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Mabinogi Boss Epicness List

Written by FireLeo86 on October 2, 2010
Well I need to blog about something and something I should blog about is Mabinogi and all of it's final boss fights for the storyline. I will start with the boss with weak Epicness and finish with the boss with a high Epicness.

Note: I will not put any spoilers, as I know you guys don't care for the game and as such, I will not withhold any general information of the boss.

G2: Guardian of Wisdom Tabhartas and Necromancer Esras

OK, this is absolutely the weakest boss in terms of Epicness and strategy. This fight is split into three parts. Part one is against Tabhartas which is invincible during this period and can deal a lot of damage. Part two is a rematch with Tabhartas but now the player will have the skill Spirit of Order, enabling them to transform and negate Tabhartas' invincibility, though you can still damage it without transforming. The final part is against Esras, who can summon Dark Skeletons to fight with her.

Why this battle sucks

Basically you fight a Golem and a human with Succubus AI. The dungeon you fight them in is Barri which is very boring and the boss music is generic. The only challenge is against Tabhartas but that's because it has level 1 Heavy Stander, Natural Shield, and Mana Deflector. But seriously, this isn't too hard unless you're a newbie.


G13: The Grim Reaper

Somewhat strong. G13 isn't out yet but from the boss fight video I saw... This is a really weak fight. Anyways, you fight the Grim Reaper and it has about five different attacks, three of which are variants of each other. First it spins and swings it's scythe, having a shockwave cut. Then it can also spin a different way and cut. Then it can do a somersault which is followed by a cut. Then it can teleport and attack from afar. And finally a dash attack.

Why this battle sucks...less.

The AI is predictable, and it deals relatively low damage. The boss music here is the generic Stage music of the G13 dungeons. Boring.

Watch it here.

G3: Ruairi and Morgant; Dragon of Destruction Cromm Cruaich

Ruairi and Morgant can be fought but you better not. Ruairi is invincible and Morgant can still be beaten. Either way, this fight doesn't matter as you lose anyways and it ends in about 10 minutes ingame.

Now this is a bit better than the previous two. Cromm Cruaich is challenging as it's a hugeass dragon. Made of rock. Anyways, it's attacks involve swinging it's tail, running things over, a breath that Petrifies, and flying into the air and launching an infinite range Fireball.

Why this is pretty good

Cromm Cruaich will pretty much kill somebody, if not everybody. The only way to avoid it's attacks is by building up Campfires to hide behind. Or, if you're an Alchemist, set up some Barrier Spikes but make sure it has high HP. Every single attack will knock all the HP out of you except for the Petrifying breath. Teamwork is crucial, as you will need someone to stand back and prepare to revive anyone who needs get's knocked down. The boss music is still the generic dungeon boss music though.

G9: Embodiment of Alchemy Claimh Solas

Stepping into the epic territory now. Claimh Solas is rather challenging, it has several different attacks. The first attack is just running you over, strong and deadly. Another attack is it pounding the ground with it’s fists and create a shockwave. Then it can drain the life out of you and heal it’s own. The second form restores it to full HP and gives it a new attack, Light Swords.

Why this boss is pretty cool

It’s a giant red demon thingy that’s actually a Spirit Weapon, or an Ego as it’s commonly known ingame. It only has a torso however, as it’s lower half is still stuck in a giant portal thing. Then it turns red. And by red, I mean an orange red like color. It also get’s wings made of swords.

On high difficulties, this boss requires a full team of eight people to kill, but you can make due with six or seven. Light Swords are the main problem, as the swords will be flying and homing in, dealing large amounts of damage. Dodging these would require at least a fast moving mount. Later in the battle you have to use this Horn Bugle you received from Adniel, so hope you still have it because you’ll need to use it if you want to continue damaging it. So this is very challenging.

However… Due to the massive amount of people damaging it, it’s targeting gets reseted and basically makes it an open target to attacks. Which is why this guy is easy.

Watch me fight it here

G8: Red Dragon Crumena

This guy is a giant red dragon. It has six attacks. A fire breath, which deals fire damage. It can run you over, just like Cromm Cruaich. It can also sweep it’s tail like the rock dragon. It can also cause fear of dragons, cutting Stamina and MP in half and unsummon pets. Finally it has two flight moves. The first one if Meteors, which hurt but can be easily avoided. The other move is Thunderstorm, which randomly hit people and spots, so you might have to keep moving to dodge it.

