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Well, See You In Like Another Five Months

Written by FireLeo86 on January 3, 2011
Been awhile. Three, two months. How's things hanging? That's great.

Christmass Break

So this is the last day of said break. What I've been doing is catching up on some games I barely had time to play. Said games are:

Halo Reach
Castlevania HD
Golden Sun Dark Dawn
Perfect World
I Maed A Gam3 W1th Z0mbies 1nit!!!1

Be talking about them later. Non-gaming things I've been doing was going out to browse some things, buy some clothes, get my flu shot, teeth cleaned, and got my haircut. Which is good, since the last I had my haircut was sometime in the summer. And I got two more cavities which means more metal in my mouth! I have about 20+ fillings, 15 minimum. Yeah, just the daily life of mines.

Halo Reach

Got some challenges done, ranked up a bit (was a Warrant Officer G3 before the break, now I'm a Major G3.), and bought some new armor. Nothing new really.

Castlevania HD

Standing for Harmony of Despair, which is for the Xbox 360 (See the pun?). I got 1600 Microsoft Points and spent a majority of it on this game. Let me try to summarize the game up here:

Castlevania is manifesting itself within the pages of the Grimoire. Heroes who have defeated the Dark Lord now return to destroy this evil from the pages of the book. The game uses a loot-based multiplayer system and consists of Six default chapters, Five default characters, excellent remixes of old music, and a large variety of equipment. With inclusion of DLC and music packs, the system is expanded even further.

Plot is like, nothing. But the game itself is great. It presents itself differently from past games by having all the rooms connected, but not on separate screens, meaning enemies can attack you between rooms and follow you. The basic leveling system is much different from the other Castlevanias, as to make the character stronger, you will need to collect or strengthen the 'Hunter Skills' of the characters. Each character has different weapons and 'Hunter Skills' which means wide variety.

Soma Cruz
Weapons: Swords, Japanese Swords, Axes, Spears, Firearms, Knuckles, Whip-like weapon.
Armor/Clothes: Mainly wears armor but can also wear clothes but hardly any robes.
Hunter Skills: Souls via his 'Power of Dominance'
Uniqueness: Able to dual-wield, basically god as of the December 2010 update.

Soma is hard to pick up. He starts with a slow swinging, two-handed axe and a weak Skeleton Soul which just causes him to throw a bone. However, by end game he can be equipped with twin Valmanways, have a maxed out Succubus soul and Medusa soul, equipped with Beserker Armor, and he can basically chew through anything in his way. God-tiered right here.

Weapons: Swords, Japanese Swords, Knuckles, Shields
Armor/Clothes: Same as Soma
Hunter Skills: Dark Magic
Uniqueness: Able to dual-wield, turn to Mist

Alucard is easier to pick up than Soma but still pretty hard to get used too. He starts with an Alucart Sword (not to be confused with the other sword) and a somewhat useful Summon Spirit magic. By end-game, he becomes one of the strongest characters thanks to his Muramasa, twin Heavenly Swords, Daybreak or twin Valmanways. Berserker Mail or Draculas Tunic gives him more power. Dark Magic really takes a back seat to all this though.

Jonathan Morris
Weapon: Vampire Killer
Armor/Clothes: Wears armor and some clothes, his best being unable to be worn by Soma and Alucard.
Hunter Skills: Sub-weapons
Uniqueness: Loads of subweapons make him much more different than the Belmonts. And he has access to Martial Arts which differentiate him from the other default characters.

Morris starts with a weak whip and the ever so useful Knife (I kid). However, he ends up with a lot of powerful subweapons like the Wrecking Ball, Bible, Shuriken and Cross. Simon's Plate or Berserker Mail makes him rather incredible. However, he has the most subweapons compared to the Belmonts and thus takes longer to reach full power.

Weapon: Glyphs
Armor/Clothes: Some of the male armor and most of the clothing and robes.
Hunter Skills: Glyphs
Uniqueness: Able to dual-wield, Magnes, only has four Hunter Skills

Shanoa is the easiest to pick up. She has two Confoderes which are pretty powerful compared to the other characters starting weapons and a pretty powerful Ignus Glyph. By end game she can be equipped with either twin Lapistes or twin Pneumas and have two powerful spell Glyphs at her disposal. She can be equipped with Berserker mail to make her weapons stronger or a Robe Docollete to maximize her spell casting. She also has a Sexy Back.

Charlotte Aulin
Weapon: Book of Binding
Armor/Clothes: No armor. Clothes and robes only.
Hunter Skills: Spells
Uniqueness: Boss killer, has a shield that can block projectiles and sometimes absorb spells.

Charlotte, hardest to pick up. Almost everything that looks magical and is shot can be taken as a spell. Her book really doesn't do much damage, but that just reinforces her being a mage. End-game, she can kills bosses with rapid-hitting spells. Wearing a Robe Decollete and two Chaos Rings gives her great MP recovery rate and allows her to dish out even more pain.

Then we have DLC characters...

Julius Belmont
Weapon: Vampire Killer
Armor/Clothing: Anything Jonathan can wear.
Hunter Skills: Classic Belmont Subweapons.
Uniqueness: Directional whipping, can swing from Magnes points.

Julius Belmont is an old dude. Bought for 240 MSPoints, he rains havoc on enemies below him and enemies above him. He also swings the whip faster than Jonathan and has more range with it, able to hit enemies from behind and above him before even swinging the whip. Downside is that he pretty bland compared to Morris and Richter. Whatever, he has a beard and that's awesome.

