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Hello Kitty - now 100% more politically correct

Look at that shit, cute af.

So we recently had some activity on this site which is incredible but also kind of sad because this site has been phasing in and out of everyone's existence, sort of like a fatherly figure in an African American household, but I really wish it would be more than that.

I'm just glad Bryan is still footing the bill, ha-ha. By the way, have...

Author: David Tags: shit, the, what Comments: 3 Submitted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 05:47 AM

End of the world? ...nah.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was I supposed to die at 6 'o clock? No thanks, I don't feel like dying this year. Sorryyyyyyy~

May 21st. 2011. The world flew into a nervous wreck because some stupid, crazy religious nut job senile old man decided it was a good idea to throw the thought out there that God was going to kill everyone and said the exact time and date. Everywhere, people threw parties, ran around naked in plazas. Prayed...

Author: True13lue Tags: thought, i, what, thats, yeah Comments: 14 Submitted: Mon May 23, 2011 03:24 PM