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My History with MS - A Beautiful Ride

Tagged as: I want win QoTW44 plez.

Written by MasterCheeze on August 13, 2011
Haha, this is gonna be the best blog copying Tharticus' style. Not only is it by me, but I actually a shit ton of my screenshots saved. I guess technically I've used almost all of these upcoming screen shots in way old blogs, but they basically seemed new to me when I went through them again. Now follow me back into a time when everyone was pure and innocent and Ganzicus still made comics...

The Beginning - Scania
Back in the day I was one of the cool kids who would always hang out at the library playing Runescape and random flash games. My friend played the flash game for MapleStory one time, and afterwards it linked him to the site for the main game. As much as I loved trying to figure out what the fuck to do with goblin armor in Runescape, my friend and I needed something else to play so we could hog all of the library computers.

This was back after Beta (so I never got the bandana I could sell for a shit load today) and the only two worlds were Bera and Scania. The latter being the first (lolwut) to come out, we decided to play there since Bera was just a poser world. I don't actually have any screenshots of when I first started, but my best times in MS weren't in Scania so it doesn't matter.

My first character was a bad-ass warrior (complete with the viking helm and all that awesome armor) named Inferno752. I neglected that sumbitch pretty quick since I was a noob for putting random numbers in his name. I got him to about level 22 (pretty pro for back then) and at the same time made a mage (RitzMage) and thief (NightMuffin) who both got to around level 15. Even after extensive studying by my friend and me, we still both screwed up our stats. He raised his warrior's INT so it wouldn't be stupid, and I raised my mage's STR so I could kill snails on Maple Island. Either way I still have my old characters in Scania around for nostalgic value since I'm not one to ever forget the past. Ever. I REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU SAY OR DO TO ME.

I can't remember what I did for the period of time when Broa and Windia came out, but eventually I wanted to start anew in Windia whereas my friend went with Broa. It was kinda a shame we had to basically make secondary characters in each other's worlds to hang out in game, but we're best friends in real life so who gives a fuck. Gives us a good excuse to interact with each other in the outside world or something.

A New Start - Windia
Starting up in Windia, I was no longer a God damn dumbshit noob who didn't know anything about the game. I rolled dat die for good stats, and I read guides (I was literate at this time since it must've been about the eighth grade) for raising my skills. Looking back at my screenshots, my first characters in Windia were my cleric EmblemKatz and my bandit LunarKatz. I think I ended up deleting EmblemKatz 'cuz I messed up the stats somehow, and I ended up deleting LunarKatz since I wasn't feeling him anymore.

However, even after my first failed mage attempt, my next character was my F/P Mage GenoKatz. I actually deleted him when I started up MS again last year, but I remade a Blaze Wizard also called GenoKatz in his honor. I guess I got the money somehow to make my first guild (note the only other member besides me) somehow, but I always ended up wasting money on guilds back then. I think my actual first purchases of NX were for GenoKatz and LunarKatz, but all I had splurge back then was about $10. Who knew that was the beginning of a dark addiction that still plagues me to this day...

Back in the day when we had to have makeshift weddings before Amoria came out.
I can't remember if this is Steve/LunarPanda in this screenshot

P.S. Someone tell me if you ever see Sosame. I miss her. :(

The Good Times - Windia
Overall though, I ended up spending less time on my mage since I made my page SolarKatz. Even though this was about my seventh character, I was still a noob at times. One thing I never lost through out MS, however, was my skill with the ladies. Not like I ever matured or anything during this time though. I think I made an archer called GarnetKatz for some reason as well as another archer (no fucking idea why. again) who's now a mule. I have absolutely nothing to say about those wastes of time. Also, does anyone happen to remember what MMOTaler she might've been? Hell, maybe she's reading this blog right now, I dunno.

Times were good back on my page since it was socially acceptable to take about half a year to get to level 30. Even though I was the at the top of my game for the Kerning City PQ, I ended up getting no respect when I started Ludi PQ. But speaking of PQs, I miss how all of the different places and things to do were at least somewhat viable. I mean, there's no point in killing (or feeding) Mushmom anymore, and old training spots have either been removed (due to Big Bang) or people just stick to one particular spot recommended for your level. There's hardly no point in exploring new areas anymore, quests are useless, and PQs (I miss the Orbis PQ especially) are basically non-existent. That's probably my biggest complaint about MS now, but the socializing aspect is still there... I guess.

But on a less suicidal note, I'd say the time when I was in Judy/Applebomb's guild was the best time of my MS career. Going through all of my old screenshots, almost everyone I saved involving our shenanigans was put a smile on my face. Pretty much everything was good blog fodder. I also wanna say that Lee was in the guild? That right, Lee? You were there, right? Remember Judy's wedding?

