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The Maplestory Inversion

Tagged as: Maplestory.

Written by darkness on February 9, 2012
For those still out there who still exist on the plane of two dimensions, tacky NX clothing and numbing amounts of 2x+ experience, here's a blog for you.

Even as I have sought to run away, limbs flailing, as far as I could from this godforsaken game, there is some allure to it that I cannot escape. Is it the childlike graphics? The great memories that it retains? The fact that that game was the reason for the diabolical spawn we called MMOTales, and now respectfully/vehemently call VuTales? Who knows.

But let's get to the blog, shall we?

Maplestory has gone WAY off of its tangent of what it was supposed to be, what was envisioned by its first masters. That diversion was probably most pronounced with the introduction of PvP, an aspect of the game that used to be plastered on a billboard page of the site that they would never, ever, EVER implement such a device. Other effects such as the Big Bang and its subsequent successors have also contributed to its cultural downfall. Heck, the motto isn't even "it's your story" anymore; they have one now, and it sure as hell isn't yours.

From what I see, there's something disturbingly loopy about the gameplay of Maplestory as of late. So-called "events" are so synonymous and identical from one event to another; the quests are either to hold X for Y minutes, or to collect Z something-or-other. If anything, events have served to become the new "quests" of Maplestory, whereas the true quests themselves have become nothing but plot fodder.

On the other side of the coin are the ever-present "revamps." It, and concepts like it, reshape Maplestory so violently every month or two. Today, your class might have the most damage output rate; tomorrow they may be at the bottom. You've settled into El Nath to train for how many so levels; the next day Mu Lung is suddenly a much better value. Changes to jobs, to worlds, to maps and to the very controls themselves are so constant, that these time frames between should be more appropriately called events, considering that you only have so much time to play the class or game style to its fullest potential before another update turns the tables.

And security--what a joke! I mean, many games have poor customer service, and many games have poor security protocols. But only in Maplestory do you have the fault of both, resulting in errant bans, massive economic chaos and corruption of those who can get away with it all. Heck, even Runescape, the game that had an absurdly dominating bot problem, rose from the jaws of defeat in what was appropriately dubbed the "bot nuke day."

Nexon, in either its ever-rumored greed or lapse of even basic foresight, does too little, too late. Case in point: in the past month alone, there have been rampant issues with servers, for whatever lag reasons. While I cannot say what is the problem to a dime, I can hypothesize that the issues are likely lost in translation; much of the updates are from its Korean counterpart, including the change in the Silent Crusade line. These login issues have not yet been resolved completely, yet despite these very visible and irritating dilemmas Nexon continued to roll out with its typical monthly updates and scheduled unscheduled maintenances.

Alas, what can we do against an ignorant powerhouse that is Nexon America? It must be good to be a Korean player, oblivious to such glaring bugs, playing freely without the chained constraints of capitalistic extremisms that percolate through every room of every channel of every free market. Alas, c'est la vie. This game is only worth playing in the time that it is only worth playing. They evolve too fast for their own good, evolve faster than the Zerg, evolve faster than the Flood. In the world of fast-paced, high-octane speed, a bit of brakes would do some good.

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February 9, 2012
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Thu Feb 09, 2012 05:05 PM [Edited 3 times ] +

I agree with your statement - MapleStory was supposed to be about your story.
Before, you were a normal person that decided to take up archery, magic, melee combat or a thief-like lifestyle. It was common for you to meet with other people, some like you, and others not so much.
In the present, you are a legendary hero who lost all of their abilities, and you have to work your way up until you regain your power. It's a mood-killer to see thousands of 'legendary heroes' just like you.
The only required quests were the ones that gave you your new abilities, as a reward for your hard training. Now you have to do all of these quests to regain your memory.
With Aran it was okay. It was original in the game, an old legend that comes back to finish what he had not. But now it's all the same. You were a legend in your time, you fought the black mage, you didn't kill him, he freezed you, you come back to life hundreds of years later and realise that you have lost all your powers and that the black mage is still alive.
I my opinion they could have made it better. Instead of making these stupid storylines, it could have gone something like this:

An old legend reappears. He had been gone for a long, long time. You meet him in some caves or some other place far from society. He tells you he has been training for long to kill the black mage, but he had realised it was not his destiny to do it, instead, it was to teach the new people of the maple world how to fight him.
Or maybe he got old and can't fight shit, but still can teach you how to kick ass. The point is that it's still YOUR story. You decide to learn from him. This makes sense when you meet with people that have your same skills, because you all are taught by him. You won't lose that feeling of 'uniqueness' when you encounter someone with the same skills, because his story is a lot different. Each one makes its own story. You can use the skills you earned from the Legend for evil, for good, for nothing.

