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So.....yeah. Work sucks.

Written by True13lue on June 19, 2011

Hope your summer is going all right and for those of you still stuck on finals and exams...

Na na na boo boo~! You're still doing finals! Na na na na boo boo~! The rest of us aren't!

But we're still working pretty Goddamn hard, I'd say. If it isn't school work and studying, it's some other shit.

A few updates? Suuuuure! :D

Well I'm still working at the hospital. I still like it there. I had my own space and everything. But then my two coworkers who were in another office suddenly decided they wanted to move into the office I worked in along with my OTHER two coworkers. Making the grand total of people in the office I work in 5, including me. Suddenly got pretty fucking cramped in there. :/ And I kinda really fucking hate itam a little annoyed by this.
I had my own space. I worked in quiet bliss. Had my own little wall with some stuff on it that I hung up. Then this stupid red-headed broad comes in and takes my spot. They take down all my stuff and just shove me to the side. And the thing is, they stick me directly in the middle of the whole fucking place. In the middle. There. All out of place. Like I shouldn't be there.
At first I didn't have a problem with it since I thought I would still have my little area there, you know? But they just literally kick me out and stick me there. I have no wall or anything. Just a desk. There awkwardly smack in the middle. And it pisses me the fuck off because they could have moved and everything BEFORE I started working there but noooooo! They decided that they want to move AFTER I start working there and AFTER I get nice and cozy. Of course they asked me if I had a problem with it and of course, I said no, since I didn't want any bad blood in my work place, but I'm still more than a little fucking peeved that they decided to go through with everything with complete disregard about how I would feel being thrown in the middle of a cramped office while a bunch of stupid middle-aged women who ALWAYS HAVE THE AIR CONDITIONER ON because they have hot flashes like every 5 goddamn seconds, sit around and chat around me like I'm some invisible fucking wall.

*Gasping for air*
Bah! It's not like I have a choice anyway. It's either I have to put up with this and force myself to get used to it, or move in the office those women used to work in. With the creepy accountant guy all the way at the other end of the fucking hallway and I would have to walk back and forth constantly to get forms and get work done.
Jesus Christ in a sunday hat.
UUUUUUGH! I liked working there but not so much now. Especially since I have to tolerate those old hags...and being there in the middle. Forever out of place and forever lying to myself about how fucking pissed off I am about my situation. I can't sneak in here anymore from work since now I have a set of eyes watching me from every fucking direction in there. So...I guess I'll be here less?
Ooooh. Fuck. My Life.

Okay that about wraps up the work update. Now for home?

I finished tidying up the room I rented in this house. I live out in the boonies in a place called Dedham. Lol, Dead. Ham. Ewwww. Anyway, I try to keep the room as neat as possible, but as always, my boyfriend loves to throw shit around and leave it there, hoping that someone else will take care of it and he's always saying he'll take care of it later, to which he never does. He may complain a lot about his family's disgusting habit of not cleaning up after themselves and how he's different from them, but in reality, he's really not all that different from them at all. It's such a hassle because I always clean after myself and I prefer things to be neat and tidy. He claims he likes it like that too, but ultimately, he fails at keeping things clean. Every day I come home from work to find empty water bottles, wrappers from candy and junk food, plates (sometimes with food in them), cups, his pants, socks, and sneakers all laying around somewhere in the room and when I tell him about it, he always says how much of a ball buster I am. Which isn't true! ...I think. *Sad face* Am I? D:
He couldn't sleep still if his life depended on it either. He'll toss and turn around and he's a bed and sheet hogger. When we wake up, half of the sheet that covered my mattress would be pulled out and I keep telling him to fix it because I hated seeing it like that but he ALWAYS puts it off and I ALWAYS end up cleaning after him in the end which annoys the hell out of me. He's got arms and legs and a working brain (I think). He can clean after himself. He doesn't need me to baby him and constantly remind him about it. Sometimes I wonder. Men complain about how we ball bust and nag and annoy them. Well maybe if they fucking picked up after themselves and lightened our workload, we'd never even have to open our mouths to them unless we're giving them a blow job. Then everybody wins. Feh! >:/ *Spits on ground*

And now for what the blog is really actually supposed to be about...

