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In A Nutshell

Written by Vicelin on April 6, 2009
These are the last couple months of my life, spent mostly away from the internets, in a nutshell.

Got Eva. She likes to eat things that shouldn't be eaten. Teaching her not to eat them only makes her crave them more. I found that same sandal, three days after this picture, torn up in the back yard. That was my favorite pair of sandals.

Three months after getting Eva. Old dog, Shelby, has to be put to sleep. Internal bleeding and neurological degeneration. She was almost 13 years old.

My first ABJD (Asian Ball Jointed Doll-- yea, those hella expensive ones) arrived after two months of waiting. Her name is MiMi, in all her naked, default-black-eyes glory. You would think for the price these dolls are, they would give you a nice pair of eyes. Anyway, my mom was mortified.

I was supposed to be in this concert, damn it. This is my orchestra, the SSO, performing at St. Patricks Cathedral. Me and several others did not make it to the concert due to our bus getting into a pretty bad crash on the highway. We had to go to the hospital for injuries while everyone who was unharmed went on to the concert. It was much the suck.

Went to my first ever doll meet. The doll on the left is the tallest one I've ever seen, 70cm. Not to mention the sexiest xD...I can't imagine how much he cost. Probably three of my paychecks combined.

The first painting I've done in my college painting class that I've actually liked. All the rest suck. My painting class, in general, sucks. I don't like painting. To be frank, I hate it. It costs too much, is too messy, and too hard a medium to control.

MiMi is finally presentable to the public. Bought her eyes, clothing, everything. Still too cold outside to do a face-up. I think, to date, I have spent more than $300 on ABJD. If I would have known how addicting a hobby it would be...nevermind, I still would have done it.

Went on trip to Kentuck Knobb, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in PA. This is the view from the hillside of the house. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just up and move to PA. It's gorgeous up there, unlike Maryland.

Trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's, likely most famous house, Falling Water. You've probably heard of it. It's pretty famous. Angelina Jolie took Brad there for his birthday last year.

Eva, now at 9 months old, and already 80 pounds. Dear lord. And she's getting bigger. I picked out a monster labrador. She's so tall, and long, and...just...built. She still likes to chew things that shouldn't be chewed.

The most recent drawing I've been working on. Lately I've been doing a lot of fantasy-based drawings involving babies being stolen. Anyone got an Freudian-like explanation for that? Should be very, very interesting.

Anyway, that's it D:

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April 6, 2009
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September 10, 2014
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April 3, 2009

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Mon Apr 06, 2009 05:59 AM +


Good job!!

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:02 AM +

That doll gives me the creeps.

Cute dog though!

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:12 AM +

It gave my mom the creeps too. She asked me if it was some form of voodoo Dx

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:13 AM +

Bad dog, interesting hobby. You've been keeping busy.

My last month in a nutshell: Did homework. End.

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:28 AM +

That concert is creepy. Sounds like they're chanting something.

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:32 AM +

Wow awesome drawing.. You got the shading really well done

Mon Apr 06, 2009 07:00 AM +

Froggy, that's because they are chanting. It's the Hail Mary in Polish. It's really, really powerful in concert. I think that Angelus is beautiful D:

The whole concert wasn't creepy, though. We also did Kilar's Vocalise, from the 9th Gate. Which is probably the most beautiful song featuring soprano in the entire world, in my humble opinion D:

Mon Apr 06, 2009 07:01 AM +

Try that again :P

Mon Apr 06, 2009 07:02 AM +

LOL yea. Need to edit that.

EDIT: edited.

Quang: Thanks. Shading with mechanical pencil is a bitch xD

Mon Apr 06, 2009 01:43 PM +

Ahha. Now that I know how much that doll costs I understand why I saw some people freak out and grabbed their torches (It was at night) to survey their dolls when some kids happened to knock them down.

Mon Apr 06, 2009 05:48 PM +

*wonders how the eyes get stuffed into the head* I saw a doll gathering at a coffee house the other time when I was meeting up with advertisers. I was trying not to stare. ^^;
Love the drawing, your dog looks adorable despite the habit, and when I was enjoying that Vocalise vid from your comment, my mum walked past and asked "你在播什么鬼歌啊?" Literally -> "What ghost music are you playing?" =.=

Mon Apr 06, 2009 05:50 PM +


But un-literally, isn't it more like just a derogative term like crazy/weird/strange?

Mon Apr 06, 2009 05:52 PM +

Those ABJDs look pretty crazy. o_____o;

And your dog is adorable. XD

Mon Apr 06, 2009 06:41 PM +

Repty: At the last doll meet that I went to, a lady with very dirty hands went to go pick up one of the dolls on display (the only bad thing about having a doll meet in the food court of a mall), and I think seven of us at once all shouted "NOOO!" at the same time xD...she gave us a nasty look and walked away, but hey, I don't think she knew that she was about to pick up a $600 doll wearing a $80 outfit o_o;

The most expensive doll I've ever seen, actually in front of me, is this one, fully equipt (see those drop down menus? select every option for each of them xD check out THAT price...). My friend was an idiot and spent her college money on it. She insists it was worth it, though. And I actually have to agree with her. That doll is a monthly doll (only available for one month). So in a few months, her price will probably tripple in the market. It's actually a great financial investment, who would have thought? o_o

Silver: the back of the doll's head opens up, usually closed using magnets :3...and yea, the Vocalise is kind of...ghost-like o.o

Mon Apr 06, 2009 07:59 PM +



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