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first laugh in ...4 months

Written by Wolfboy183 on February 11, 2011
LOL, literally
I actually laughed, like really laughed my ass off to the point I was in tears for the first time since I think October. All thanks to Epic Rage Fat Guy and Scary Snowman on Youtube. Not even Nostalgia Critic nor Epic Meal Time made me laugh as hard as the preceding two :P
And come to think of it... I needed that. I actually feel a lot better now and hopefully will at least until I get home.

I was trying not to laugh out loud because im at the library at my school. Bunch of people looked at me and this one girl started laughing just because of me :P
It was great. These videos? One is by this guy named ReverendBurn. I click video, video plays.

*sees fat guy, thinks "Oh jeez, another fattie complaining about his broken xbox360"


*laughing my ass off already. What? He sounded like a frigging MURLOC!!!!

And Scary Snowman was just as epic. Sad thing is these videos get you laughing hard only once, and a chuckle the second time after :(

Another employment scam is luring people to their "landscaping" company like a pedophile lures kids to his van. I'm in the library on the computer minding my own buisiness and this guy comes literally out of nowhere, as if he spawned right next to me. I look and suddenly I see him talking to me and shoving his "buisness" card in my face and telling me to go online and sign up. I was still groggy and half asleep from the 2+ hour bus ride here from home, so I'm just like "Meh," and he's all like, dude, sign up and click the color of the card so they know I'm working.
Guy doesn't go away
"Fine!" Alt tab out of the shortfic I'm trying to make, and sign up on the "company" website. Finally he goes away and harasses somone else.

Then all week I get spammed with emails and phone calls from Toronto. I accidentally pick up on one and it's some guy saying "Dude, this is the opportunity of a life time. Where else are you gonna make $150 a day?? go to the job fair at 7pm in some warehouse in the part of town where there's no bus routes."

I say 'Sure' and hang up, then googled these fuckers and came up with this:

Ripoff Report 441253: Spring Masters Canada

I KNEW IT! I was already suspicious before, I mean, some guy posing as a student gets in my face with his stupid card, and I get spammed with phone calls and emails all week being urged to go to their stupid meeting. Let's see.... work 12+ hours a day, do door to door sales offering to mow lawns, aerate houses, wash windows, haul a 60 lb. aerating machine around the middle of nowhere, demand a redicilous price for a service averaging $25, get charged fees for fuel and equipment rentals, oh- and a $25 fine for failing to make enough sales, AND A $100 fine for quitting the company. BTW the only pay comes in sales commission, and the average only stretches out to be $4 an hour.

I read about the training, listen to marketing hype speech for 3 hours then go another 3 hours of unpaid "training." This was the landscaping version of Primerica. Sad thing this gimmick op is Canadian, it started up in Ontario. this year they set up in western Canada, calling themselves Property Stars Canada and are luring students and other desperate unemployed folks.

So I looked up the few web pages, compiled some information, wrote a scam alert notice, took it to the student union, and they actually stamped all the copies, told me to post them up, and give one and the "buisness" card to security.

Ok, a consumer scam is bad enough, but all the people running these employment scams all need to go die. Seriously. I think Bill Hicks said it best:

Bill Hicks said: By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, KILL YOURSELF. Thank you.

What else at school?
Presentation on the author Thomas King next week for english. This guy writes first nations short stories about coyotes and odd people. We're studying his stuff. I swear he was tripping balls on some mad 'shrooms or super baked when he wrote this stuff. 2 of his stories that make no sense to me were nominated for the Governor General awards. Still, the class discussion revealed everything and I was interested.

Geography, we're learning about how people are ass raping this planet for its resources to keep "the economy," running. We watched a movie yesterday about this lady from New Zealand who used to be an economist and politicion in a riding in NZ and successfully defeated a mining company from tearing up precious farmland and forests, saying that water, air, and ecosystems were worth more (the term was INvalueble) than the gold ore below. she's talking about pollution, sunburns, and loss of trees, and then when asked about a solution, she starts talking about her flock of goats, and her pet goat, Bob, who kept attacking the cameraman.
That was full of lulz. This was a good week...our teacher didn't become confused and utterly fail at teaching us like she did last week :D

F***ing broke
Out of money...I think EI stopped sending checks because I reported I was in school, but didn't get my grant yet. EI = Employment Insurance, and I signed up when my YMCA internship job ended, and have been living off EI during my failed job hunts during fall, bad colds, Christmas and school. I would look for a job but all the places managers are like, "WTF U IN SCHOOL FOR??? WE NEED FULL TIME> YOU NEED TO BE AVAILABLE 24/7!"
fuck that. and fuck the fucking guilt trips I get over not having a shitty job with shitty pay and shitty coworkers.

