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The God's Eternal Prison

Written by FireLeo86 on January 25, 2011
Mabinogi G13 update blog!

Anticipated Comments
Something obviously saying not interested.
Dee saying how she's missing everything.
Nass be hating.

Main Points

Avon, Eternal Prison for Gods
Global Theater
New skills
Destiny System
Upgrade Anvil
G13: Hamlet

Avon & The Global Theater

Avon, once a town brimmed with life, is now a desolated area. The world is split in a corrupted dark state and a green and lively state, right down the middle. Avon consists of a large square, two houses, and the Global Theater. There are other buildings, but they are under the water that is flooding this place. The only life here, is Marlowe, an actor for the Global Theater, and a parrot nested in a tree. There are sheep, fish and butterflies, but they are simply made of paper and given life.

Here in Avon, the main attraction is the Global Theater. Here, players can take part in Plays and become actors. Mainly in the story quests. The normal Theater Missions just mainly consist of killing some enemies and continue forward. But it's great really, as the stages are rather small so there isn't much running around and the rewards are pretty good.

To partake in a Theater Mission, you will need to take a Play in with you. These Plays range from the Hamlet Act#Scene#, to New King's Request and Avon's Guardian. To create the latter Plays, players will have to take a bladed weapon and cut pages off a sheep. These 'Play Pages' come in four forms: Faded, Bronze, Silver, and Gold which respectively stand for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Hard. Five of a Play Page is needed to forge a Play at the Magic Spinning Loom, which creates said Plays, however at random. Success depends on the amount of Luck a player has, and the lower the Luck and harder the difficulty, the lower the chance of successfully making a Play. After successfully making a Play, simply take it to the Global Theater and go for it.

Note that you cannot enter a Play if a Shadow Mission or another Play is in progress.

Destiny System

The Destiny System can easily be described as a class system. There are four Destinies a player can choose; Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Alchemist. These four Destinies all come with boosts and no drawbacks.

Adds 10 Strength and HP to normal count.
-Also adds an extra .5 Strength per level up and 2 more Strength for every age up until 20.
Doubles most Melee Skill Training EXP
-Combat Mastery
-Sharp Mind
-Assault Slash *NEW*
-Axe Mastery *NEW*
-Sword Mastery *NEW*
-Blunt Mastery *NEW*
-Final Hit (Human)
-Stomp (Giant)
-Throwing Attack (Giant and is weird because it's a long range skill)
-Taunt (Giant)
-Wind Guard (Giant)

Adds 10 Dex and Stamina to normal count.
-Also adds an extra .5 Dex per level up and 2 more Dex for every age up until 20.
Doubles most Long Range Skill Training EXP.
-Ranged Attack
-Magnum Shot
-Support Shot
-Crash Shot
-Arrow Revolver
-Mirage Missile
-Final Shot
-Critical Hit (Which is weird cause it also affects Melee)

Adds 10 Intelligence and MP to normal count.
-Also adds an extra .5 Intelligence per level up and 2 more Int for every age up until 20.
Doubles ALL Magic Skill Training EXP.

Adds 10 Stamina and 15 MP to normal count.
-Also adds an extra .5 Stamina and MP per level up and 2 more Stamina and MP for every age up until 20.
Doubles ALL Alchemy Skill Training EXP

To select a Destiny, simply rebirth with a total level count of 30. After selecting how you want to rebirth, Nao will ask the player if he wants to select a Destiny. Confirm and choose one. Players can also not choose a Destiny but that will simply hinder their growth.

New Weapons

With the implement of G13, there are four new weapons, two of which have a new idle and non-combat running animations and another that opens up a whole new type of weaponry.

Dragon Fang & Glory Sword
These swords are huge. The player holds it reverse grip and has the sword stabbed into the ground. These two are also very powerful and aren't even forged, so that's big points for it. These two swords focus solely on Max damage, with the Dragon Fang being much stronger but losing Critical % in the process. Glory Sword, though weaker, generally keeps all of it's stats, so has something going against the Dragon Fang.

Trinity Staff
This is the first weapon in the Staves category. The Trinity Staff, compared to wands, is much more powerful but at the same time, weaker as to not push the Wands out of play.

Does not have the properties of a Wand, so switching weapons will not deplete all the Mana. Likewise, players cannot run when using Meditation, cannot Chain-cast, or use Fusion Magic.
Cannot be equipped with a shield, regardless of race.
Becomes stronger when using a magic bolt continuously, up to three stages.
-At stage 3 players can use Advance Magic.
-Not using a magic bolt will cause the Staff to lose it strength boosts.
-Using a different magic bolt than the one charged will reset the charges.
-If a player has Advance Magic charged up and the staff drops a stage, further charges cannot be loaded.
Allows players to use Hailstorm.

The Trinity Staff introduces a new set of animations for both male and female characters. Female battle stance with the staff is reminiscent of Evie from Vindictus.

