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Blogs tagged as rant, sorted by newest submitted.



Dude. I fucking hate studying...

Basically I've studied for like 75% of my day. It was the hardest thing ever.
Final exam time is really the only I ACTUALLY sit down to study, and every year it reminds me why I don't study all the other times.

Here's how my study session went today:
-Puts on music-
"K, I gotta study for at least an hour."
-Study for maybe 15mins-
"Lol I wonder what <insert friend's name> is doing right now."

Author: Nass Tags: rant, exams, studying Comments: 4 Submitted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 04:44 AM

Things that tick me off.

(Beware, the blog has cursing. I can’t stop listening to Nass’s people’s music.)

Man, some things really push me off the edge.

Sometimes, these things cause me to go apeshit all over your face, while sometimes;;;;;;;; (YOU LIKE THAT TARHEEL? Grammar Nazi) these things cause me to go apeshit all over your mom. I don’t see a difference between your face and your mom though, they look the same;.&*@;;;;;! ugly...

Author: Dest1 Tags: rant, Dest1 Comments: 18 Submitted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 01:27 AM