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I'm on the can

Written by DarkDragoon on December 5, 2011
This is where I do my best work.
I'm about to move back to my bed to finish this up, in the meantime.

Back to the bed!

It's been a while since I last blogged, and for good reason. I'm one lazy motherfucker.
Yeah, I'm lazy. What you gon' do? Shoot me? I have enough on my plate as is, no ma' no more mashed potatoes.
Last blog I had was pre-prom, yeah that's actually a pretty swell idea to split my life up pre-prom and after-prom at this point. Pre-prom is dead. The after-prom is the newish me.
Anywho, prom is old hack, but I'll give a basic rundown. So I asked K to the prom, my buddy R set us up since he was going with K's twin sister S. Anywho, she said yes and we were going to have a whole double thingummy and whatnot. Then, R has to cancel on the last minute cause his Robotics team coach guilt tripped his mom and shit. Long story short, R didn't go to prom, so I basically had a set of twins to myself, wowza. Nah, I ain't that kind of guy, I didn't move in on S, well I barely knew K but I kept her the main girl. Anywho, that's what started my cockamamy summer.

So, after that we went our separate ways, I pretty much fell for K at the dance, gawd she was gorgeous I'll tell you that. Anyways, during the summer I got my Open Water Diver certification. I can now rent air tanks, and I am certified to dive to depths of 60 feet under water. Cool shit yo, besides the lake where I did my qualifying dives, muddy as fuck. Couldn't see two feet in front of me. Anywho, I'm a certified SCUBA diver now, wahoo! I went diving once in Cancun and loved it, now I'm craving Australia.
I have high hopes and dreams, you know I could push Australia off if I had the girl.
But I don't have the girl, or at least in my eyes.
I mean, at school we're pretty much seen as an item, just as R and S are, but I mean the way she acts, god it pisses me off sometimes. Well first off, at school she's the shyest creature around, quiet and a bit airheaded actually. Get her out of school, away from the people she knows and she flips a switch. She's still a bit airheaded, but she can have a mean streak a mile wide. And I still like her all the same, even if she is frustrating. Sometimes, I should say most of the time but it's going down, she acts kind of distant, uncaring(?) not really uncaring but it doesn't feel like she eyes me in the same way I see her. Other times though, she's as forward as she could be, a tiny bit touchy, but not too much(just enough). And that side's increasing its appearances. I may have the patience of a saint, but it's god damn getting to me. Yesterday we had a double date thing through the mall, and I could not just get to her. Call it male incompetence, but she just had this air about her that screamed "I'm just not that in to you." The same girl who at a previous outing kicked out 3 girls of their seats at the movies so I'd be sitting next to her. Yeah, that girl. Fucking women.
I love her to bits, but she just...eurgh it's getting to me. I'm trying to be patient, giving her space when needed, but I just want to be with her more and more. I'm even spouting mushy bullshit like the following,

The minutes are hours without you, but the hours are minutes with you.

God dammit, I'm turning into a sap. What really pisses me off I guess is that I just can't read her like I can with other girls. I mean, the others when they want something they go for it. Her? It comes and goes so easily, it's really starting to flare up some of my own insecurities. I'm going to end this trainwreck of a thought here and move on to other things.

So, I've been changing my looks and style I suppose. I cut my hair, the lion's mane has been sheared hawhawhaw. Naw, I really do like it short now, it's easy to take care of and easy to wear. I know I've pulled a few looks after my haircut that I didn't get before. Yowza. I'm moving onto a new bit of style I guess, I actually started shopping for my own clothes. I just spent 35 bucks at Express for two shirts, and I have no complaints. The way those shirts fit me, and the quality oh my gawd. To die for. I ordered a pair of slim fit chinos online for the cyber monday sale. 41 bucks with free shipping ain't a bad deal, no? Got my skinnier darker jeans as well, and I'm deadset on getting a set of slim/skinny raw denims. Going to wear those babies for 6 months then bam! Finally wash dem hoes. Gonna be sexy.
I also started hanging out with new people. I've kind of grown tired of hanging out with the same set of Asian super achievers that I've been hanging out with for the last 4-5 years, and I expanded. I started hanging out with my new Mexican buddy R, same one who set me up with K. He's a damn great guy, pretty much my best friend at the moment. He spoils me like shit because I drive him around places in my car. His fashion sense is a bit wack, hair spiked up straight with blond highlights and a pure hollister wardrobe, seriously? Otherwise he's one dandy sonuvagun.
That about ends it I guess, I got a new pair of shoes, some black canvas on white bottom vans slip ons. Comfy and simple, how I like it.

Oh yeah, I got my license, yayifications. Got a little white civic, named Susie; it's not really mine, but it's almost mine. I just gotta ask my pops to let me borrow it and 95% of the time it's mine when I ask. I've been driving around a lot: going out,having fun. Basically recapping 3 years of lost high school fun in my senior year. It's great fun since I really only have three classes this year. AP English Lit, AP US Gov, and Art-1. Needed my fine arts credit, so I'm in the freshman art class. It's not too much fun, but it's manageable.

Time for another song.

Anywho, I think it's been 40 minutes in and I'm pushing 1.1k words. Good progress if you ask me.
So, I'm a senior in High School now and that means college applications, cue shitty generic dramatic tune.
I have a bad habit of using yeah, need to stop that before I get called a faggot latter on.
OK, so I sent in three of my applications so far. Early actions for uChicago, MIT, and then sent in my safety school UT. I get my decisions for uChicago and MIT in two weeks time now, and I'm positively freaking out. I visited Chicago in the summer to visit the uChicago campus and I absolutely fell in love. There's not a city in the world that can hold a stick to Chicago in my opinion. It's beautiful, it's the dream city from my days of rural Theodore, Alabama. uChicago, is also my dream school at the same time. Anyways, I also submitted my application to MIT because it's non-binding early action, so better to get it done with early. UT, I'm in the top 9% of my graduating class, so I get automatic admission. However, I really don't care much for going there, bleh campus. I'm also going to send in applications for Columbia, Harvard, UNC Chapel Hill, and Michigan. Well, that's if I get a rejection from Chicago or MIT. if I get the acceptance from either one I will basically just stop working on all my other applications and just laze about for half a year until I go to college. I'm not joking, well besides lazing about.
I got myself all in a tizzy over college stuff, wouldn't mind someone to be there for me, like a certain female-coughcough- god dammit, not going there.

Well, I wrote myself out, and it felt good. I might do this more, I might not I dunno.
All depends on how lazy I get in the next few months, however, I will be doing a blog over the results of my college applications. Expect that one either in two to three weeks, or if in the case of rejection three monthsish.
Man, it feels good to blog again, just gotta say it again.
Well, until next time. Cya all.

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December 5, 2011
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November 21, 2014
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Mon Dec 05, 2011 09:13 PM +

Nah, mushy bullcrap isn't sappy. I mean, look at me...


Well, you seem to be well off academically, at least.

Tue Dec 06, 2011 02:13 AM +

darkness said: Nah, mushy bullcrap isn't sappy. I mean, look at me...


Well, you seem to be well off academically, at least.

It's ok, they have people for that


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