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VuTales Skype Moments part 1 - because things said on the Internet means they should last forever

Tagged as: wow.

Written by David on August 21, 2014
The VuTales skype group is the successor of the MMOT/VuTales MSN group. It is an entity that's clearly suffering from a lot from ADHD. However, it is also capable of producing the funny moments.

Unfortunately, no one has compiled the any moments for the past few years, with the exception of maybe VuCast? But that shit was horrible, so no more of that.

So this is another futile attempt at preserving some memories that most people probably would rather be forgotten. If you feel like the snippet has portrayed you in a significantly demeaning way, please just contact me through the Skype group and I'll take it down.

Unfortunately Skype only keeps convos for up to 3 months, so this is starting in June 24th, 2014. Anything before it is, unfortunately unless someone somehow saved all the logs, lost. Wow, isn't that ironic when considering the title it states that it will always be there?!

So some metrics first. For the past 3 months, there were approximately 10561 messages sent, with a word count of 47656 words. So on average, that's about 4.5 words per line.

The one that typed the most messages is yours truly, with Kevin Chen slightly behind, followed by Jon and Sneha, and then there's a gap.

Uninterestingly, the most common word that wasn't a pronoun was: 'lol'. This was followed by stuff like 'yeah', 'shit', and 'good'.

And now some snippets.

On the anime No Game No Life

Lithium: omfg
Lithium: no game no life
Lithium: made me blow my metaphorical wad
Lithium: like
Lithium: 4 times
Lithium: today
Kevin Chen: WTF
Kevin Chen: CHILLS

Yeah. You should watch it if you haven't already.

On the iPhone keyboard

Pirithivi: every time i have to use an iphone keyboard it pisses me off so much
Pirithivi: why is their autocorrect so shitty
Pirithivi: why is it ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME
Pirithivi: why do pressing the buttons feel so bad and untactile
Sneha Patel: maxipad

Sneha disapproves.

Shit Kevin says:

Kevin Chen: "Baby, I will literally eat you out for two hours. 120 minutes. 7200 seconds."

Shit Kevin says.

On Glasslip, no link 'cause it sucks

Lithium: yo, there's a character in glasslip called Jonathan
Lithium: but he's a chicken
Kevin Chen: is he also a cock
Lithium: he is lliterally
Lithium: a chicken
Lithium: there's a chicken called Jonathan
Lithium: so yes
Lithium: he is a cock
Kevin Chen: oh
Kevin Chen: damn
Kevin Chen: delicious

It's funny how many times cocks are mentioned in this group.

On Kevin Chen's love troubles for those of you who don't know, Kevin Chen goes by Arladerus

Kevin: So are you gonna go to night it up? You should go with us
Girl Kevin sort of likes: So far lol ...
Kevin: We'll go there together as a group. C'mon!
Girl Kevin sort of likes: When is it agaim ?
Kevin: Saturday
Girl Kevin sort of likes: Its at night right?
Kevin: Yeah it runs from 4 to 1, [redacted]
Girl Kevin sort of likes: Its at markham right tooo far ...
Kevin: I looked it up [redacted] There's a special night it up shuttle bus running there
Girl Kevin sort of likes: Lol my parents are not gonna let me go so late + i got classes on sat amd sunday
Kevin: You can't go in any scenario?
Girl Kevin sort of likes: Unless i move my class but its still too far and ive been to stuff like that so not really.missing anything but u shud go though if u never went !

Kevin Chen: damn it
Kevin Chen: if she actually gave a damn she'd say something like
Kevin Chen: sorry can't go, let's do something else some other time
Kevin Chen: but not even that
Kevin Chen: sooooooooo
Kevin Chen: ;(
Kevin Chen: HOLD ME
Lithium: no
Lithium: hold yourself
Kevin Chen: ;'(
Kevin Chen: I am
Kevin Chen: cock in hand and all
[... later ...]
Kevin Chen: yo
Kevin Chen: if I know a girl
Kevin Chen: like she's not someone I just chatted up
Kevin Chen: and I wanna ask her out
Kevin Chen: when should I do it
Lithium: next time you see her
Kevin Chen: because
Kevin Chen: ?
Lithium: why not?
Sneha Patel: yolo
[a few minutes after, where kevin was being indecisive]
Sneha Patel: kevin
Sneha Patel: just
Sneha Patel: ask
Sneha Patel: this fucking girl
Sneha Patel: on a date
Sneha Patel: "do you want to hang out sometime?"
Sneha Patel: its a easy as that
Kevin Chen: aww shit
Kevin Chen: I totally said that to that girl from before
Kevin Chen: her response?
Kevin Chen: "lol why"
*** Froggy has changed the conversation topic to "lol why" ***

"lol why."

Shit me and Kevin say on Skype, featuring whoismaxhsu

David: kevin is this u
Kevin Chen: hehehe
Kevin Chen: how did u kno?
Kevin Chen: wow ^_^
David: ^___^
Kevin Chen: ^__________^
David: ^o^
Kevin Chen: my cousin has so many trashy looking friends
Max Hsu: ^__^


Me and Froggy on weird ass fetishes

Kevin Chen: I just scroll through
Kevin Chen: and I see amputee porn?
Kevin Chen: wtf?
David: doesn't mean it isn't fucked up
Froggy: we're tlaking about your deep fetishes
Kevin Chen: no
David: ^
Kevin Chen: not even close
Froggy: spill arly, what else do you like
David: vore and bbw
Kevin Chen: idk what vore is
Kevin Chen: but not bbw
David: they usually go hand in hand
Kevin Chen: what's vore
Froggy: you eat stuff
David: eating things
David: usually followed by some transformation
David: the really gross kind involves eating trash
David: which is just
David: mindblowing
David: usually involves furry
Froggy: wtf
Froggy: eating trash
David: yea
David: i saw one where she had the power
David: to transform kids into trash bags
David: and then ate the trash bags

Plz no more.

On the origins of Dee's name

David: dee32693
David: nah i didn't check the first time
David: i just remember it's a bunch of random numbers
David: you explained it but i didn't really pay attention
Froggy: birthday
Froggy: amirite
Jon Wang: march second, 693
Jon Wang: she's old as fuck
David: ancient
David: she can be the token black grandmother seer
Froggy: but her picture is azula
The Real Dee: youre all so wrong its kidn of hilarious
The Real Dee: no that snot azula you fail
Froggy: fk u its azula
The Real Dee: no its not u pleb
The Real Dee: cant even recognize when soemone is azula
David: you're calling someone a pleb
David: lmao
David: that's so pleb
The Real Dee: youre pleb for pointing it out
The Real Dee: pleb
Sneha Patel: now now children

Sneha being the true token motherly figure of the group.

Stay tuned for part 2 next year. probably never.

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August 21, 2014
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Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:23 PM [Edited once ] +


Grade A content.

Fri Aug 22, 2014 03:05 PM +


Grade A content.

Hey man, at least there's some content.

I don't believe there's any inside jokes though! But then again that's maybe because I wouldn't recognize them. :[

Sat Aug 23, 2014 09:37 PM +

I was being facetious, man. No ill will :)

Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:00 PM +

I miss that group. I should maybe participate


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