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Hall H -- Super Panels!

Written by Chameleon on July 25, 2009
Omg I saw Megan Fox lololololol.

In the flesh. For real. Yes.

Along with Cameron Diaz, Tim Burton, and a bunch of other really famous people… including OMGOMG HAYAO MIYAZAKI. *hyperventilates*


… Just kidding. :D

But seriously, I got up at 6AM, lined up for the exhibition hall until it opened at 9:30, went to the WB booth to snag some free swag (which apparently ran out at about 10:15), and waited… probably at least an hour or so in line just to get into Hall H to see the super-special panels. The line was RIDICULOUSLY long. It stretched all the way across the street, around this GIANT patch of grass, and down to the waterfront. If you know that area, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you don’t… just trust my word that the line was very long. My friends and I missed the first part of the first panel, which was the Where the Wild Things Are preview. Oh well. Got in during the middle, though. Well worth the wait, though. We stayed until about 3:30 in the afternoon, hunting better seats in the breaks between panels. LOL.

The first thing we saw was a preview for The Box. Basically, the movie begins with this normal family – husband, wife, and kid. A “salesman” introduces himself as Arlington something-or-other, and gives the woman a box with a button, saying that if she presses the button, two things would happen. One is that somebody, somewhere in the world (that the woman does not know), will die. The second thing is that she will get a million dollars. Now, this movie takes place in the 1970s, so a million dollars was a LOT more back then. She presses the button, and then she and her husband have to go on the run from these people that want to kill them, and from what I’ve seen (and what the director said xD), it looks like a psychological thriller, and the story is about them trying to find redemption or something for what they’ve done. It’s based on a short story called “Button, Button”. After that was a Q&A session with the film stars and director. Same with yesterday, I was almost a little bit surprised to see how… normal these people seemed. But they were very, very awesome. <3

After that, we got to see Robert Downey Jr. when we got to the Sherlock Holmes movie preview. It looked really, really good. Lots of action and some supernatural stuff, as during the Victorian era, people were “obsessed” with the occult. I’m excited for this one.

And then we saw a preview for the Jonah Hex comic-turned-movie. Spaghetti Western, whooooooooooo. This was the movie that Megan Fox was in, but I’m guessing it’s… probably going to be rated R, for… certain scenes. *raises eyebrow* Looked pretty awesome though. Lots of fire, asploding, and shooting things. :D

After the preview, they had a Q&A session with the stars of the Jonah Hex film. A lot of it was… really bad hitting-on-Megan-Fox, and there was even a guy who claimed to be an “aspiring filmmaker” and asked Megan Fox for celebrity sex tapes. At that point, he got… escorted off by the security. The questions were supposed to be all screened though, so I assume he must’ve said that he was asking something else.

At one point, when Fox shrugged off her jacket, there were cat-calls and wolf-whistles all over the hall, and it was pretty silly.

Think that was it for the first panel.

The second panel was all Disney and Pixar. We got to see previews for the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D, which was pretty awesome. And we saw an exclusive short starring some of the main Toy Story characters. Beauty and the Beast is also being redone in 3-D, and it looks absolutely AMAZING. We got to see the Pixar and Disney film directors, and even the guy who voiced Remy from Ratatouille showed up. Very awesome.

Oh, and they also showed footage from the new Disney fairy-tale animation. I’m also very excited for this film to debut, because the villain is just BADASS. He is

But what I was waiting for the most was seeing Hayao Miyazaki. When he appeared, the room rang with cheering. We got to see a preview of his new movie Ponyo (which looks FANTASTIC, I can’t wait for it to open in theatres and on DVD). It’s about a little goldfish girl who comes from the sea, and she’s chasing this boy named Sosuke. No idea why, we just saw the preview. All of the animation was HAND-DRAWN, which amazes me even more because water just seems so ridiculously difficult to draw well. Apparently tonight he was also doing an introduction to an ADVANCE SCREENING at 8 at some theatre, but I didn’t get to go on the premises that even while we were at the panel, people were probably lining up to see Ponyo. Oh well, I can wait.

After that was the panel featuring the movie “9”. OHMYGAWD I WANT TO WATCH THAT MOVIE. Post-apocalyptic STITCH-PUNK. How is that NOT AWESOME?!??!! Starring Elijah Wood (known for playing Frodo Baggins from LOTR) as 9, this story is about these little doll-like creatures fighting to survive against machines that were originally created by humans, but then turned against them, so now all the people are gone (lol, does that sentence even make sense? I’m still gobsmacked from today’s awesomeness). The teasers and things look abso-fucking-lutely stunning. Also, 7 is freaking badass as well. Very, very awesome.

After we watched the panels, my friends and I went to the exhibition hall to try to see if we could get some more freebies, and redeem our WB tickets. Got lots of stuff, mostly “junk”, as my parents would classify it, but my favorite, not surprisingly, is a Squeenix fan with Final Fantasy characters printed on both sides. Saw lots more cosplayers today, too, including a Jack Sparrow that looked almost EXACTLY like the real one. Will post a picture later. (= w =)

By now it was around 5 or 6-ish, so we just hung out around the exhibition hall to rest. My friends left at about 6:30, and I stayed until about 7 because I saw a few of my other friends from school, cosplaying as characters from Soul Eater, and Lelouch/Suzaku from Code Geass. Also saw some other friends earlier cosplaying as Allen and Lenalee from DGM, and a random second DGM group whom I didn’t know. Hung out with the Soul Eater/Code Geass group for a while, then had to go because traffic was bad, so we had to walk all the way to the parking lot. Lots of smokers and overall douchebags at the ‘con, so I got kinda pissed and tired towards the end of the day. ;___;

Also got an “exclusive” Furuba DVD with episodes 1 and 2, and a CD to get some free stuff from Nexon’s new game, Dungeon Fighter or some shit.

Tired now. –falls asleep at keyboard– Zzznk…

PS Ask any questions you like, I have no doubt that I'm missing some very important parts, only I've forgotten a lot already xD;;

Oh shoot, forgot about the art gallery. Well, since I'm not really sure where to put it, I guess I'll just stick it here. There was a LOT of amazing art (some really exaggerated hentai too, but I generally ignored that). Lots of dragons and comic art. Very, very awesome. Photos and videos were prohibited, though. Boo. I saw a really awesome embroidered pillow, going to see if I can bid on it tomorrow (= w =). Lots of carved wooden dragons, too. Big dragons, small dragons, all kinds. I was like, "Hang on a sec, just lemme pick up my jaw from the floor." The variety of art media was pretty astounding too. Acrylic on feathers, prints, digital...


Lieksrsly. D:

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July 25, 2009
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Sat Jul 25, 2009 06:25 AM +

Exaggerated hentai?
How did that work?

Sat Jul 25, 2009 06:49 AM +

Er, like... very unrealistic body proportions. Sorry if what I'm saying makes little sense, lack of sleep is making me very scatterbrained, forgetful, and redundant. xD;;

Sat Jul 25, 2009 07:07 AM +

...Did I hear 'hentai'? :0

Sat Jul 25, 2009 09:16 AM +

It's 4:15AM here, so don't blame me for this but when I saw Ponyo, I thought you typed porno. :o

Sat Jul 25, 2009 03:33 PM +


Sat Jul 25, 2009 05:51 PM +

Wow sounds like an aweome day. I wish i could see Elijah wood <3

Sun Jul 26, 2009 04:54 AM [Edited once ] +

Omg, Button, Button was a horrible short story written back in like the 1970s. ==; Our teacher read it in our English class, and everyone was like - wow wtf.


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