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Hello Kitty - now 100% more politically correct

Tagged as: what, the, shit.

Written by David on October 5, 2015

Look at that shit, cute af.

So we recently had some activity on this site which is incredible but also kind of sad because this site has been phasing in and out of everyone's existence, sort of like a fatherly figure in an African American household, but I really wish it would be more than that.

I'm just glad Bryan is still footing the bill, ha-ha. By the way, have you guys checked out the main website lately? click Looks pretty neat. He's even a mod on /r/wow! Wow!

The recent exposition (2 blogs!) on the average VuTaler life had some uplifting stories, but the undertones were definitely leaning on the sad side. And I'm feeling that vibe too recently. I've lost a lot of motivation to accomplish anything, sort of losing focus on achieving anything in particular. Well, it's not that I had much motivation to begin with, never really succeeded at doing something for real, y'know? This sort of emptiness that you just sort of try to fill with flakey bullshit but in the end it doesn't really translate into anything you can feel proud of afterwards.

I mean what has my life led up to at this point? 6 years and a half in China, 2 years in Ohio, 4 years in Montreal, 4 years in Albany, and then the back and forth between Toronto, Waterloo, and Austin. All this bouncing around left me with a bunch of shallow relationships that don't extend past the occasional Facebook conversation of, "Hey, what's up?" I mean, apart from the members of VuTales, I haven't actually kept in contact with most people. The furthest one is someone who moved to Toronto back when I lived in Montreal, and I've actually been able to keep up with him. He also offers me a place to stay whenever I visit, so that's always nice. But yeah, you guys are people I've known longer than anyone in real life that I still keep in contact with.

That said, some people I know are now doing pretty cool things. A few got into med school, a few doing very hardcore degrees in Engineering. I'm fairly close to finishing my degree as well, just 6 months left. I could have probably finished at the end of this term instead but I didn't want a heavy workload - yeah, sue me. I'm not exactly too sure what my future holds. I'm applying to graduate school, and also looking for jobs. Whichever one looks more promising will probably end up being what I do I guess...

In terms of my day to day life, I'm now living by myself. So, not so funny story, but when it first started I lived in a dorm, and met a few people that I became more or less close enough with. We ended up renting a 4 bedroom apartment, then of course one of them was hit with depression and dropped out eventually, so it was down to 3. At this point one of them found himself dumped, but quickly found a rebound and they're still together (4 years now), and are pretty much now living together, except he still wants a room "to himself" with us, so he pays like 540$ a month to rent a room to store his stuff but he pretty much never lived there. This situation lasted for 2 years, we lived in 2 separate buildings, all 5 bedroom apartments, until this September when they moved out to a different building because they hated this management company for screwing them over because it didn't complete the building we were supposed to be living in in time, which I think I covered in another blog. I decided to renew my lease because I was too lazy to move and they also gave me 2 months off so what the heck.

Fast-forward to today, I'm now living in this empty ass apartment by myself. And somehow it's still way more cluttered than ever. But my setup is pretty nice now. I'll include some pictures I guess.

Living situation:

Hopefully I didn't leave anything too embarrassing lying around. But at this point, I don't even care any more.

I've also gotten back into the habit of cooking a lot, recently I made these banh mi sandwiches that were pretty nice (sort of a like a fusion of Chinese pork and vietnamese pickles on top of french baguette):

But I just can't make them as good as the one I get from this one store in downtown Kitchener. Those are soooo freaking good. Maybe it's because of the paste and pork tenderloin they use instead of the shoulder I used. Oh well, I'll figure it out one of these days.

Apart from that sandwich, other things on my plate lately are just the University courses... I've been keeping up with watching TV shows (Quantico looks interesting, watching Arrow, Flash, a few animes this season (lots of mecha that I don't enjoy too much :x), and of course The Amazing Race, Modern Family, Rick and Morty, yadayada.) Playing League, watching their world championships, playing quite a bit of MGS:V but that has died down for me recently ever since finishing Chapter 1 after like 80 hours... this game is too long... ._.

That's about it from me for now.

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October 5, 2015
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March 31, 2021
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Wed Oct 07, 2015 02:35 AM +

Titled "Hello Kitty" but only a fleeting mention of Hello Kitty? Downvoted for off-topic. (dog)

I see you got rid of your titty mousepad. Don't worry, no one is going to forget. And you still haven't learned to properly cook yet, have you?

Wed Oct 07, 2015 02:42 AM +

wow do you ever walk around your apartment naked? i would.

Wed Oct 07, 2015 02:45 AM +

Dest1 said: wow do you ever walk around your apartment naked? i would.

im never not naked in the apt


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