Windia was also lucky enough to have had a few cameo appearances by other MMOTalers like Grimno, Lazydame, and me advertising for my blogs to B1ackCleric1. I also enjoyed having fun with BlackNazgul back in the day, and I can't forget about Ganzimallow and his brick.

Spreading my Seed - Broa

As I mentioned, after I wanted to try out a new world after Scania, I went to Windia and my friend went to Broa. I ended up making my assassin KosmoKatz there. I think I even went on a hiatus in Windia for a while to mainly play in Broa or something; not like Broa was boring or anything-- I still had my skills with the ladies. I went on adventures, and I even tried making a fail guild again.

Besides crashing weddings, I spent a good amount of time in Broa killing people people with summoning sacks. I also might have had a slightly disturbing fascination with getting my cat to shit on people. I'm totally messed up in the head for doing this so much; you seriously don't have to look at these all.

Hmm, I'm having trouble trying to remember the chronomological order of things, but I think sometime after my sin's NX expired I returned to Windia (this might've been about the time I joined Judy's guild) and had to leave old friends behind. I did go back one time though to explore Leafre with my friend when it came out. To make a long story I can't really remember short, we died a lot, and I couldn't kill shit.

Miscellaneous MS Memories and Conclusion - Wherever God Takes Me

Besides Broa, I also made characters in Khaini (it sucked; I had no friends) and I think Bellocan to hang out with some fellow MMOTalers.

There was even a time where I joined a private server (besides MMOTMS back in the day-- never played VuMS though). I think it was SimpleMS, but either way I had a really good time messing around and stuff when it was available. I wanna say SilverFx played (she might be Nova in the screenshots), and apparently Dee was being a noob on there too. Oh, shit, even Kevin was around (chat bar).

As for MS now, I keep going off and on. As I said, I started again last year with my Blaze Wizard GenoKatz since I wanted to eventually make a UA Paladin, but I ditched that idea and just made a new regular Page (FeistyKatz) to replace SolarKatz (he's still around though). I also have my Marauder who's almost 120, but I'm afraid to level up since I need to find out how to get good equips. Everything's so damn expensive now, and it's hard to even manage to be decent anymore. I guess the imbalance between players as well as the rush to be at the top are what I dislike most about MS now. I even ended up losing most of my friends in Windia from when I started back up again since I've been on a hiatus since, like, the beginning of the year, so it's hard to keep on trucking along. I guess the fact that I've spent so much dolla on the game will always keep me invested, so just know that you can never truly escape your pimp.

Eh, well, to totally make 180° swing on the mood, I guess I still play MapleStory since it's had a pretty huge impact on my life. Without it I never would have started on Basil Market, and thus I never would have joined MMOTales. I've had a lot of rough patches with the game, but overall I've still made a lot of great memories. I just wish I would've kept in contact with a lot more of my old friends. I really regret losing touch with some of my first-ever Windia friends Jason, Myron, and Jackie. I heard PQs are totally gonna get revamped in the future, so hopefully that'll play a big part in getting me playing since PQing was pretty much my favorite way to meet people and spend time playing back in the day.

So to end my blog, here's a couple of random screen shots I couldn't fit anywhere else:
Random Snail Glitch - I have no idea why I have this screen shot; maybe I got it from a friend? ValorWisdom sounds like a dumb ign one of my friends irl would have.
GM Event - I took a few screen shots from a GM event Windia had, but this is the only one I wanted to bother sharing.
Funny Smega - Pretty sure that guy never got banned for that.
First "Comic" - I think this is one of the first "trying to be funny" comics or w/e I made. I also remember making one about that Splash Attack video (if anyone remembers it) and posted it on Basil.

'K. Done. My fingers hurt from typing, and oh my fucking God this blog is almost 2000 words.

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August 13, 2011
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Sat Aug 13, 2011 03:30 AM +

I chuckled when I saw this. Nostalgia, I guess.
Those were the days...

Sat Aug 13, 2011 03:42 AM +

greenelf said:

I chuckled when I saw this. Nostalgia, I guess.
Those were the days...

Dude, if you're isral089, just say so now.

Sat Aug 13, 2011 01:24 PM [Edited once ] +

Dude, this is beautiful.

Oh and uh, that ain't a snail glitch, it's a VAC that went wrong. :<

Sat Aug 13, 2011 02:07 PM +

MasterCheeze said:
greenelf said:

I chuckled when I saw this. Nostalgia, I guess.
Those were the days...

Dude, if you're isral089, just say so now.

Nah, I meant how the screen shows how maple used to be about like..having fun with random people, but now it's just grinding 24/7.

Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:01 AM +


Fri Aug 26, 2011 06:12 PM +


Smash is dead.

Isn't he a DK player?

Tue Aug 30, 2011 05:26 PM +

B> return scrolls to take me back to when MS was MS


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