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brain fail

Written by Wolfboy183 on February 17, 2011
My brain is full of FAIL

I hate my brain, it's completely useless sometimes. I get days where I can't think, not even enough to log on WoW and farm ore. Last night, I started the tutorial in League of Legends. It seems easy enough. However, halfway through the tutorial mission, my brain shut off and i just walked away from my computer and tried to sleep. Btw my summoner name is Wolfboy184, NOT '...183.

Geography or Minecraft?
Ok, I had a midterm exam today and up until then my brain refused to process anything i read in my notebook or textbook. Guess what my brain wanted to learn about?

Seriously, I took a break from trying to memorize geography and looked up Minecraft Wiki and i felt the zombie seed in my brain saying

Go back to textbook

Minecraft wiki:
"Oh, so THAT'S how you make TNT. Those explody-zombies will PAY"

So I got up and went to class and during the exam, oh ### it was full of fail.
I looked at all the questions and I was like
"oh shit.... I don't know these. I'm gonna have to make shit up and make it look like I know this craaaaap. SO in the essay question, I used the Roman Empire and the colonization of North America to explain globalisation. It's the same thing, really, but just in North America. People dominated and assimilated, their culture absorbed or destroyed, their economy absorbed into White Man's economy and they become minority unskilled workers while the USA and Canada are established around them, and the railways and roads cut through their land.

I WAS attempted to Alex Jones it and just use a conspiracy theory of world prison to answer the question but then I was like "....naaah, she'll probably kick me out of the course."

So I painstakingly scraped the insides of my skull for something i knew or could make up and i managed to finish the test.

I''m expecting 50% at least . iFail.

I built a house out of dirt, just to hide from the spiders and zombies, then hid for the night. Went out in the morning and HOLYSHIPSHITFUCK 5 spiders and 3 zombies came at me!~
and I died. Spent 20 minutes looking for the place I built then was like 'fuck it' and just grabbed a bunch of dirt and started making a dirt block staircase all the way up to the clouds. Fell off it at least 3 times and died, but still came back. I started building a floating island on the top, fell off then died, then my guild boss, who owns the server and reset it.

Still it was fun. but me being so full of fail needed a list of recipes, because i had no idea what else to make :P (yes, i made the workbench and the furnace)

New Version
Still getting used to it. I managed to click 'BLOG' this time :P
Good work, tho Vusys

I better go before the students waiting in line for the computers to to actual work come and kill me -.-

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February 17, 2011
Submitted on

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August 25, 2017
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March 30, 2009

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Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:50 AM +

rofl is till dont wannt to play minecraft

Sat Feb 19, 2011 06:51 AM +

Minecraft is awesome. I made a floating island. I'll post some pix l8er.


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