in the cornea rip.

My course is actually a masters course, 3 years undergrad + 1 year masters integrated. Then one year of training and our final exams. It's really long and we don't get paid enough for all the debt we incur.

RIP MY POSTER. It wasn't meant to be a patient journey or anything so it wasn't intended to be read in a certain direction. I found out later that every single group got like 70-75, so I guess it's fine. Next year we all have to do a solo poster for our master's project and I'll definitely take your advice on board for it. Little arrows maybe idk.

KOREA IS AMAZING for shopping but I think I prefer Japan as best asian country. I've shopped and eaten a lot here but haven't done many cultural things so far. Businesses randomly close on either Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday so it's better to do a long trip. You should come at least once!! I'm organising all my photos for my personal blog atm, but i'll probably post my honest thoughts here because all the procedures ae #spon so i have to be v positive.

Thu Dec 29, 2016 01:09 AM [Edited once ] +

Not much to say except (y).

What personal blog? :o

Fri Dec 30, 2016 05:46 PM +

@David hahah (y) (y)
It's just a regular blogspot that I have to upload my reviews onto. It's pretty dead right now and I can't even get adsense bc i have like 3 posts, but soon it should be alive. ^^


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