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(Shakespeare) Star-Crossed Lovers

Tagged as: Mabinogi, Storyline, Content Update, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Written by FireLeo86 on April 25, 2011
Mabinogi G14 is coming out on estimated April 27th. As such, new things will be included.

G14 Romeo and Juliet
New Personas
Lances: Power of Giants
New Skills

G14: Romeo and Juliet

Picking up from where G13 left off, another one of Shakespeare's scripts has been found. This one reads Romeo and Juliet. Lanier, an actor of Avon, sends a message to the player for his/her assistance in completing this script.

In Act 1 Scene 1, the stage opens upon Verona Square. There, the two houses Montegues and Capulets, are shown to be in conflict. You assist the Montegues in fighting the Capulets. After a certain amount of time has passed, Tybalt arrives to fight off the Montegues. You then switch sides and fight off the Montegues as well. Montegues wear blue and shades of blue while Capulets wear red and brown.

In Act 1 Scene 2, the player goes to the Capulets home and is introduced to Paris.

Later in Act 1 Scene 3, the player is shown hanging outside in Verona with Romeo and Mercutio. The latter suggests to Romeo that they all go the ball being held at the Capulets but of course in disguise. Said disguise is later revealed to be a simple mask over the eyes. They still wear blue.

And the story just goes on from there.

New Personas

The main rewards of G14 are three new Personas and a blueprint to create a nice shield.

Tybalt's Fencing Skills
+20 Strength

Romeo's Confession
+20 Dexterity

Juliet's Feelings
+90 Intelligence

Though not a Persona, the blueprint is for the Shield of Avon.
+4 Defense
+2 Protection
16 Durability
3 Upgrades Available
+15 Hidden Defense from Melee Attacks and -10 Critical when not using the Defense Skill
+50 Hidden Defense from Melee Attacks and +35 Hidden Defense from Ranged Attacks

Lances: Power of Giants

A new weapon type is introduced in G14, the Lance.

The Lance is a large weapon, completely bulky, and impractical for any new users. It's highly impractical for Humans to use it as well, but very practical for a Giant to use. Elves can't use a Lance because they have weak arms.

Lances are two-handed weapons
*As a result, Elves cannot use Lances.
*As another result, Giants can equip shields with the Lance.
20% Damage and 5% Critical Hit Rate bonus when using Smash.
Allows players to use Lance Counter and Lance Charge.
Attack power, critical rate, and number of hits increase with Lance Mastery.
Any skills loaded will be canceled when a Lance is equipped.
*To further add to this, Defense and Counterattack are completely disabled when a Lance is equipped.
200 more range of attack than normal melee weapons.
*However, this also means that Lances cannot attack at the normal distance of other melee weapons.
*Giants will have a lowered minimum distance penalty, however.
*Also, due to the increased range, it is actually possible for players to intercept attacks directed to them. But very low latency and good timing is needed to accomplish this feat. The Charge skill is exempt from this however, and the minimum distance penalty is completely removed when using Final Hit.
When using Assault Slash with a Lance, the player landing will be further than normal.
After a normal combo, the player will leap forward and will be vulnerable to attacks. Follow up hits are not possible as a human due to close proximity and long recovery.
*Humans take longer to recover compared to Giants.
*Players are forced to walk after a normal combo, regardless of race. This effect cannot be canceled by switching weapon but can be when using the Demigod skill Wings of Eclipse, though it will drain 0.7 EXP every time a normal combo is finished.
Lances ignore some Defense and Protection. How much is shown on the weapon's stats.
*If the enemy has less than 0 Defense or Protection, damage is increased instead by the amount of negative Defense and percentage of negative Protection.

There are three different types of Lances, two of which can only be obtained by hunting.

New Skills

Lance Mastery
Lance Mastery increases damage with Lances. To obtain simply equip a Lance. Nothing to fancy here.

Lance Counter
Lance Counter is used in place of Counterattack due to Counterattack being locked when a Lance is equipped.
To obtain the player must have Lance Mastery at least to Rank F and talk to Aranwen in Dunbarton. She will tell you to hunt 20 Red Foxes. She will then grant the skill.
Lance Counter loads incredibly quick, 0.4 seconds. However, the player will enter a defensive stance, alerting the enemy to your plan, making it not too great in PvP. The skill also cannot be manually canceled when activated and will cancel itself after 3 seconds. It also has a cool down of 5 seconds, regardless if the skill was successful at all.

Lance Charge
Lance Charge allows the player to charge through enemies to reach the target. It functions the same as Charge but with a few new twists. It will run through all enemies in the path of the chosen target. These enemies cannot block the attack with Defense or Counterattack, though the chosen target still can. It will use the player's full damage unlike the regular charge and the chosen target will take twice that damage. The projectile damage reduction will all depend on the player's normal Charge and will still count for the training requirements. Lance Charge can also be used on a Mount.


Homesteads are... Farms that are available to players. At level 10, any character will receive a ticket. With this ticket, they can go to their Homestead and do things like farming. Best thing is that Homesteads are completely free.

Homesteads start out small, but as it levels up it becomes increasingly bigger. Players can invite other players to their Homestead but Pets cannot be summoned here.

At the Homestead, several items can be built or grown.
Other decorative plants
Fields (to grown crops)
Wells (for water)
Looms (to spin cloth and silk)
Apple Trees
Anvils and Furnaces
Herb Patches

And all that other stuff.

Again, G14 is released on April 27th.

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April 25, 2011
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