Sword of Elsinore
Also called Fire Sword of Hamlet. This sword is insanely powerful (95-190 Attack) with 50% critical and 50%-100% Wound Rate and 20 Durability, the highest for any non-smithed sword in the game!

Incredibly powerful.
Has a flame effect which really doesn't do anything.
0 Balance.
Really expensive to repair. (19,000)
Requires Rosemary Gloves (Also known as Ophelia's Gloves) to get and use. (Said gloves also increase Ice Magic damage)
Is weakened in rain. (Rain Casting skill has no effect on it)

This sword is first seen in Avon, stuck in the ground and on fire. You can only touch it after completing G13. Even then, all it does is burn your hand and give you a new keyword. As said, players must have Rosemary Gloves to retrieve this sword as well as to use it. One sword can be gained in every channel and respawns daily, so it's easier to just get a new sword rather than to repair it.

New Skills

G13 basically revamped the combat system. And no, it still does not allow players to simply click and let the game kill the enemy. Well actually, it does. But rarely does the game actually kill the enemy beyond foxes, rats and raccoons.

Sword/Blunt/Axe Mastery
These new weapon mastery's really help.

To obtain, simply equip a weapon of that type.
-Every single blade type weapon (and Wooden Blades) will unlock Sword Mastery.
-Every single blunt type weapon (including sticks) will unlock Blunt Mastery.
-Every single axe type weapon (excluding Gathering Axes and Lumber Axes) will unlock Axe Mastery.
Sword Mastery increases damage (10 Minimum and 20 Maximum fully ranked) and balance (15 fully ranked) as well as adding Dex (19 at R1)
-The Dex helps to increase even more balance.
Blunt Mastery increases max damage (30 at R1) and adds Str (19 at R1)
-The Str helps to increase even more damage.
Axe Mastery increases damage (10 min and 20 max at R1) and critical (15 at R1) as well as adding Will (19 at R1)
-The Will helps to increase even more crits.

Really, just slap on the Warrior Destiny and these skills just goes up.

Fire/Ice/Lightning/Bolt Mastery
Take a guess on what these do. That's right, increase magic damage.

To obtain any of the non-Bolt Mastery skills, simply use the proper magic, be it bolt or advanced spell.
All the Element Mastery's increase damage by 15% and reduces MP cost by 20%, assuming the skill is at R1 of course.
Bolt Mastery is obtained by talking to Lassar at Newb Town with the 'the Elemental Apprentice' title equipped.
-Basically does the same thing the Elemental Mastery's did, but with only Magic Bolts, no advance spells.
-Also adds 17 Int at R1.

Just slap on the Wizard Destiny and these skills go up.

Water/Fire/Clay/Wind Alchemy
Mastery's for Alchemists.

To obtain any of these, simply use the correct Alchemy.
-Water Cannon or Rain Casting for Water Alchemy.
-Flame Burst or Heater Buster for Fire Alchemy.
-Wind Blast or Frozen Blast for Wind Alchemy.
-Barrier Spikes, Summon Golem or Sand Burst for Clay Mastery.
They increase Alchemy efficiency by 10%.
-Offensive Alchemy become stronger while the others either last longer, or for Summon Golem, creates bigger and stronger Golems.

Alchemist Destiny means it's good to go!

Another Mastery for Alchemists but deserves it's own tab.

Increase success rates for Synthesis, Fragmentation, Metal Conversion, and Mana Crystallization. (10%)
Increase crystal quality. (15)

I don't care much about this skill.

Assault Slash
Also called Leap Attack and Down Attack.

Obtain this skill by talking to Trefor in Newb Town with a Rank C or higher Smash.
-For Elves, they may also talk to Meles in Filia.
-Giants may also talk to Taunes in Vales. However, if they have not obtained Blacksmithing, they will have to talk to Trefor instead.
Enemies must be knocked down to be able to use this skill.
-When used, players will leap forward and hit the enemy. Players can then follow up with either Smash or Windmill.
Skill is instantaneous and will always hit when initiated.
-Even if the user is hit during the animation, the target will still be hit.
Adds 17 Str at R1.
Deals 200% Damage at R1.
Has a 10 second cool down.
Cannot be used after the player uses Blaze.
If the enemy is large enough, the skill may not reach or just downright now deal damage.

Really good skill. Every warrior and some combat mages should get it.

Enthralling Performance
A non-combat skill. Used by Bards.

Obtain the Siren's Flute during G13 to get this skill.
Players will walk around and play music.
-The skill will cancel when the song is done or when the user is out of Stamina.
This skill will cause monsters to blindly follow the player until the skill is over.
-Monsters attracted will then aggro onto the player.
-Monsters attacked will no longer be lured.
-Cannot lure a monster who has noticed or aggro onto someone.
Can lure monsters who have 4700 CP or less (at R1).
-Lure a maximum of 7 monsters (at R1)

This skill is really useful for Bards but otherwise useless.

