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[Anima] A blog? No wait, just a QoTW.

Written by Anima on April 6, 2009

But enough of that.

Now for a rant on [omnipotent voice]online communities.[/omnipotent voice]

Well, this is really a doozy. I think the first online community I ever joined was Neopets. God damn was that fun. I even went so far as to have my parents fax some form so I could use neofriends or something. Truth be told, never used it. It just made me feel somewhat special. I remember waking up every morning to take my pets to the soup kitchen (I was broke. Always. STFU >l ), doing some daily activities, getting my ass handed to me by the weakest person in the neoarena, all those good things.

It was at this point my friend referred me to MapleStory. Which I played on and off for about 3 years. I enjoyed it so much I even had some videos you YouTube about it. Oh boy, do I remember my first character. It was an assassin, with STRENGTH. Seriously, me being the numbskull I was, hovered my mouse over the box that said attack. The info window said thieves needed strength, so guess what I did xP
After that, I started a new character, the one I still have to date. BlindingNova. Cleric. As of now, and forever will be, 68. During the course of playing this character, I formed quite the formidable group of friends. We were always together, we even went so far as to create guilds for ourselves. You heard me. GuildS. I can name 5 that we went through.

MythDragons (Our first guild, it was fun, lasted awhile.)
PQRangers (I formed this one, we were all into PQing at the time, didn't last too long)
SonicRiderZ (No idea where this name came from. Lasted very long, long enough to warrant me creating a guild video for it.)
NewDawn (Lasted awhile, before it was reformed to make...)
RadiantDawn (Current guild. Allied with some awesome guilds, even does zRuns now.)

Now, I'd like to turn your attention to NewDawn. This was the guild where I met ShiningWings, who directed me to MMOTales. I quickly found a home among many other people like myself. It was fun, always something new. There was RP, blogs, all the good stuff. Hell, there was even a mansion *Points at Dest*

Along the course of the 3 years I played MapleStory, I had many other characters which I drifted too. Most never made it past 32. Also along the course of time, I drifted to many other games, including, but not limited too:

Survival Project (Amazing game. Was shut down, sadly.)
KartRider (Still waiting Nexon....)
GunBound (Fun fun!)
Soldier Front (Played for roughly 2 minutes before realizing just how much of an abomination it was)
Combat Arms (Playing on and off. VERY good shooter, especially considering it's Nexon. Damn.)
GunZ the Duel (Good game, requires WAY too much practice to enjoy. Really, it's either you can pull off all the glitches or you DIE.)
Endless Online (Game created by some independent people, was actually pretty good)
Lunia (Played for quite awhile, reminded me WAY too much of Survival Project.)
MU (Didn't play this for very long before getting fed up. The game was very dark.)

I can't think of anymore, but those aren't in order.

That's really about it.

What do I do now though?

Well, that's an easy one. I "Let's Play". What that means is, I play through games while commentating. My channel on YouTube is []here[/URL]. I rather enjoy doing it. For the most part though, I hang out on Skype with other Let's Players (Read: People who do Let's Plays), participate in some co-op stuff, and hang around forums. Rather fun.

I'm considering playing an MMO again, if anyone knows a DECENT one, please do tell. The only good MMO I've played was Survival Project. And that was AMAZING. It never got old.

Before I go, I have never TOUCHED Failbirds, Failspace, or FaceBook.

Oh, and for the curious, my Skype is BlindingNova. Add me bitches.

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April 6, 2009
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