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Written by lahdeedah2 on April 19, 2009
Well, recently I told you about Calvin. Well, it turns out that Calvin's main character got banned. Liam told me that he came on and said his character got banned for no reason.


It was funny.


Well, I'm level 28. I plan to get to level 30 today. It won't be a problem, really.

Well, I was KPQing quite a bit. I hate when I get stuck with the WORST party ever. They do one of these 3 things

1) Don't listen
2) Fight a lot
3) They loot off of you when you try to get your passes.

All three of these had happened to me over the last day. Well, I don't feel like explaining what happened with #1 and #2 because they're normal.

Well, like any normal PQ, I was fighting Ligators, getting passes, and answering the question. I level 28 sin decides to come loot off of me. I kill five ligators, and he loots about 3 passes.

I said, "Dude, what was that for?"

He replied with, "srry."

I let it slip that time. Then I killed some more, and he did it again.

"Stop looting off of me!"


After TWO PQs with this guy, I requested him to be kicked from the party. The party leader agreed with me, and she kicked him. God, sometimes I hate PQs so much. These people make it so annoying.

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April 19, 2009
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January 5, 2013
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March 20, 2009

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Sun Apr 19, 2009 07:57 PM +

I hate it when you call something, say barrel 3 or the Neckis, and then some noob TOTALLY disregards what you said and steals it... ESPECIALLY when noobs take Barrel 3 then are like 'What do I do?" It ticks me off so much!!

Sun Apr 19, 2009 07:58 PM +

-takes Barrel 3-

So...what do I do with Barrel 3?

Do a barrel roll!

Sun Apr 19, 2009 08:02 PM +

I hate how unfriendly the 1st stage is to level 24s and lower. ><

Sun Apr 19, 2009 08:03 PM +

^^ Made it myself ^^

Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:21 AM +



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