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Using VuTales

What is VuTales?

VuTales came online on Valentine's Day 2009. It was formed from the ashes of a former blog site which was abruptly closed in the Summer of 2008. We maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where users are welcome to blog and talk about almost anything.

Using BBCode

VuTales uses BBCode to format comments; a complete list of all available BBCode, its syntax, and previews can be found here.

Blog and Forum Rules

VuTales' blog and forum rules can be found on their own page here.

Site Features

The Front Page

The front page showcases the best of VuTales. Blogs with a high number of likes will get shown on the front page. Blogs that contain a lot of swear words, or have otherwise potentially offensive or NSFW content will be flagged to never appear on the front page despite how many likes they receive. The front page also displays recent blog comments, fragments, and site stats.


The Dashboard is the central nexus of VuTales. There are a variety of things you can do here: write a blog, create a thread, or submit a fragment. This is also where the message centre is located where you can check if you’ve been pinged, you’ve been quoted on a blog or forum post, or if you’ve received any private messages. The Dashboard also has direct links for editing account settings, all under Manage my settings.

Blog Management

Blog Management is accessed through the Dashboard, located on the right column. Blog Management displays all of your existing blogs and their status as either a draft or as published. Through Blog management, blogs can have their titles and tags changed, and the displaying of the social media panel can be toggled on and off, which are all saved by clicking the floppy disc save icon. By clicking the editor pencil icon, you will be directed to the full blog editor page. Blog deletion is also performed through Blog Management by clicking the corresponding red delete icon.


Fragments are the VuTales equivalents of Tweets. Go to your dashboard, type out a short message under 140 characters, and hit “Submit.” Fragments are generally used for quick things that are too short for a blog or forum post.


The VuTalesID is the personal page of a user. It displays the user’s recent blogs, fragments, friends, and statistics.


Achievements are your VuTales swag. Users can gain achievements for many reasons: reporting a bug that is confirmed, certain post amounts, certain blog likes, and much more.

About Me Panel

The About Me panel on your VuTalesID allows you to fill in details about yourself for others to see. You can edit your About Me panel from the Dashboard. All fields are optional. If no information is filled in the panel, it will not appear on your ID.

Question of the Week

A Question of the Week (QotW) is a weekly question suggested by the users and asked by Vusys. All users that wish to participate have a week to post a blog in the QotW category answering the question. The blog that gets the most likes after the week will be rewarded with a "QotW Winner #X" award on their ID, where X is the current QotW’s number. In the event of a tie, multiple users will be given the award. Former QotWs are archived in a sub forum, along with a sticky, where users are welcome to submit their own questions.


You can add a user as a friend by clicking “Add as friend” on their VuTales ID. Friends are displayed on your ID by clicking the friends tab. Friends can be de-friended by clicking the orange circle to the right of their name, or by visiting their ID and clicking “Remove as friend.”


Reports are messages sent to the moderators when, for example, a user sees something that is incorrect or that otherwise violates the rules. Users are encouraged to report when they consider it necessary.

Frequently asked questions

I found a bug, how do I report it?

Email Vusys (vutales.bugs [at] or post it on the forums. Please don’t post it on the forums if the bug found poses a big security risk. Instead, email Vusys.

Who runs VuTales?

Vusys is the administrator and lead developer of VuTales.
Tarheel91 moderates the forums and blogs.
Mipsacri is a former moderator.

Why can I vote on my own blogs?

Because everyone can vote for their own blogs.


Libraries used on VuTales