Yoko Belnades
Weapon: The Belnades Staff
Armor/Clothing: Anything Charlotte can wear.
Hunter Skills: Three Spells. (HOLY LIGHTINING!)
Uniqueness: You can hear her scream HOLY LIGHTNING from anywhere. Said spell also lags the game when used in succession. And can, in some cases, break the game.

She starts off with three insanely powerful spells. Yeah, that's it. She's the most bland DLC character you can get, as nothing makes her too unique. I still haven't bought her yet.

Richter Belmont
Weapon: Vampire Killer
Armor/Clothes: Same as the other Whippers.
Hunter Skills: Same as Julius.
Uniqueness: He link his whipping into his martial arts and is a total BEAST.

Richter is pretty easy to pick up. Compared to other level 1 characters, he easily deals the most damage by just whipping and then doing a spin kick. His whip comes out fast and strikes hard. Easily the most powerful if you compare him to non-Somanways.

Maria Renard
Weapon: Doves
Armor/Clothes: Same as Yoko and Charlotte.
Hunter Skills: Three Chinese Deities (Dragon, Cat, Cardinals) and Hymn
Uniqueness: Fastest MP recovery rate, hitbox is crouch sized of others.

Maria is like Shanoa but more magic oriented. Her spells are quick to dish out (except for Hymn) and can really qualify as being better than the DLC characters because she's the most different among them.

And Simon Belmont (possibly 8-bit!) and Hammer will be available sometime later.

There are 7 chapters in total, with Chapter 8 and 9 coming sometime in 2011.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn

After seven years, I finally got the game! You play as Mathew, son of Isaac and doesn't ever talk, but compared to Isaac and Felix, he makes the most "!" "!?" "?" ???" "!!!" "@#$%!" in the game! He travels with friends Tyrell and Karis to fix a glider that runs on Psyenergy. Along the way, villains use them for their plans and it all goes downhill from there. But no worries, everything fixes itself in the end.

The game itself is easy, compared to the previous two games. The monsters are just too weak to catch up. Offensive Psyenergy itself it rendered useless compared to the weapon's Unleashes. The difference in difficulty kind of made the game suffer and Oh well, still rather great and the bonus bosses prove to be a nice challenge.

I finished the game in three days time and so far killed one bonus boss. Yeah.


Played a bit, leveled my characters just the same old. G13 is coming soon apparently, as somethings going on in Denmark and G14 is in Korea right now.


OK, I patched the game up and made myself and Evie. I tried using an Xbox 360 controller on the game and it works pretty good. Downside is that I have to set the controls up constantly every time I want to play with the controller. If David knows anything, tell me will you?

OK, so an Evie I made. Great fun and subverts Squishy Wizard with her Mana Shields. But I didn't finish Episode 1 yet with her. Onto other characters, I was able to finish a few quests with Lann and Fiona. With the excess AP I simply ranked a few skills and that was it.

Vindictus is more fun with a controller.

Perfect World

Spent about 10 hours downloading the game again and made a new character because a new race was out. I got bored 20 minutes in.

I Maed A Gam3 W1th Z0mbies 1nit!!!1

Indie Game for Xbox 360. I heard about it on TV Tropes and went on looking at it on Youtube. Then I spent the one dollar to buy the game.

It's Fun! Kind of like Smash TV but with absolutely no story!

The game throws you in to fight a few zombies with the only song in the game playing. Then when it reached a certain point, large groups of zombies begin to spawn! And then later it changes so you fight enemies that looked like it came from Snake and weird glob creatures before going into Asteroids mode. Then the zombies come back with the green globs and Snake thingies. Then it throws you into Geometry Wars with the green globs and Snake Thingies. Then weird angry faced square enemies spawn with the blobs and snakes and then finally here comes the zombies again! When the song it over you end up dieing.

The weapon selection is pretty nice. You start with an automatic machinegun with unlimited ammo. Then the enemies will start dropping weapon upgrades, such as a shotgun and flamethrower. Pretty standard in a zombie game. Then the Gatling gun starts to drop with rocket launchers and laser rifles and even a weird gun that shoots stars? Pretty awesome! You drop a weapon if you pick up a different weapon but picking up a weapon you already have gives you more ammo.

Finally there are three power ups: Energy Barrier, Speed Boost, and 1-UP. Obviously you know what these do.

Fun game, worth a dollar to try.

So, just gaming.

I hate ending blogs, it's hard to think something up to finish off with...

Well, see you in like another five months I guess?

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January 3, 2011
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Mon Jan 03, 2011 02:39 AM +

In the options if you 'apply' then 'okay' it'll save, otherwise it won't save.

If you did that and it still happens, use Joy To Key instead of the actual Vindictus integrated options, I find that it works out better that way if you're using a controller.

And yes, playing with a controller makes any game more fun, except FPS's, where you probably have a slight disadvantage against insane mouse users. >_>;

Mon Jan 03, 2011 07:35 AM +

Golden Sun.

Tue Jan 04, 2011 01:10 AM +

From what you said, I think the new Golden Sun is more similar to the original than The Lost Age; in the original, Psynergy was more useful and effective in battle than weapon unleashes.

Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:53 AM +

What console is Dark Dawn for? DS? Wii?

-too lazy to google-

Sat Jan 15, 2011 03:16 AM +

FireLeo86 said: Spent about 10 hours downloading the game again and made a new character because a new race was out. I got bored 20 minutes in.

LOL. That reminds me of when i went back to maple again, only i got bored after 30 seconds of killing mobs


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