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Tue Feb 21, 2017 09:03 AM +

Hi everyone. It's me, Wolfboy183 (Skype: RandyB182) The last time I posted or said anything on here was back in 2011 when we did the online vucast thing. I dropped out because after I moved, i got really really depressed, and became a total hermit. Not sure why. I have a bad habit of thinking people never wanted me around and I'm just a pest and a creep to them. My fanfics were shit, my posts were crap. I am still thankful people supported me and enjoyed my fanfics, and i'm sorry for all the shit posting that I did before.

About my absense, I'll explain it in short fics and fake radio shows and interviews. I love to write in documentary mode. I also want to share some of the content I have in my brain. I'm a different person than I was when I left VuTales. During my absence, I would want to log in, but I'd get this weird jolt of shame. Then I'd not log in.
I would think about the friends I made on here and everyone, and the fun we had on here. And I'd be like, "That's a really good online community. Why did you drop out? You never got banned."

Yes, I rustled some people's jimmies, and I'm sorry about that. just me being me. I got asperger syndrome (hi funct autism) and with it comes edginess and peaks and valleys; mostly valleys.

As for video games, I played league of legends on and off for years. got really into it back in Season 5 (2015), right after they changed the look of Summoners' Rift. I don't do ranked. I mostly play normal pvp. Ranked is toxic as shit. I played WoW for a bit, just to see what the new expansion was like. I play Minecraft and Nintendo games time to time.

I do want to write stuff again. Do you want it in blogs or forum posts?

Nice to be back

Randy "Wolfy" B
Discord ID is Rannbo#5487



Wed Feb 22, 2017 06:42 AM +

Welcome back dood. Honestly no one comes here anymore, or they do but they just don't post shit. If you're gonna post here, just know that it's mainly going to be posing for the benefit of yourself, and archiving your thoughts for the future. Don't be discouraged by likes or shit, post cause you want to post cause no one upvotes anything here cuz EVERYONE IS DEAD! YA HEAR ME YA DEAD FREAKS!

If you're going to write shorter posts (like this) they should just be in the forum. But if it's gonna be long, like say 3x as long as your forum post, then put it in blogs.

Also discord is dead too, but if you're gonna catch people it's gonna be in there. VuTales is on life support right now.



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