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Written by Pirkid on October 3, 2011


Eating my sister's leftover cake, and watching Castle.
You see this woman?

And this guy?

This is why I watch Castle.


I decided that since it's my birthday in about an hour and I have been incognito for a few months, I'll do a run-by blog as time goes by during the day. Hopefully this doesn't get too depressing.
I've recently got back into school (I'll talk more about that later) and it's been a blast having a social life again. Even though I'm home most nights, I get to hang out with my guys at school and that's always fun.
And then occasionally I'll be in Bolton partying in some dude's house, getting toothpaste on my face and singing Adele to my drink.

It's nice to be out and about again, and even though the start-up is a little slow, I'm getting there.

The next step is to hang out with the elusive Sneha Patel.


Quit from a TF2 session so that my mom and sister don't see me yelling at teammates when they wake up. I've been trying to demod Fallout: New Vegas because somehow, all the women in said game got exponentially large breasts and it's breaking their skin texture. They are litterally stretching out to their stomachs and their arms are visibly shorter.

Also, a bunch of problems with pop-in textures and stuff. But mostly the breast thing.

NSFW: Like this but way worse.

Anyways, I'm on MSN now and I'll reupdate this throughout the day. Cheers.


I'm officially 20!

I can't blame my stupidity on being a teenager anymore!

I have taxes!

Next year, I'ma go to Vegas.

Anyways, my mom got me a varsity jacket a desperately needed, and my sister got me a nice shirt. My dad said he'll get me something tonight, I think he just forgot, but it's okay.

I was actually pretty bleh about the entire thing during this week, but now I'm thinking, "Hey, I'm an adult, and I can learn to appreciate the small things in life."

All in all, a good midnight. I think I might hop onto Steam for a bit before I have to wake up for school tommorow.

Here, have some cake:


Yes, I am up. Currently playing Minecraft and Pokemon at the same time. Boo-yah.

I feel like sleeping today would be a waste of time, and I have to wake up in about 3 hours, so blah to that.

Does anyone else still play Minecraft? I rgot back into it once 1.8 was official and I love it but it gets boring when you are alone. There's a Kingdom of the Sky map I'd love to try with you guys.

Also, I'm doing a Nuzlocke run in Pokemon. It's pretty brutal (I'll go into more details later if you don't know what that is) but I'm using Pokemon I would have never used before so it's quite enriching.

See you in a few hours.


blegh wake up blegh blankets e'erywhere gahsafad


I missed my train. My class is at 10 and the next train is at 9:20, so I have no choice but to buckle down and play some Pokemon.

I'm doing what's called a Nuzlocke Run. Basically, you start a new game, and there are a fwe rules:
If a Pokemon faints, they are dead, and must be released/put into graveyard. No exceptions.
You must nickname all your Pokemon.
The first Pokemon you encounter in a new area is the only one you are allowed to catch in said area. If it faints, tough luck.

Then I added some extra rules to make it more challenging:
No healing outside of battle, excluding Pokemon Centers.
A maximum of 5 Pokemon Center uses per town.
Battle Style: Set

It's quite challenging, as I said. You tend to feel for your Pokemon a lot more, and when one of mine dies, I shake a little. It's unnerving.




Got a few happy birthdays from friends. Sitting in the dungeon common area playing Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, which, in my opinion, is the best one in the series.

Gameplay Video

The plot takes a very dark turn and exposes you somewhat to the horrors of an apocalypse and warfare. I love it.
I'm actually basing a story around it (that has been a WIP for about a year now) and it's going well. It surrounds our Moonlight Bay RP storyline.

Remember that? Moonlight Bay. Those were the times.


Working out an "explosive run" with my friend, which means doing chest, arms and shoulder withing 50 minutes. Everything hurts, but it feels so good.
I got back to the dungeon and my friend got a bunch of randoms to sing happy birthday to me. That was pretty awesome. That guy knows a lot of people so I should really hang out with him more. Extend my network.

With my recent excursion out of school, I lost a lot of "acquaintances" over the years. I feel like it's pretty important to have a nice list of people you just 'know' because not only does that get your name out there, but you actively become more social and that naturally leads to a healthier lifestyle because you start to look out for yourself.

A lot of my "seduction game" has been toned down recently; I just haven't been in the mood. There's a girl I know that would probably be DTF but she's kind of a slut and I'd feel dirty about touching that again. I'm 20 now, I have to have some standards.


Home now. Making some mac and cheese.
I'll get a pic later for you hungry folk.




I called the Red Lobster ahead of time to make sure that they have the Endless Shrimp.

FOR $20.


I am so excite :D

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October 3, 2011
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Mon Oct 03, 2011 05:16 AM +

I am not elusive.


Mon Oct 03, 2011 05:44 AM +

That woman is hot stuff.

Mon Oct 03, 2011 01:11 PM +

I play minecraft!

Thu Oct 06, 2011 06:43 AM +

Fking Advance Wars is THE SHIT.

Thu Oct 06, 2011 04:17 PM +

Eww Red Lobster. Their clam chowder is surprisingly good though.


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