Why this battle is cool

Crumena is a sonovabitch so it’s satisfying to kill him. A full party of eight people is a good idea, and those eight people better be strong. Anyways you can attack Crumena in seven different spots, all connected to the same HP bar. Attacking certain places would make Crumena go and use a skill, probably one that can horribly screw you over. Due to this, it’s a very challenging fight. Music is pretty cool too.

Listen to it here

G1: Embodiment of Destruction Glas Ghaibhleann

Epic boss of epic. Glas has three attacks but they’re all unique. The first is summon Gargoyles, the second is a laser beam that varies on damage depending on distance and the last one is a simple dual sword strike. It’s still pretty tough and one of the most challenging.

Why this is epic

The music, the build up to this point, and the fact that this is a monster that only one man could kill! Glas has insane regeneration so Wounding it or deal damage quickly is the only way to beat it. Luckily, the summoned Gargoyles drop Seal Scrolls which can be burned with a fireplace to get 100% wound rate. And to make it harder, Humans with Spirit of Order (Paladin) or Soul of Chaos (Dark Knight) can’t use those skills. How epic is this boss? It’s so epic that it was brought back in G9 just so you can kill it again!

Videos involving the battle here

G10: Of Light and Darkness Cai Doppelganger

You fight the Cai Doppelganger who takes on your form. It has two phases, the first phase is in the Demigod mode and the second is a normal Doppelganger fight, although it has damage deflection. The first phase it’s completely invincible, but you still need to hit it to take damage yourself. Anyways, all it will do is use Spear of Light and Fury of Light. The second phase will use the Alchemy skills Water Cannon, Wind Blast, and Flame Burst, and also summon clones that must be destroyed.

Why this is epic

The music and a sort of Book Ends/Where It All Began in the game. The Doppelganger assumes your form and you having to battle it is pretty epic, but with Demigod it’s even more epic. After you steal the Demigod, however, the fight is switched back to a basic Doppelganger battle, though with damage deflection. The best way to beat it is by using entering Demigod and Spear of Light it’s ass. Don’t underestimate it though, like all Doppelganger it has the Advanced Heavy Stander so you can’t stop it from using skills.

Videos here

G11: Guardian of the Alter Uroboros

Uroboros is actually four different enemies of the same boss. Each will have to be damaged at the body before attacking the head and you can’t camp the same head as a barrier will pop up. They have only two different forms of attack- the first is a simple head swing, damaging anyone near a head. The second is a breath attack from all heads, unless you’re near a head where it will swing it’s head instead.

Why it’s epic

The music is a nice change from the G10 music and this boss is hard. You get no revives unless you have Nao Soulstones and the attacks are just dangerous. You really don’t have much to work with as you’re constantly moving around. Plus, if you take too long Uroboros’ breath attacks will start increasing in range. At higher difficulties, people end up requesting help from a Royal Alchemist. In the end you get an awesome enchant and a nice sword.


G12: King of Gods Nuadha

I’ll cut to the chase and say why this is an epic fight. You’re fighting the KING OF GODS. The last couple of bosses were awesome but this- this is awesome. Nuadha is in constant movement and out of reach of you, attacking afar. When he decides to fight you face to face, it’s gonna hurt. Luckily Morrighan comes in and lends you a helping hand in defeating her husband. This is also epic as it marks the point where the player can start hurting divine beings and where they entered the Badass territory.


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October 2, 2010
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Sat Oct 02, 2010 07:21 PM +


Sat Oct 02, 2010 09:53 PM +

I fracking love how dedicated you are to Mabi

Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:28 PM +

Comment on how incredibly lame the Grim Reaper fight is!

Sun Oct 03, 2010 05:31 AM +

daayum, you IS dedicated

Mon Oct 04, 2010 02:56 AM +

Remind me to go on a shooting rampage in the Nexon building when I go to L.A.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 09:00 PM +

:D aweesooommee! So that's why morrighan's asking for help. Domestic abuse isn't fun D:

also bleh, im one of those noobs that would die in the first 10 seconds of boss fighting D:

Tue Oct 05, 2010 01:21 AM +

dee32693 said: :D aweesooommee! So that's why morrighan's asking for help. Domestic abuse isn't fun D:

also bleh, im one of those noobs that would die in the first 10 seconds of boss fighting D:

Not so much as she asking for the player's help so much as the player getting his ass kicked without her help. Also Nuadha is evil and tried to take Morrighan's powers, and now is trying to become the Grand God and kill all Fomors and Milletians.

Tue Oct 05, 2010 03:03 AM +

Is dat Sephiroth in the last video? o:


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