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Hi~~ Long Time No Blog

Tagged as: yo, sup, damn, wow, okay, lol.

Written by EvilStranger on August 29, 2011
It's been about nine months since I've been on here?

I don't think anybody will be reading this so I'll just write whatever lol.
So the last time I was on VuTales, it was December 2010. And, holy shit, this website has changed a lot! The same ol' peeps are still here too!

Alright, let's talk about what I've been up to lately.


After I wrote that last blog in December, I went back to Boston for my second semester of school. I mean, not much about school, but I've been performing every weekend at different schools around Massachusetts. These schools include Boston University, Wellesley College, UMass Amherst, MIT, Stonehill College, and.. there's more but I don't remember.

All I can say is that performing in all these places so frequently sorta improved my showmanship and my ability to stay calm in front of a large crowd. Some performances were kick ass and some performances.. well.. sucked ass... Yes, I've got shit stains on my mouth and my foot. This is mainly due to the venue and the audience. If the venue were to be really shitty, *cough cough* Stonehill College *cough*, at some cafeteria without a stage in a tiny ass corner and the music is coming from a goddamn computer plug-in speakers, then I'd rather stick my hand into a toilet and smear that dookie all over my face and do a handstand while pissing on myself upside down naked in public.


Okay, maybe not that drastic, but you know what I'm saiyan. It's like puking on a pile a shit... BUTT, it's okay, at least we got paid..... $125 .... to 10 people....


In February, I entered a competition for the locking 2-vs-2 category in New York called Juste Debout. It was the USA qualifier. The winner of the USA qualifier flies free to France to compete in the BIGGER Juste Debout with all other the winners of every country that the qualifiers were hosted at. These countries included all the European countries, Singapore, Japan, and China.

I thought my chances of getting to at least top 4 was pretty good because nobody does locking in the US and having a two versus two is like hosting a two-headed turtle race: how many of them are there in the world? and who would wanna spend money just to go compete? Unfortunately, my chances were shot down because I twisted my right ankle two days before the competition.

Even with my injury, I was still eager to go. My partner was like "Yo, I don't think you should go." And I'm all like "Nah nigga, I'm still gonna go."

One of the biggest reasons why I still wanted to go is because I've always seen Juste Debout videos on YouTube when I first started dancing and it was sorta my dream to attend one of these big competitions. Also, I wanted to meet English speaking lockers. That time, I've only attended locking battles in Taiwan and the dancers were sorta hard to socialize with because my Mandarin isn't really that good and the cultural perspectives are different.

WHAT SURPRISED ME at the competition was that there were a lot of Japanese people. It blew my mind to find out that Japanese people will fly all the way from Japan to New York just to compete in dance. Like, ya'know, the fuck is their problem? lol

Oh and there were only 14 pairs competing in the locking category. There were like 60 to 90 pairs for the house, popping, hiphop, and toprock category. Lockers, such as myself, are rare~~

Anyway, with my injury, I didn't do too much during the preliminaries. Since there's only 14 pairs, the chosen pairs will advance to top 8 rather than the traditional top 16. But what brought my piss to a boil was that two pairs who obviously can't dance for shit made it pass the prelims. I mean, sure, I may not have done much and not went all out for my preliminaries set, but at least I did fucking better than those two pairs who look they're taking a shit than dancing.. Whatever, I got to meet people and it was pretty fun.
In May, my friends and I drove from Boston to Montreal, Canada to attend Canada's biggest annual street dance competition called Bust a Move Vol. 8.

There's not much I can say about this event because everyone spoke French and I didn't understand anything lol. But I can say that it was a refreshing experience competing in this jam. I met a few creators of other street dances and my first time battling with an audience of 1200 all watching me.

I'm not gonna lie, I almost shat my pants. I got nervous and I didn't look natural haha.
But hey, I made it to top 6.

Here's a video


A week after I went to Canada, I went to LA and battled there and got to top 8. A week after that I came back to Taiwan and entered another battle and got to top 4.

Here's another vid

aaaannnnndddddddddddddd after this battle, I haven't been dancing ever since. I haven't danced for THREE months. I plan to train my dick off when I get back to Boston cuz I'm entering next year's Juste Debout with another guy. He's better than me and I don't wanna drag him down.

Yeah, okay. Wow, I haven't written anything for a long ass time. I didn't even plan to write this much. Cool. I hope people read this blog cuz I spent two hours on this instead of packing my luggage lol

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August 29, 2011
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June 15, 2017
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March 20, 2009

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Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:41 PM +

hell yeah

Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:24 AM +

Dancin yo pants off I see

Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:31 AM [Edited once ] +

U shoulda asked me to come give you support while you were in Montreal.

I guess you didn't wanna see me ....:(

Tue Aug 30, 2011 02:55 AM +

Hey man, you should've told me you were at LA.

I feel like Nass now. :(

Tue Aug 30, 2011 06:43 AM +

Come to Moorhead, MN, yo.

Wed Aug 31, 2011 02:46 PM +

i don't think people would host battles at Moorhead, man lol
Nass, i'll let you know
Frog, i'll let you know too lolz

Thu Sep 01, 2011 06:17 AM +

Sup Max. See you've been doing something productive with your life.

Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:24 PM +

gooooood shit max! :DD

Sat Sep 17, 2011 07:14 AM +

Well done

Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:51 PM +

Good stuff =)


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