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It Started with a Neopet.

Written by Gujju on April 5, 2009
I miss that little Shoyru of mine. </3

That is the first online gaming type of community I was ever a part of. It began when I was in the 5th grade, which I think was the year...2002. Sometime around there anyways. I was as obsessed with it as a 10 year old could be. I logged in everyday, took a free omelette, played Meerca Chase, and Hasee Bounce (Which I actually started to play again for the heck of it). The weirdest thing I did on that game was collect stamps. I got help from all my friends and family to get me Neopet stamps. Then I opened up a shop, and you know, the usual Neopet stuff. I stopped when I was in the seventh grade because it was no longer cool. Yeah, I’m such a rebel. -_-

That was the year I discovered MSN. We have been inseparable since <3

Then came the eighth grade, where Hi5 was all the rage. It was like Facebook, I guess. It was the first time I ever put my picture on the internet, and I was scared to death because the news always said how dangerous that was. It was also the first time I realized how creepy people on the internet where.

When I got to high school I discovered the world of MMOs and RPGs and all that jazz. I first started playing Maple in 2005. Then I introduced it to a few of my friends..and the next year and a half of my life where gone before I knew it. I was so tempted to take my dad’s credit card and buy myself some nifty NX stuff. Yep. Maple almost made me a criminal. After an intervention with my friends, and realizing how bad I was doing in school, I quit playing. Best decision I ever made.

And who could ever forget the wonders of MMOT. In around 2006, I joined up. I was intrigued by JesusFreak’s Maple Love Story. And Aura’s tale of something I can’t really remember. And SilSil’s Aurora’s Redemption. I never wrote fan fiction. Lol. I just made stupid blogs about stupid things. And also RP-ed. ALOT. Sigh (Someone start up a nice RP on VuTales. I don’t like using forums for RPs).

That was also when I stated the newest social networking site of Facebook. No longer was I afraid of people seeing my face! *Stares and the 800+ tagged pictures of me. Eyeroll.*

Somehow, Nexon managed to grab hold of me again with the new game of Mabinogi, I started last April right when it came out. This was my kind of game. I didn’t have to kill a bunch of monsters. I could do useless and silly things like part time jobs. It was a nice and easy life, and I played through the summer break. Then the temptation to spend real money on it caught up, and my frugal ways made me wipe the game from my computer.

Then came V.

I <3 V.

And now, here I am. Playing no games, still on Facebook, along with several VuTalers, and blogging about my past. I need a job. </3

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April 5, 2009
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July 20, 2015
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