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Dance the night away

Written by Gujju on April 22, 2009
So, today was my school's long awaited Multicultural Assembly. This was a huge deal to me for a number of reasons:

1. This will be the last time I preform at school on stage. As far as I know...
2. This will be the last Multicultural show I am in for my school =( Poo graduation.
3. I have been in the show since my first year.
4. I was organizing the entire show with two other girls plus some teachers.

So this year's Multi (we all just call it multi. Shorter :) ) was a lot of trouble to put together. Our MC's were terrible. Well some were. One wouldnt speak into the mike properly, and the other was just plain boring to listen to, and she also misprounced everyones names. What the heck is the point of it being a multi show if you cant get names right? Gosh, Its not so hard to learn -.-

Me and three of my friends decided to do a Bollywood dance. If you guys don't know what Bollywood is, its basically the name of the Indian movie industry, and MOST movies from Bollywood have great musical numbers where everyone just dances.

The trouble was that three other groups wanted to dance the same style as us. So we left it up to the teachers to decide who would make the cut. Guess what happened. They didnt make a cut. Instead, a day after the audition, they called all four groups for a private meeting and basically asked us to collaborate and put on one dance. This would mean taking 11 girls and teaching them a nice little number. We were not pleased. For one thing, most of us were not familiar with eachother. We spanned into all of the four grades of the school, and all had different styles. Eventually, one of the groups (2 girls) backed down to join another group doing another style of Indian dancing. This left 9 girls who all wanted the spotlight.


We decided to do a mix of three songs, the first being a more traditional type of song, the second being a hard hitting style, and the last being a modern song. We basically combined the moves we had previously made, and worked as many people as we could into the dance. It took about a whole month because we all had different schedules and it was super hard to get all 9 people in the same place all together. And it didnt come without problems. But I will spare the drama, since you will never really meet any of these people.

In the end, we ended up having a great time, and we spent a lot of time getting to know one another. I am going to miss spending all my free time with these girls. <3

As promised before, I have video of the actual dance. I have two, since one was shot at the actual show with an audience, but was taken from the projection booth so it was REALLY far away. We ended up recording the dance again later in the empty auditorium from closer up.

Mind you, these were taken on my digital camera, so the quality may suck . badly.

The actual performance
From closer up

Tata :)

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April 22, 2009
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July 20, 2015
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March 20, 2009

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Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:40 PM +

Wow that was good!
It was similar to the Bollywood dance they did at my school.
Anyways, in the close up which one are you? (I only watched the close up, the other one was too far away:P)

Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:45 PM +

Yeah the one from far away also has worse sound. You cant hear anything -.-
And in both I am wearing an off yellow. Me and my partner were on the far right at the starting, and in the later part of the vid, im near the middle

There were also less mistakes in the close up one. LOL

Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:51 PM +

Lol yeah.
Ohh, but the dance was really good! :D

Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:01 PM +

Lol, aaaand smile!

That was cool, though. I liked it.

Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:47 PM +

ahah thanks, glad to hear :)
ahah i noticed random little things in the second vid: the lights fell down, people saying funny things, some guy in the back trying to do the dance.

Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:02 AM +

Guy in the back trying to do the dance?!
I would have loved to see that!

Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:58 AM +

We just had the Cultural Fair not more than 2 weeks ago. :) It was like, 30 country booths, and lasted the entire school day... I was doing Canada. LOL.

I'm not going to be in the International Advisory next year, at least I'm not sure anyway. :/

I'll watch the vid as soon as I finish my HW. :3 But otherwise, congrats on a successful event? XD

Thu Apr 23, 2009 01:12 AM +

When the lights fell off, I just went, LOL. ><; Sorry. XDDD

Thu Apr 23, 2009 01:13 AM +

ahah its ok. It didn't happen in the actual show so its okay :P

Thu Apr 23, 2009 02:42 AM +

We have an 'culture fest' at our school too. During a fan dance, the music just started skipping. xD We had mad technical difficulties that night. ):

Thu Apr 23, 2009 02:49 AM +

Dance the Night Away is a pretty good song.

-=The Nazgul=-

Thu Apr 23, 2009 06:32 AM +

Dance the morning away?

Thu Apr 23, 2009 06:41 AM +

What about the evening! D:

Thu Apr 23, 2009 06:42 AM +

Oo, romantic feel.
Strange, it's like evening ends so quickly, yet so many people like it.

Sun Apr 26, 2009 03:44 PM +

Whatever time of day is a good time to:

DANCEE *does the carlton dance*



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