No seriously, I just went waay off track since I just sort went on some angry rant there. Eh heh...
WELLLL, my commute to work has changed. I have to take a half and hour walk to the bus stop. Take the bus to the station and then take the shuttle bus to the hospital. That's like... a full almost 3 hour commute to work. And it's summer. So the walks are a lot more unbearable. I smell like a combo of nasty sweaty armpit and perfume and my clothes are soaked in sweat by the time I get to work. It's really a pain. On friday, I decided to dress nice since hey, it was friday and I was in a a good mood. I got some action last night, I was getting paid, and I didn't hear a word from my mom about giving her money. So I was all smiles. I put on these shoes I had gotten a while back but never really wore all that much. I forgot why. On my long walk to the bus stop, I started painfully remembering why I stopped wearing them. First off, it was balls hot outside and the shoes are made of leather I think or at least some cheap knockoff of leather. Pleather maybe? I get to work and take off my shoes because they were in so much pain and realize that I had a whole bunch of blisters and burns on my feet from the pleather rubbing up against my sensetive skin. You know when you get burned really bad and a small bubble forms up full of fluid where the burns are? Well I had those. All over the edges of my feet except the heels. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk AND I didn't bring a pair of flip flops with me to work so I had to walk around barefoot for all of my coworkers to see my horrible disfigured feet. Good thing my boss was out that day. I ended up having to put bandages all over my feet where the burns were. When I got home later that day, I had to pop them all with a needle and drain them or else they would get infected. God, it hurt.

So fast forward to when I get out of work. I get on the shuttle bus. I work in a hospital where the majority of the patients there have mental problems. Well one said mentally challenged man got on the bus and sat behind me. I put on my headphones and blissfully listened to my really loud music, of course, oblivious to everything around me. The bus gets going and everything is normal until I notice this lady on the buss totally yelling at the guy behind me all disgusted like. So naturally out of curiosity, I turn around to see what was the deal and well let's just say I got more than I bargained for. Apparently, this mentally challenged man thought: "Oh, well this is the perfect time for me to whip out my shlong and start pleasure smacking it while I'm sitting here on this bus while there are people also riding in this bus with me."
Ah, but it's not as funny since the guy is actually mentally challenged. So meh.
Simply put, some guy I don't know was masturbating in a very angry fashion to my image while he sat directly behind me on the shuttle bus. The driver called the cops and everyone had to leave the bus. I call my boyfriend to tell him what just happened. His response? "Babe, there's probably someone masturbating to your picture or even mine on some website somewhere and there's nothing we can do about it."
Rofl. What the fuck.
So I ask him to pick me up from where the shuttle bus stopped. He said he was on his way. I sit there and wait....then I wait some more...and even more. It's like 5 in the afternoon. I get a call from my boyfriend.
"Hey, how're you doing? Just wanted to say that I'm on my way right now."

" I've been waiting here for 2 hours and you haven't even left yet."
"'re a fucking moron."
Okay so I didn't say the last part, but I sure as hell wanted to really bad. xD

Mind you I had a bad day. Spilled coffee on my dress shirt, got horrible blisters to the point where it was a chore to walk, got stuck on a bus with an angry masturbator. I just wanted to go home. I didn't even care that I got paid. I just wanted to go home. I was annoyed but my boyfriend wasn't the one driving. It was his brother-in-law/our roommate who was driving and things just kept popping up apparently while they were "trying" to get me. I figured there was no point in being mad. As long as I got to go home. Got home, played some Phantasy Star Portable 2 online and then went to sleep.

There's a lot more shit that happened but I guess that's a blog for another day. I just got back from a father's day cook out that my family had and I brought a bunch of food for my roommates and my boytoy. I got my new Gamerinformer and plan on sitting on my ass and reading it while stuffing my face like some fat bitch. (Ooooh fuck, Darksiders 2 is coming out, holy dicks 'n shits.)
Just wanted to give you guys a blog about what's been happening.
I might do some reviews on some PSP games I've been playing like Persona Portable 3 and Phantasy Star Portable (the first one) and Lord Of Arcana.

If you've read the whole blog word for word without giving up or taking a break because the blog actually interested you, well then balls to you.

'Till next time!

~ Jaz

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June 19, 2011
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Sun Jun 19, 2011 03:03 AM +

You should give more warnings when you describe things like your feet

Sun Jun 19, 2011 04:30 AM +

My mom's like that too, doesn't leave until like an hour after she told you she was leaving..
My dealer's like that too sometimes.

I hate waiting :(

Sun Jun 19, 2011 03:08 PM +

Angry masturbator...?

Mon Jun 20, 2011 01:41 AM +

that whole jerk off on the bus reminds me of the dave chappelle bit about taking public transit


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