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What does KSing have to do with God?

Written by Arladerus on July 3, 2010

(Couldn't find another one that you could embed)

This reminds me about how when I was at Gallos on MapleStory, what happened was I went into this channel and there were no drops and nobody was fighting so I started killing. Then a Bishop came and started using Genesis and told me to CC, but since he wasn't fighting, I didn't. He sucked because he would cast when the monsters spawned but weren't able to be hit yet (epic fail). Anyway, I did this for like 30 minutes and he was like "I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE", "CC", etc. I eventually got bored and left.

A few hours later I went to leech my brother and Gallos. Instead of finding a channel (not possible at that hour) I decided to see if he was on and take his channel and he was. However, he was AFK and some other people were there. I asked them whether they were associated to the Bishop and the guy said no, so I didn't go all out KS war on them (well not really war since I would own them). However, the Aran of the two people died and I asked whether I could fight where the Aran was fighting (since his damage was pretty much crap and there's no way he could have taken the whole map). He said sure and I started fighting. She didn't come back yet and he started killing where I was killing and I was just standing there spamming a mob skill and when I killed the ones he attacked he accused me of KSing. However, I responded with "It's not my fault you're killing where I am". He started getting pissed off. Then the Aran came back but she didn't start fighting yet so I just stood there still spamming my mob skill.

He eventually got really pissed off, but when the Aran jumped off the rope and started fighting, I stopped but still had my eye on the MapleStory client. Then I see athos28 (the Bishop) casting Mystic Door and the BOTH of them (Aran and Sniper) going through the door. They both left the map which means it's not theirs anymore. Plus, the door disappeared. I figured at that point that the Sniper who told me that they didn't know the Bishop and he was already there lied to me so I put my tolerance level of him to 0%. He came back and told me to "cc please" even though he left the map and it was technically mine.

"How can you be so inconsiderate of other people?" "Selfishness has a limit." "Even if you're not loved you shouldn't take it out on other people." "What would God say about what you are doing?"

He actually said that crap to me in MapleStory. Ironic though, since he's being selfish for expecting to get his map back after leaving for like 5-10 minutes, and accusing me of never being loved. Sometimes I wonder why some religious people go to such lengths into trying to force people into changing their beliefs or doing things out of fear. He also said things like "I am a soldier going to Afghanistan", "I make 40K a year", "I injured my leg". Okay, first of all, if you got injured in war, YOU DO NOT GET SENT BACK! I said that to him and his retort was "that was a year ago". Apparently, he learned the ways and teachings of God after returning from being injured in the Middle East.

I had told him, "Do you see the Face Paint you have right now?" It was July 1st and there was an event that everybody got Canadian Flag Face Paint. "I don't care about the war, I think it's stupid." Apparently I'm supposed to sympathize for someone who got injured in a war I don't give a rat's ass about and is also accusing me for never being loved.

Soon after, I receive a whisper from somebody saying "Why do you keep KSing my guild member?" I explain the whole situation to him and he seems to understand and take my side. However, during the whisper conversation, suddenly, the preacher I've been KSing uses a Smega saying, "Defame and ban Arladerus for ksing,hacking,scamming". The guildie then apologizes on behalf of the preacher/Sniper and said he'll talk with him. It didn't matter though because with the spam of Friend Request Smegas, nobody reads Smegas anymore. Even if they do, nobody would report/defame somebody without knowing the situation (unless they were conveniently close and liked reporting/defaming people).

Eventually, my brother levelled up to 92 after all that leeching and I eventually left. However, my brother stayed to KS (he failed though). Apparently, the guy threatened to post stuff on BasilMarket about me and my guild, saying we're KSers and hackers.

What does KSing have to do with God?

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July 3, 2010
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July 5, 2016
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March 20, 2009

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Sat Jul 03, 2010 09:38 PM +

Speaking of BasilMarket..
Ohay medals.
Wait a second...
Screentizer and videoer.
... Anyway... I'm sure you hacked, scam, and ksed. (:
Smega's suck anyway.

Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:58 PM +

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've hacked, scammed, and KSed people.

But KSing angers God and he will kill you with his thunderbolt.

Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:42 AM +

Hacked, no. pix or it didn't happen (srsly)
Scammed, no. Never.
KSed, I will ONLY do that if someone is going into a map that I was in first (this is kinda a bad example since I wasn't really there first, but you could say that I had the map for the session when they came in and started killing).

Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:54 AM +

SirPainsalot said: Speaking of BasilMarket..
Ohay medals.
Wait a second...
Screentizer and videoer.
... Anyway... I'm sure you hacked, scam, and ksed. (:
Smega's suck anyway.
Aww, I got banned there a bit ago for a post I wish I remembered making, so now I lost my four medals for being suspension free. D:

Sun Jul 04, 2010 09:26 PM +

epic fale

Tue Jul 06, 2010 07:43 AM +

I would have continued to KS the everloving crap out of him and ask "WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW!??" >:D

Wed Jul 07, 2010 03:33 PM +

EXACTLY the reason I quit maple story


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