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Outpost: Scientific Inquiry I

Written by Pirkid on August 27, 2009
Part I
Part II

The following journal was recovered from the office of Dr. Nathan Perwell, Ph. D. Parasol Corporation reported a security breach on June 10, 2014, and when investigated by the police, the office was found to be in utter chaos. Papers and drawers were shredded and strewn across the floor. The personal entrance to the HAZMAT II chamber that Dr. Perwell was generously granted for his long time with the company had be mauled, blood samples and strange substances splattered on the walls and ceilings. There was no sign of the doctor since his last outing out of the office, on June 07, 2014.

Dr. N. Perwell, Ph. D, Scientific Journal:
May 17, 2014
Day 1:
Our first discovery of the virus came from the information of a farmer, Sir John Bill Smith. His brought in a very sick cow of his to the local veterinarian, Dr. F. Goodwill. He was unable to identify the source or the disease, and sent a sample of the infection cells to me for further examination. The cow died of malnutrition and loss of blood three (3) days later. It was reported to have pale skin, uncontrollable temper, and sleep deprivation. I received the sample near the middle of May, and began examination immediately. I was astounded. It was a virus, no doubt, and it was a deadly one at that. It showed an amazing reproduction rate and speed of infection. The virus had also began to mutate slightly, a few strands had separated and began to form their own host cells, containing all the traits of the original strand plus an evolutional cross-breed of survival skills. I am keeping various samples of the virus around my office and will continue studies forthwith.

Day 3:
While lacking an airborne survival chromosome, the virus (of which I have named KL4D due to it's unique 4 cell structure and K-shaped atom build) has shown immense reproduction and infection speeds. 13 or the 14 mice tested died, ranging in life spans of over half an hour to little more than a day. #A6 has shown amazing resilience, with no visual or biological change. The virus is powerful, but not all-powerful.

Day 6:
I've started to attempt at a cure to the virus, more information later.

Day 7:
KL4D Virus Traits:
Blood translates K-Virus through ingestion or contact with victim's blood.
Epidermis contact DOES NOT translate K-Virus.
Saliva DOES NOT translate K-Virus UNLESS containing K Deluge (more information later) spores.
K-Virus IS NOT airborne? (requires further testing)
K-Virus IS aquatic. Any liquid ingested may translate virus.
K-Virus CANNOT survive low-heat flames.

Day 8:
Out of 103 mice tested with various strands of the KL4D virus, only 7 have survived thus far, including our beloved #A6. My initial cure had no effect on 4 of the 5 tested mice. The last one, #R2, survived not on the cure but from it's own biological make-up. From studying the survivor test subjects, I have concluded that they all possess a similar biological structure, located somewhere on their DNA. The survival rate has extended to around 3 days and shrunk down to less than 2 minutes. Fascinated, I will continue to test the K virus on more mice and proceed to concocting K-Cure #2.

Day 9:
It seems as though I have stumbled onto something humans only have nightmares about. #G17, #H6, and #M1, 3 of the previously surviving mice, have since mutated into enraged, bloody, alternate versions of their regular forms. #G17 has even gained a bloated stomach and is continually vomiting excess pus. #H6 has seems to gain sphere-shaped growths around his abdomen, and occasionally exhales a green-colored puff of fumes. I have kept these infected mice under lockdown. I am afraid of contracting the virus myself, as these infected test subjects maybe able to transfer the virus themselves.

(Day 12 page has been partially salvaged but is blurred and indecipherable)
It seems they are very attracted to high-frequency…low-frequency attracts them but does not distr…( of page indecipherable).

Day 13:
KL4D Virus Traits:
Blood translates K-Virus through ingestion or contact with victim's blood.
Epidermis contact DOES NOT translate K-Virus.
Saliva DOES NOT translate K-Virus UNLESS containing K Deluge spores.
K-Virus IS NOT airborne.
K-Virus IS aquatic. Any liquid ingested may translate virus.
K-Virus CANNOT survive low-heat flames.

Day 17:
I have narrowed down the virus's survival ability. Each organism has certain levels of immunity to different viruses. This virus, KL4D, works on a 7 level basis. The first level is near immediate death, followed by epidermis peeling and swift decay. There is no change in the biological make-up of the organism, most or all immune cells are killed. Level II is a slightly longer life span, ranging from a few hours to a day; Level III organisms last for about a few days before perishing. And after this, my research becomes difficult to place down into specific levels. Levels IV to VI all seem to mutate the organism into an alternate life form, with Level IV forms possessing abilities not unlike Farmer Smith's cow. Level V and VI, however, are mutated versions of the KL4D virus. It is hard to determine their specific traits and qualities as they range from spore growths to claw and teeth extensions, to shrieking banshee-like victims, to even massive muscle enlargements. Level VII, however interests me the most. It is the only level of organism whose immune system is biologically stable enough to withstand the virus, letting it pass by through its system harmlessly.

Out of a total 250 mice:
146 have died from infection.
129 have become infected, and changed in some sort of mutated form while inheriting different traits.
31 have become infected, and the virus has mutated from its original infected form. Mutations vary.
6 have survived without being altered in any way.

I have created, or rather attempted to create, many different cures, trying to improve on the older version, but as the virus infects so swiftly and mutates so radically, it is difficult to pinpoint the virus's weakness.
On 10 mice at a time:
KL4D-Cure 1 had no effect.
Cure 2 had no effect.
And Cure 3 subdued the infected for a short while.

I am beginning to worry about the possible ramifications if the KL4D virus was ever released to the public. With a 60% mortality rate, and no cure at this time, I fear the worst.

Day 21:
In my inexcusable folly, one of the sample infected mice bit through my HAZMAT suit, producing blood. I feel no change as of yet. Will keep posted.

Day 22:
I am feeling massive migraines. It is a struggle to write as my hand has lost much of its motor control. I can't. skim is turing palle (random scribbles, handwriting is grammatically incorrect), I seem to being dipping in and out of con... (ink blot has made rest of page indecipherable).

(Next journal entry is not dated)
I'm losing control..I can feel my blood pulsing, growing..I feel angry for no reason..I want..need..blood. I have been drinking blood seems to..keep me I cannot be angry..

(Last legible entry)
blood..flesh..counting, 3 days, want.. (scribbles)... must imprison...

(Rest of journal has been ripped out from the spine. Shreds of blank paper have been salvaged)

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August 27, 2009
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Thu Aug 27, 2009 04:51 PM +

This is awesome.

Thu Aug 27, 2009 05:25 PM +

This is gonna be such en epic series.

Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:56 PM +

*eats popcorn*

If I was really reading that in that universe, I'd be freaking out D8

Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:14 PM +

Stupid mouse that bit through teh suit D:


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