We have to acknowledge that the frequency of patches and amount of new content introduced is far greater than in the old days. But now they don't let the game 'settle' for a bit. Every patch seems to be game-changing.
I truly wish they had just added more quests, bosses and places and that there wasn't any Black Mage, Cygnus, Resistance or Legends.
They could have added the classes in the class tree. Instead of making a battle mage, let someone become a magician and then a battle mage, as a job advancement.
You could have added everything without it being your destiny or something fixed that you don't want to change. You should be able to be from Ellinia, the forest of wizards, and still be a part of the Resistance, because you believe in freedom. You should be able to be against the resistance, and that way PvP would make more sense.

Regarding Big Bang - they could have made it optional. Label some servers (seriously, half of the servers in the game are dead) as 'casual', for casual players. Apply big bang EXP changes and power there. Those that still wish to go old-style and continue with their normal characters, they are still able to. Some can use it as a test server, i.e., you want to experience how a class is, but you don't want to do it in a hardcore server because it would take too long, and you want to make the right decision for your final character.

Let me rewrite the story of maplestory legends using the script I wrote above.

you encounter an old woman in a weird place. she is very exhausted, and can barely talk. you give her some potions and feels better. she tells you her story, and how her town is sealed and needs to be saved. she promises you that she will teach you her old abilities if you save her town - because she is too old and weak to do it now. in the end, she proclaims you as the new king of the elves, or something.
this story is good as it is. you receive a cannon from a weird guy, a monkey saves your life. you choose to do whatever you want with it.
Demon Slayer-
as a quest from someone in a town you go to a cave to kill some bats that have been bothering people and killing farm animals. you encounter an old man surrounded by bats, you have a discussion (you've been killing his bats, he has been bothering the people of the town). you ask about his powers and he says that he is the only one that remembers the devilish powers of the shadows (or something like that). you ask him to teach you (optional, of course, you can choose not to start the next quest and follow your warrior path), and he tells you that you'll have to defeat him. while in battle, you find that he is very weak, but he his abilities are varied and interesting. he passes out, you take care of him/you wait for him to wake up, and he teaches you. you have to stop any relationship with dances with balrog, and choose this man as your only master.
the fact that you did not stop the bats (he's the one making thems appear) makes it reasonable to meet other people that have tried too to stop the bats problem and finally ended accepting the man as their only savior only master.
a mix of both above.

when you 'decide' to get lessons from a person, you are able to refuse. i see this as a job advancement. you start as a warrior and dances with balrog tells you about the cave of bats because he's too busy to do it himself. it's a quest, you accept it or refuse it.

Fri Feb 10, 2012 01:08 AM [Edited 2 times ] +

Honestly the only reason I play now (don't really even play that much anymore either) is to chat with my friends.
In my opinion, MapleStory has moved from socializing to the typical Zynga Game. If you've played Farmville, Tiny Tower, etc, you know what I mean. You spend hours, and hours, just collecting and hoarding virtual money. When I play private servers, I usually play v83 servers, because it's before the "Zynga" era of MS.

But yeah, I agree that Maplestory has really changed a lot, and I don't like it at all. I met my very best friend through maple (during the "socialization" age), and I kinda wish we could go back to the roots of MS.

Fri Feb 10, 2012 02:32 AM +

greenelf said: When I play private servers, which are usually v83 servers.

I really wanna see the rest of that sentence.

Fri Feb 10, 2012 08:11 PM +

It is very sad. Maple had so much potential. If it wasn't for how useless NEXON is, it would probably be my favourite game of all time.

Sun Feb 12, 2012 01:09 AM +

I got hacked. Fuck dat game.

Mon Feb 13, 2012 06:39 PM [Edited 2 times ] +

Me too! my lv 200 DS was fine last night when I was horntailing... -_-

wtf is going on? it was totally legit too >_> besides, theres hopes for a RB due to that SSS dupe, where hackers are duping secret spell scrolls andputting thme on MTS (100 for ~ 15k NX)

THEN you trade the sss scrolls into the NPC for 10M each. Meso exploit more. roll back pl0x

Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:44 PM +

I really miss Maple...for the last couple of months I've thought about hopping on my old account to check out all the changes, but after reading this I really don't care anymore. It's so sad to see such an amazing game destroyed by a corporation whose only purpose seems to be to exploit it.

Greenelf, I would also love to know what PS you play.

Thu Feb 16, 2012 04:10 PM +




MapleStory is just there. It's there.

MapleStory 2 > MapleStory just because there's a 2.

Fri Feb 17, 2012 03:33 AM +

Vicelin said: I really miss Maple...for the last couple of months I've thought about hopping on my old account to check out all the changes, but after reading this I really don't care anymore. It's so sad to see such an amazing game destroyed by a corporation whose only purpose seems to be to exploit it.

Greenelf, I would also love to know what PS you play.


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