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A Tactless Tactical Mission

Tagged as: phantasy, star, portable, 2, online, multiplayer, tactical, mission.

Written by True13lue on June 10, 2011

And there we all stood, weapons ready, gazes fixed forward.

With my double saber in hand, I looked around at my comrades. Justin, who was a beast like myself, Nao, a gentle blue CAST, and Seifer Xin, a ready and willing human. The gate lay before us. I took out my rod and buffed my party before asking everyone if they were ready. They all gave the ok.

"Let's do it," said Justin. "This time we won't fail."

We had already failed 3 times before this attempt. I was determined myself to complete this challenge.
We all looked at the mission briefing.

"Please help me! My grandfather is sick with a deadly disease. We have run out of medicine for him. Find me 3 precious monster eggs. They are legendary for being rich in nutrients. Please be careful."

Our mission was to find 3 precious eggs in under 30 minutes. But it wasn't any ordinary mission. We needed a strategy to get through and teamwork. I was made leader since I was the strongest. I led everyone to the gate as the countdown started. As soon as the word "GO!" hit the screen, I was off like a rocket and my comrades scattered to their respective positions. Seifer ran off on his own to the switch at the bottom that would open the gate and lead us through. He stayed there while the rest of us fought our way through monsters determined to end us. After dispatching a few foes, I ran over to another switch and pressed the button, keeping the gate unlocked, letting Seifer through so that he could join us while the rest conituned to fight. A few minutes had already elapsed. We seemed to be making good time. But just then, the doors leading forward opened, but it was boobie-trapped! Guns fired high powered lasers at us, nearing knocking us all out. We retreated for now.

"Anyone got a set of guns?" I asked. I looked around in anticipation. Justin shook his head at me.
"Nah, I don't have one."
"We can't go on unless those turrets are taken out," I warned.

Seifer stood there for a moment. He must have been searching through his inventory. At last he had found what he needed. He pulled out a set of dual handguns. "I'll take care of it," he said as he stood infront of the door, carefully aiming. He shot down the turrets. As soon as the coast was clear, we all ran forward like the wind. We lost a lot of time because of that. Now we had to make it up.

"Follow the blue arrows!" I commanded, and they followed loyally.
"Yes ma'am!" Justin roared and plowed ahead. 20 minutes left now and we hadn't even gotten our first egg. Nao had fought with everything, but she was much weaker than then the rest at a mere level 17. I struggled to protect her as best as I could, since our last failed attempt was because she had been killed.

We fought through hoards and hoards of enemies. The moment my blast guage filled, I activated my nanoblast, turning into a large silver beast and mowing down as many enemies as I could. Shortly after I nanoblasted, Justin followed suite and we teamed up to get rid of hundreds of our foes. At last we finally found our first egg. We took it and moved on without hesitation. 15 minutes left. 2 more eggs to go.

In haste, we entered the second area and started attacking all the enemies we could find. I broke away in order to find a switch to open the way. My comrades raced forward but it ended up being another trap. Two gates closed infront of them and behind them and they were trapped with enemies. I was locked outside, powerless to help them, but I wasn't worried. They were strong and perfectly capable of taking everyone out. As soon as they finished, the gate opened and I passed through. Another hoard of enemies waited for us at the end. But they were different. Larger, stronger. The towering 4-legged monsters came charging at us, knocking me and most of my party down, but we survived. We got to our feet and charged the creatures.

"Charrrrrrrrge!" Justin yelled but was promptly knocked back down. I got scared because his health was nearly gone.

"I'll help!" Nao said and rushed in, despite her low level, to heal him. In desperation, I tried to distract the hulking beasts to buy her time and it worked. I nanoblasted and took care of them with ease because of my large attack radius. I was able to take them both out at once. The second egg appeared before us once they were killed. We snatched it and moved on. 10 minutes left. Just 1 egg was all the remained.

This was it, the last area.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" I thought as I fought and fought and fought. We fought with everything we had. No stone was left untouched. We spammed Photon Arts to kill eneimes faster. We came to another locked gate. I ran back to stand on the switch to let them in. Nao rushed through, in haste, but she ran directly into a trap. The gate closed behind her. I ran to catch up, but realized that we had all been locked out, trapping Nao inside with monsters much higher leveled than her inside. We were all forced to watch as she helplessly ran around in circles to avoid death. Seifer laughed in amusement at our predicament. But me and Justin expressed frustration.

"How the hell?" I said, even more annoyed that I didn't have any ranged weapons.
"Fuuuuuuuck. :/" Justin cursed.
Seifer pulled out his guns, but they were very weak. But it was all we had.
"Lure the monsters over here!" I shouted. Nao tried her best. We were able to take out most of the creatures when she lured them to us. For minutes we stood there, unable to do a thing, Seifer trying as hard as he could to shoot at the enemy. Just then I remembered.

"Holy shit, I'm such a fucking idiot," I thought. I quickly pulled out my rod and linked a long range spell to it. As Nao ran around, the monster following her, I struggled to shoot the beams of electricity at the monster. Eventually, I killed it and we moved on. Only 5 minutes left. So much time wasted...

"Omg, are we gonna fail again?" Seifer said as he fought.
"I don't know," I replied.
"We better not," Justin angrily said.
"Well, stop yapping then and fight!" I cried.

We were almost there. More large monsters waited for us. It was the home stretch. We were inside this small room where we had to fight large monsters. Me and Justin nanoblasted together and fought with all we had. We were so desperate to finish that we began attacking with reckless abandon. 10 seconds left. Me and Justin were all over the place, going as fast as we could, doing whatever we could to kill the enemy as fast as possible while Seifer activated his Mirage blast and Nao used her SUV weapon. 5 seconds left. The last of the enemies were gone. The egg appeared in the center. I was still in my nanoblast form, but I was the fastest. I rushed over with light speed. 2 seconds left. I dove forward and took the egg in my hands and the timer stopped at 1 second remaining. The words "Mission completed!" appeared on the screen. We finished the misson with a C rank, but we did it nonetheless.

We all cheered in happiness! Finally we had finished.

"Jesus Christ, we did it," I said, slumping to the floor in exhaustion.
"About damn time," Justin told us.

We all scattered, collecting our rewards and then we left. After exchanging partner cards, we all said our farewells and parted ways. Until we would meet again for another mission.

This was just a retelling of a mission I did with some people in Phantasy Star Portable 2 online multiplayer. I was hardcore, it was fun. I loved it and I want to do it again. Next time, at higher levels.

I'm a level 55 female beast.
Justin was a level 50 male beast.
Seifer Xin was a level 45 male human.
Nao was a level 17 female CAST.

Maybe I'll run into them again. Real friendly lot.

'Till next time.


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June 10, 2011
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Fri Jun 10, 2011 07:37 PM [Edited once ] +

Got your PSP working again, I see

Mon Jun 13, 2011 02:39 PM [Edited once ] +

greenelf said: Got your PSP working again, I see

Yeah. Turns out that it was the router giving me a hard time and not my PSP, so I just got a new router and now it works fine.


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