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Read up before asking. VuTales has a help page detailing the site's features. Lurk and get to know the site before posting.
No multiple accounts. Multiple accounts will be deleted and your original warned.
No asking for likes, no attempting to manipulate the voting system.
Please do not public post security vulnerabilities in VuTales, contact Vusys who will fix them


Do not post just to increase your post count.
Mark NSFW content as such with a NSFW tag in the title.
Be respectful of others, do not flame or be deliberately rude and/or insulting.
Respect the minimum character limits.
Do not spam. No blatant advertising. No affiliate or referral links.
No warez, cracks, serials, keygens or illegally obtained copyrighted content. No discussion on how to procure such content outside of VuTales.
No cross posting. This includes posting content once as a blog and then again on the forums.
No posting personal information, including linking to it or providing details on how to obtain it. This includes full names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and IM handles.


The rules can not completely cover every situation that will arise on the site. As a result, moderators and admins will use their own discretion at times, especially when the rules are not black and white on the matter. Please respect their decisions.