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Blogs tagged as QoTW44, sorted by least liked.


Recall. End of Line.

A repetition of thoughts should not
Be put forward to the same masses
Who listen with virgin ears although
Midway you realise the actions are the same.

Is it that you both forgot
It like the keys or glasses
And yet you both know
Like it is some time passing game.

We really can't be to sure
Of what we say and what we do
Because the memory relies on what
You can fix to that moment.

It needs a line, a lure
That reels in the...

Author: AxiomFable Tags: QoTW44 Comments: 6 Submitted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:31 AM

I want win QoTW

Okay, so the deadline was the 24th, but I still feel like I have a chance to win this. I got shit to write about this time since I'm capable of either being on my laptop or going 10 feet to my room to get on my PS3.


Okay, so, uh, I got back on since PvP dropped, and it's actually been a nice way to level. I wanted to get permanent versions of all the items (ring, shoulder, belt, pendant) to get the easy...

Author: MasterCheeze Tags: QoTW44 Comments: 14 Submitted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 07:15 AM

I wanna steal QoTW from Cheeze

Just to spite him.

Long time no blog, eh?


I've been pretty busy this summer. The first half I was busy taking a god-awful English for Engineers class while working full time. The second half I was busy working full time during the week and going to Charleston for the weekend.

Charleston is the biggest city I've spent an extended amount of time in. I've driven through some decently large cities, but never...

Author: tarheel91 Tags: QoTW44 Comments: 14 Submitted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 01:41 AM