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Prom Night & Reddit is Down

Written by Arladerus on June 3, 2012
Hi guys. It's been a while. A really long while, actually. I think it's almost been a year since I've actively gone on this site to see the content you guys are posting. I can't be the only person feeling this way, though. VuTales seems more still compared to when I last visited. It's like being born and raised in a farm town, growing up and leaving the countryside for the big cities, evolving. Then, when you come back to visit your town, you realize that everything is static and nothing has changed. Although inside that comforts you, it also disturbs you, scared for your hometown's future. Because of course, everybody needs to grow up some day.

So, I'm finally grade 12 (or "senior" for your Americanos). I'm going off to university next year, University of Waterloo of all places! With Dervd. Oh boy. That will be fun. But I want to talk about my prom night experience rather than my future (I'll do that when it actually comes). I slicked my hair back, got suited up, and made sure I smelled nice. My friends and I met up at a place called Edwards Garden; it seems like some sort of Toronto high school tradition to go there before prom and to take pictures. However, because of some new government mandates and the fact that previous prom groups have been rowdy, Edwards Garden decided that we were not allowed to take pictures there, which is perfectly acceptable. So, my friends just got on the limousine early, leaving me standing there alone waiting for my mom to pick me up. Yes, I didn't pay for the limousine. That's because they got royally fucked in the wallet--average limousine rides cost around $30, but my friends paid $50 each. Haha. Suckers.

Anyway, so I'm standing there alone at Edwards Garden in the blazing sun. I'm sweating and my temper is short. Then, an older white (fat) couple start asking a worker at Edwards Garden why they're not allowed to take pictures. The man/father explains that they come here all the time to purchase plants, to book venues, and because they are customers to Edwards Garden, they should be entitled to take pictures at Edwards Garden. Once again, the worker explains that you need a permit to take pictures at Edwards Garden, and thanks the father for the business they have provided. The man has nothing more to say, and shuts up.

Then the goddamn bitch opens her fucking mouth. She says in a whiny voice, "You know what? Nobody would want to take pictures here anymore. It's weeding. Your garden is weeding. The flowers are ugly, and your gardens are weeding." The worker has nothing to say except that she is sorry that she feels that way. The woman continues to bitch.

I stepped in. "If the gardens are ugly and weeding and nobody wants to take pictures here, then leave!" She asks who I am. I repeat what I said.

She says, "Okay, we're going to go." Okay, mission accomplished. Bitch turns around and shuts the fuck up. I'm still pissed though.

"I thought you said you were leaving? Go!" Then Edwards Garden boss man comes in, pulls me to the side and tells me to stop. Maybe I made things worse for the workers there. I feel bad about that. Anyway, pretty soon after that, my mom comes driving in, and I step into the car and ride away. It turns out that my mom and brother don't approve of what I did. That kind of ruined my prom night, putting me in a pissy mood.

We took lots of photos. I took a really gay one. I'm not showing you guys it. Sneha knows the pose though. After the shitty food (and it was shitty), there was dancing. Oh god, dancing. I've never danced in my life. Here's an explanation of what I did. Firstly, all my friends were dancing. I felt really alone and bored, so I decided, hey, why the hell not. Then I got on the dance floor. I stood there like an asshole, unable to get into the so-called "mood". Then I would walk off the floor and sit and watch, building enough courage to stand on the dance floor like an asshole once more.

After an hour of that bullshit, I finally decided to make a game out of dancing--I would try to do the most ridiculous moves possible. It worked for me. Somewhat. Better than standing like an asshole anyway.

Then we had an afterparty. It wasn't a typical one. First main difference, there was no booze. We played Mafia for like 4 fucking hours. It was intense. We saw the sunrise.

Oh yeah, I forgot the mention, I fucked up and couldn't build up the courage to ask the girl I wanted to ask out to prom. She went with some other guy. However, I didn't exactly see them together. This made me very confused. Maybe I should have just stolen her from him for the night? Nah, I don't have the balls for that. I wish I did. Fuck.

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June 3, 2012
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July 5, 2016
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Sun Jun 03, 2012 08:46 PM +

Prom was gay and a total waste of money. It's overrated and more than likely everyone will forget about it after getting wasted after it's done.

Sun Jun 03, 2012 09:17 PM +

So that's what prom is like.

Never went to one.

Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:01 PM +




should've just stayed home and climb ranked q

Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:38 PM +

lol dudeeee I'm so ready for my prom in a few weeks~!!!!!


Mon Jun 04, 2012 03:14 PM +

I picked up a date at prom.
Fuck yeah aquariums. Lots of private spaces. Giggity


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