So yar, broke as fuck, and lost the $15 I had left on my prepaid Visa. the lady at the Money Mart who i asked about the missing credit said, "I can't tell you. Call the number on our brochure and gtfo."

Trolling Richmond
The employment scam Spring Masters Canada posted their ads on street poles all along the main road. I was there because the people at the internet cafe jacked up the all-day price and i didnt have enough, so I walked all the way along the road, tearing their posters off the street poles. Read my text book and tried to learn Cantonese at the library, got bored and left. Walked all the way back up the road to Superstore, tearing new ads that the scam posted during the day (half of them replaced the ones I took down hearler :P)
I thought they were gonna see me, pull up and punch me out but nothing happened. A cop even saw me tear a poster off the traffic light pole and he didn't care.

Finally made it to Superstore, walked to the bulk bin section, filled up a bag with granola, went to the cashier, gave her my visa, knowing there was at least $15 on it, and she's like "It's declined."
I say: "It's prepaid, i got like $15 left-"
she says "Exactly."
so THEN i walked all the way to money mart, and got told off.

So, sick from this cold and tired of walking all day I got on the bus and went home. I could have stayed at home, but my aunt and her family are the productive-all-day suburban type family and not being 100% comfortable living in their home, I feel really weird being home with them not home. Stupid thing of mine.

League of Legends
I signed up and downloaded the game, still too brain-dead to start a new game.

World of Warcraft
My warlock pwns,
my rogue is useless.

My warlock has 16K gold (leftover from the 30K i had from selling shitloads of elementium during the first 2 weeks of Cata.
My rogue has 150 gold

Made a worgen hunter to go through the worgen starting storyline, and Sylvannas' secret is exposed; she gives the Gilneans AIDS!

My warlock qualifies for heroics
My rogue is eligible to run noobs through noob dungeons.

Maple Story
*vomits Still hate Nexon

Mabinogi / Mabinogi Shakespeare
I'm sorry I just don't have the time :(

Driver Training
I'm too stressed out about shit in my life and I've gotten pretty reckless during driving lessons. I raped the clutch going on a green light up a hill (you know when the car is uphill waiting at a light and it turns green and u gotta go before everybody ragerapes your ass). My uncle wasn't too happy about that.
I signaled to make a right turn and this porsche or whatevertf it was came speeding up behind me and tried to pass around the RIGHT side of the car just as I, with the signal on, was about to make a right turn. My uncle saw it just in time and he's like "STOP!" and I hit the brakes. The car stopped behind us and i saw the guy in the mirror mouthing something like "F*** YOU LEARN TO DRIVE YOU F***ING NOOB!" and he had to back up so he could drive around us on the other side.

I hate parallel parking. I cannot see the curb. My L expires on the 27th, and the N test costs $135 ($35 for the test, $75 for the N license, and a $25 fine because when calling to book the appointment, I remembered i was poor and had to cancel, the the lady on the other line had sceduled for the next day. No wonder everyone hates ICBC.)

I can't sleep
A good night's sleep is a privelige I don't have anymore. I can get at least 3-5 hours, but it's broken up as I wake up at least 50 times during the night. I feel like shit and I'm always pissed off when i gotta get up for school or church.

Ok I'll stfu now, geez!

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February 11, 2011
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August 25, 2017
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March 30, 2009

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Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:51 PM +

Sleep is not a privilege. It's a luxury that no one has.

Sat Feb 12, 2011 03:43 AM +

Omfg, the Reverend Burn was awesome, but the snowman video doesn't work. D:

Sat Feb 12, 2011 05:27 AM +

uhh...look up 'Scary Snowman' on youtube

Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:32 AM [Edited 3 times ] +

Oh yeah, in relation to Reverend Burn, watch this video of his at the same time as this video.


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