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Oh God, I forgot about this place.

Tagged as: i, so, sowwy.

Written by True13lue on November 18, 2011

Forgiiive meeee. D:

Hello, everybody!

I will honestly say that I have forgotten about this place for the time being. I moved twice since my last blog and have been busy playing all sorts of games to remember. Namely Skyrim. That game kicks ass. Got it on release day because I pre-ordered. Stood in line for like 3 hours. So worth it.

Anyway, I live in my own apartment now. Well...more like a room but no roommates. So that's great. I'm hoping that I can upgrade to a bigger place with a bathroom next month. Yeah the room I have no has no bathroom. I have to share a bathroom with other tennants. Sometimes it gets messy...

I have internet in my room and I like it. It's really quaint. All utilities included so it's freakin' sweet. Only problem is that my neighbor is some loud obnoxious hispanic guy who likes to listen to his very loud radio late at night when everyone is trying to sleep instead of during the day when people can tolerate it and likes to have visitors over past 11 at night.
It's still a nice room and I like it. People generally keep to themselves and it's quiet for the most part. They are pretty gross though...the way they leave the bathroom sometimes all a disgusting mess.

Well enough of that...I've been playing Skyrim. It's such a wonderful game. I've decided to play as a tall statuesque Nord. My complete opposite, lololol. Ya know....since I'm short, dark and ugly. I named her Witherfang, after the wolf lady from Dragon Age because my Nord is a mysterious woman with a dark and traumatic past. Through means yet unknown, she became a werewolf and now she travels the snowy lands of Skyrim, helping those in need and trusting in the sharpness of her blade while fighting a sinister group with whom she's connected with in some way.

Ah, the joys of roleplaying.

Being a werewolf has it's perks. You gain a health boost, speed, and faster attack speed, damage output and you have a howl that forces opponents up to level 25 run away from you for 30 seconds I think or 60. However you can't block, get well rested bonuses, access your menus, and no health regen. You have to feed on dead people to extend your beast form longer and each person you eat get you 50 points of health back and silver weapons do double damage on you. You can only go beast once a day but there's an item you can obtain from a quest that let's you turn twice a day. I find it's a form useful to take when you are outnumbered as opposed to fighting a dragon. Dragons aren't affected by the howl and you can't eat a dragon. No health regen means you can't recover while fighting the dragon and that can be fatal to you, especially if the dragon chooses to use breath attacks on you without shifting to ground combat which is the only way you'd be able to land hits. When you're outnumbered by enemies however, it's wonderful to transform. The howl makes it easy to pick off people one by one since everyone is too busy running away from you to attack, although if you're fighting enemies that are leveled higher than 25, the howl won't work on them but you can get a different howl from somewhere. I forget. You can eat those you kill to extend your beast form time and recover any health you lose and the werewolf's charged claw strikes can knock an opponent away like a ragdoll. Beast form is useful if you want to quickly clear dungeons without wasting any time. To quickly snap out of beast form, just wait an hour by pressing select and you'll return to normal. You'll have to equip all your gear again though and make sure to loot the bodies when your turn back because you can't do it when you're a werewolf. Don't worry about if you're still damaged when you turn back, your health will begin regenerating once in human form again.

It's a whole lot of fun. Sometimes I go beast to kill a dragon, but only if it's weak enough where I don't have to worry about my health. Or I transform to deal with boss characters. Make sure that when you transform, that you get somewhere where enemies can't get to you, because they can damage you while you're in the process of turning. Turning infront of an NPC puts a bounty on you automatically and makes people attack you, so be wise about where you want to turn too. But if you turn while no one is watching and commit crimes, they won't be held against your character since no one will know that the werewolf that just massacred the whole town was you.

I'll play through the whole game as a werewolf. It's fun and people make funny comments at you. There is a cure for it though if you don't want to be a werewolf. Be warned though that if you become a werewolf, you can never become a vampire and if you're a vampire and you become a werewolf, your vampirism will be replaced with werewolf...ism. o_O; Also, once cured of the beasts blood, you'll never be able to become a vampire. So if you want to play as a vampire, avoid the questline that turns you into a werewolf entirely. If you already became a werewolf but wanted to be a vampire...well're fucked.

Hope ya'll are enjoying Skyrim as much as I am.

'Till next time?


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November 18, 2011
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April 5, 2012
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August 21, 2009

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Fri Nov 18, 2011 09:37 PM +

So, you're essentially the town killer. Sounds fun, if not a little gruesome.

Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:19 PM +

How could you forget ;_;

Wed Nov 23, 2011 03:59 AM +

Lycanthropy is awesome. You lose the benefit of "restful sleep" for disease resistance and a fucking transformation.


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