Hail Storm
A new magic skill that can be considered Advanced.

Requires a Trinity Staff to use.
To obtain, the player must have all the Ice-type magic in the game (Icebolt, Ice Spear, Ice Magic Shield)
-Talk to Stewart about Skills when having all these.
-Kill 20 Ice Worms and Ice Wyverns.
-Kill 1 Mirror Witch.
Skill consumes 50 MP to activate and 4 per second for 30 seconds.
-Skill will cancel if the player runs out of MP.
-Mana consumption can be reduced by having a high ranked Ice Mastery and Mana Reduction items.
Takes 6.5 seconds to load, regardless of Rank.
When loaded, players cannot move.
When active, the Ice Crystal is charged and becomes larger and more powerful.
-Ice Crystals take 0.7 seconds to charge and can be charged up to 5 times (at R1)
-At 3 charges, Ice Crystals have a splash effect.
-Takes 1 second for another Ice Crystal to be loaded.
-Larger Ice Crystals take a longer time to throw than smaller ones.

Excellent skill for those bosses who just won't go down.

Fusion Bolt
Magic Fusion but with only one person!

Requires an Element Wand.
Talk to Stewart about Skills with at least Rank Novice Bolt Mastery.
-The player must then attack an enemy with Magic Fusion Ice/Lightning.
The skill increases the Magic Fusion damage to make up for the lack of firepower if Magic Fusion were done with two people.
-15% damage increase at R1.
To use, simply use the Magic Bolt of the wand's element and then another Magic Bolt of a different element.
-Any magic fused with Lightning Bolt will disappear after 15 seconds of the last charge.
-Any magic fused with Ice Bolt cannot be charged further after firing a shot.
If the Wand has Chaincasting, this skill will always backfire when attempting to fuse magic.

Great skill for Mages who don't want to use the Trinity Staff or can't get one.

G13: Hamlet

Players will receive a telepathic message from the Goddess Morrighan, telling them of the escape of the Tragic Bard. They will receive an earring that once belonged to this bard. Players go see Duncan, who gives them the other earring, forming a pair and sends them off into Alby dungeon. Offering the earrings, players fight enemies depending on their total levels. They will find a book titled Hamlet. Duncan suggests reading it.

After reading the book, Duncan will dispel the magic on this book and reveal it's true form- a Feather of Avon. This feather enables players to travel between Avon and Erinn. At Avon, players meet Marlowe, who will give them the script on Hamlet and Act 1 Scene 1. Players go to the Global Theater and take the role of a Castle Guard.

The tale of Hamlet is just beginning...

Sample of new cutscenes and voice acting.

And there you go. I'll be back for Romeo & Juliet.

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January 25, 2011
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Tue Jan 25, 2011 08:19 AM +

Tue Jan 25, 2011 08:19 AM +

I don't care for Mabinogi.

Tue Jan 25, 2011 08:20 AM +

I bet Dee misses playing this game. I wonder if she still plays Maplestory.

Tue Jan 25, 2011 08:21 AM [Edited 2 times ] +

I'd like to see Nass hate on me for stylin' in this blog.

Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:32 PM +

MasterCheeze, I think you get warnings for quadruple posting. ._.

Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:43 PM +

Uh oh, I'm screwed now-- can't delete posts. Just trying to make his predictions come true.

Thu Jan 27, 2011 06:38 PM +

LOL. Flavor Flav... Hmmm...and I wonder WHY there's a stereotype about black people and fried chicken. EPIC FAIL.
I'd play mabinogi, but i just don't have the time. I got school and a lot of work and reading I'm supposed to be doing right now, 4 hours a day on the bus between school and home, and I waste my free days playing WoW, biking, or failing miserably while trying to do something creative.

On top of that, I still don't trust Nexon one bit. Not even since I quit Maple Story which was about 3 years ago.

So is Hamlet an offline story-game or is it part of the mabinogi mmo?

Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:51 AM +

Wolfboy183 said: LOL. Flavor Flav... Hmmm...and I wonder WHY there's a stereotype about black people and fried chicken. EPIC FAIL.
I'd play mabinogi, but i just don't have the time. I got school and a lot of work and reading I'm supposed to be doing right now, 4 hours a day on the bus between school and home, and I waste my free days playing WoW, biking, or failing miserably while trying to do something creative.

On top of that, I still don't trust Nexon one bit. Not even since I quit Maple Story which was about 3 years ago.

So is Hamlet an offline story-game or is it part of the mabinogi mmo?

Hamlet is part of the Mabinogi storyline, which is the first in Chapter 4 after the end of Chapter 3. Though the main reason the player character goes through all this is to help Shakespeare finish writing his Tragics while a Goddess is trying to kill him and the player character for helping.

Better Than It Sounds and It Makes Sense In Context at work here.

Fri Jan 28, 2011 05:31 AM +



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