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MapleStory Side Story to begin in July

Hey guys! It's been a long while!

Been busy with university stuff & YouTube videos the past couple of months, so I couldn't come back & do my thing until now. Honestly though, I had finally begun my YouTube venture as a gamer, whilst still a casual one.

But I have come back to announce that I will finally be making some time to start off my currently-on-hiatus series, Eterna Cycle Chronicles: Shattered Prophecies.

By June 21st I'll be...

Comments: 0 Submitted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 03:58 PM

Eterna Circle Chronicles - Shattered Prophecies



And so it begins. My first fan fiction.

Based off the popular 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, MapleStory, it is set & loosely based in the same timeline as the Chaos patch. It is the side story of the main plot in MapleStory.


The second Maple wars. After the Big Bang event that shook the Maple world in the Black Magician's...

Tags: fan, fiction, maple, story, chaos Comments: 3 Submitted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:27 AM

Boot. Restart. Dive in.

First my 6 year old faithful laptop died.

Then, my family laptop got snatched by a sibling who just finished her exam.

I almost lost my password to this account.

And now, I'm back. After a long while.

Yeah, it's been a while since I came back. I do not come back empty handed though, I got lots of stuff to share for everyone. But first, a little update of what's going on around me.

Slice of my Life

Still "working" in...

Comments: 9 Submitted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:02 AM

After a long time... Hello~

About a couple of weeks back, my laptop crashed and I lost the password to this account.

Flash forward to the present, I finally gained access to an old family laptop and found the password amongst my "bits and pieces" in my head.

Bad news is, I only have less than 5 months before heading forward to my studies, and my data are all inside the crashed laptop. Good news is, I'm finally out of National Service, working and got free time....

Comments: 2 Submitted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 03:28 PM

Requiem Of The PC Gamer

Just recently I've been browsing Youtube for a bit of leisure time (I guess I might have spent hours), I come across an interesting video. Take a look at it to continue.

PC gaming have been around for very very long. Many enjoy this old form of entertainment that have become so vast a world for us. Despite the many other versions of gaming, PC gaming is still part of our...

Comments: 4 Submitted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 01:32 PM

The long monotonous tone...

Back again, in my office, typing an entry during my lunch break. Listening to the long monotonous tone in my head.

Can't imagine how time flies. In a flash, I'm here, counting my days before I leave National Service. 2 weeks later, I'll be working my way back to my mentality towards my degree. And in half a year, off I go to studies overseas.

How time flies. In a flash.

No, the tone isn't referring to the boredom of the past 2 years....

Comments: 0 Submitted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 05:52 AM

A quick blog

Back after a few weeks' hiatus and lots of thinking. I haven't started on ANYTHING yet, but hopefully something fruitful (whether a video or a story) will come out by this week.

So short blog is SHHOOOORT!

Nah... not really...

Just a quick update. Still stuck on the prospect of my 2 beloved stories, Kingdom Hearts: DRive and F.antasy I.n R.eality. I'm still stuck as to how to start the story, but hopefully I can break this barrier by...

Comments: 3 Submitted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 02:01 AM

It All Starts 24.06.11

It's all in the title.

I have been going on about this for a while now, whether on Facebook, Youtube or somewhere else on the Internet. I am starting a new video project on game marathons.

Starting off with Pokemon Black from my only game console the DS, I'm going to start recording on that day and upload them to Youtube. (I hope there's some Pokemon fans still around here)

But first off, I have a mountain of paperwork to clear up on...

Tags: update Comments: 2 Submitted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 02:55 PM

Short Blog is shooooooooooooooooooort...

I should at least blog about something, I would say. Even though I'm just dropping by.

Still busy in the days of National Service (Yes, Singapore made it compulsory for guys like us).

But in about 1/2 a years' time I'll be going overseas to study. Which means I may be away for a while.

For some reason I feel empty about it. Time flies alot, yet the stuff I wanted to do ended up not done at all.

I guess I need more...

Comments: 4 Submitted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 05:14 PM

[QoTW] The most stupid move to do while in conversation

Firstly, my last blog post is purely coincidental and have nothing to do with the QoTW released a couple of hours after I post mine.

Anyways, back to the topic.

Dumbest Move Ever In A Conversation

You know when you started a topic in a conversation with a friend (or friends) and it suddenly turns into...




Not that that really happened though.

Truth is, it actually happened to...

Tags: QoTW38 Comments: 3 Submitted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:43 AM

I actually felt stupid!

Yep, just like what the title said.

Typed a fragment a while ago just after I lost my post a while earlier. I actually spent 24 hours thinking about what to write for the my original fiction project. When I get down to it, it actually went...


I just realized that VuTales actually have timeout sessions for posts that are left too long on the Dashboard page, without refreshing. How stupid is that?!

But yeah, about the...

Comments: 3 Submitted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:00 PM

Defrosting my typing/writing mind

ALERT: May contain elements of emotional rant.

I have been thinking.



For the past few years, I have been doing a lot of things.

A lot of things, with the exception of writing.

My favourite "Office Word pen" have been kept in the freezer for too long.

Too many a times I have been taking it out and swirling it around between my index and middle fingers, wondering what ideas I can write down.

Whenever I...

Comments: 6 Submitted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 02:34 AM

Prelude to Post-February Mayhem?

It's been a while. I haven't been able to blog much because I'm too tired these days with work life. I haven't even explained my previous blog. But here's what's to come for the weekends.

- Kingdom Hearts update. I will be posting a new update for Kingdom Hearts: Drive, first with a Drive series database, with character info and all about Drive. There will also be a Prologue released this month. For this point, bear with me if...

Comments: 0 Submitted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 01:50 PM

Glimpse of The Future...?

This is an important piece of news! I have just received this voice transmission from an unknown source just a short moment ago. I managed to record it through a sound recorder.

Bzzt... Crackle

"Today is November 12, 2018... bzzt... My name is Amanda Tse. I am 18 years old, and this is my 1st audio message...

*short pause*

"... as the only human in this world.

Bzzt... Crack....

Yes, it got cut off. I do...

Comments: 2 Submitted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 02:10 PM

VuTal3s Surprise!

Where in the oceans is the newest blog tab? Oh, found it on the right hand side.

My, it's been slightly more than a week since I joined here, and it has changed since yesterday! Looks like I need to get use to this all over again!

Just kidding! I just knew the site was down for maintenance yesterday, but this new look really took me by surprise. A new dark purple template, with a reshuffle of the tab organization. It seems as though the...

Tags: QoTW25 Comments: 0 Submitted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 07:32 AM
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It all starts with a simple idea...
9 years ago
BIG FAIL. Typed a blog for the whole day and it got kicked by an error. Argh!
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Still working on the plot and summary of KH:D. Oh, it has changed to KH:DR
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Something is coming up. Something dark is coming to this world.
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@Vusys It was meant to be a personal blog. If it really got deleted by itself then never mind. :)