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Written by Pirkid on December 4, 2010
I need to get out words.

I've had 1, 2, 5 blogs ready to go (not really), sitting on my desktop, Noaepad, waiting for me to finish and edit. Mineworld, some short stories, an erotica, etc. And I can't do it.

I feel like I've lost my will to write anything. I see an anime and instead of wanting to write some shitty fanfiction, I want to sit at home and play Harvest Moon.

Life sucks. Being busy all the time with school and work and Black Ops sucks. (Not really)


I have 4 Worlds on Minecraft, one where I'm building a giant lighthosue for David's contest (thoguh I feel like scraping it and doing it in InvDev instead), one where I'm doing an Underground Only challenge (it's ridiculous, really), and the Mineworld one. And some random one with a wooden house.

But I sit on my chair and I draw up enormous plans for spherical housing projects, towers, buildsing, lakes, underground facilities, factories, 2fort, Japan, etc. (No, really). And it's fun to play see, and then open Minecraft, sit there with my guy, I try to figure out how exactly I'll pull it off.

And then I give up again.

I wish I had some of you to play Minecraft with, on the multiplayer. That'd be fun. We could make a tribute to Vutales on the Reddit server.
Like a giant V mask.

Or a town. I'll build you all houses if you come. We can have a little street with a fountain in the middle. A golden statue on top? Maybe a supply tower and some battlements for archers. A pub? Wooden seems fitting,, but I'd rather use smooth stone, maybe stumps for the roof.
Hmm. What about a barracks? And I'll give my Vu girls their own little cottage on the beach or soemthing. White wool? Yea, some double-half steps, some fence posts? A bookshelf and a jukebox, TWO RECORDS. You can gossip and chat about boys (and girls in Dee's case) there. Then Nass and Arly will sneak up in the night and raid the storage boxes of saddles or something.

I need to stop

Vusys can be sitting at the top of his tower, I'll give him a giant cat to sit on (no, really, I've made one before, lost it in an update). I'd give myself a nice little shack near the middle, with waterfalls. David can get a hosue mode of bookshelves or something.

Dirt! Dirt is a good idea. Easily breakable, but I can ask for a no-touch from the admins. I'll add a warp to the tower and the pub, Wayne can give out pumpkin drinks and water.

Okay, tangent over (really).

Cause and Effect

I'm obviously at tipping point, heh. I'm obsessed with my chickens (really, I have 4 of them in Harvest moon named after Pokemon [so ronery]). I give exactly 9 flowers to the girl in the nursing home everyday.

Okay, maybe I should change to title to Harvest Moon for now.


Now that I put a header, I don't know what else to say. It's a classic game (I'm playing the GBA one on an emulator on my iPhone).

I have a horse (it's really cute, but I never understood the childhood obsession girls had with horses. Heartland? The supposed Prince Charming arriving to you on a horse of white? Isn't that racism? I mean, what exactly about horses excite girls? The tail? I know I mesmerized a girl by riding a horse around town in Ass Creed, all you can see it the horse's behind and she's all WOOBY WOOBY watching it. I don't get it. I am also going ot refuse to acknowledge the fact that this is a long ass ellipses. I mean..wait...bracket? Yea, bracket.)


¿Dónde esta la biblioteca? Me llamo T-Bone la araña discoteca. Discoteca, muñeca, la biblioteca es el bigote grande, perro, manteca. Manteca, bigote, gigante, pequeño cabeza es nieve, cerveza es bueno. Buenos días, me gustan papas frías, bigote de la cabra es Cameron Diaz!
It's 2009

Jeff: You were born 21 years ago.
Troy: Which would make me 20, because everyone is 10 for two years. Because fifth grade is really hard for Mom how many lies have I been living!?

Serious Head Time: Cause and Effect

I'm retarded with opinions.

If I read someone else's opinion on a matter, unless it's really close to me, I'll change my idea. Then I'll think of ways to outsmart teh other guy by ideaing more ideas.

Okay stop

I'm going to CP something I posted on Facebook:

Moi said: Poor Korean players, first they get nuked by gay Terran players, then by North Korea

No, wrong one



Protoss got buffed, woooooo

Effect and Korea

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow said: My hobby: When I get passed by strangers who are walking slightly faster then me, I increase my speed to match them. They notice and think that they are being slow, so they speed up. I then return to my regular pace and watch as a high-heeled business woman practically trips as she speed-walks through the Path.

Yea, tis fun. You know what else I do? I hang around weed smokers so I get the "cool smoker guy" brand by other Engineers, but I don't have to feel like my lungs are dying with I do sprints.

I do sprints around my house and neighbourhood with my doggy.

I just spelled sprints like this: sprntis


I'm not spoiling this one because it's one of those things YOU MUST SEE TO UNDERSTAND LIFE AND LOVE AND SEX

Your Choice, Sir And Or Madam, Pre-Op, Post-Op

I'll going to give you some excepts (excerpts? the word that describe a part of a full story in journalism wordspeak) of the short stories I've written. You get to choose one, and I promise to dedicate myself to it, or my name is Shirley and I will die horribly.

1. Incarnate

The girl gasped. She had loosened the grip on one of her books and it tumbled to the floor. Before she could pick it up, the old man bent down with surprising agility and pciking it up with one hand. Handing it to her, he said, "Best be careful, young'un, these must cost a lot." She nodded explicably, blushing, and took the book from him.

Minutes later, and a few others had joined them. The streetcar finally arrived, and they clambered on, the old man letting a few haddicapped riders get on before him. A man in a white suit bustled through the crowd, pushing himself onto the car and almost knocking the old man down. Dusting his jacket, the old man sighed and climbed on, giving a quick nod to the driver and taking a seat. The driver slowly acknowledged the nod, with the same strangled look as the girl previously.

... (paraphrase)

"So, what did you do today?" he asked, shrugging off his coat and giving her a peck on the cheek. She smiled, her wrinkles peeling back ever so slightly.

"Divorce, killed 3 pigeons, pushed a baby cart into a train, caused the local hot dog vendor to close down. Too bad I didn't get the baby."

2. Mineworld: Chapter 2
Herobrine said: The light around me is fading...I lose my strength. I grip the wood tightly around my blocky fingers, and charge forward at the red eyed beast.


I work feverishly, with no avail, the tools I create are pitiful, falling part to the touch. The banging around me gets louder as I frantically scramble around my little grave, picking my my useless materials.

3. Forever (working on it for 3 years, still have nothing done)

Will get this when my Phone stops acting up.

4. He Says, She Says (I don't think these are allowed anymore)

5. TF2 Fanfiction (tentative title)

CHOOSE WISELY. The future of the world depends on your action (not really).

Signing out, mates.

~Pir <3

fuck the what did I just write
7335 Characters, 1285 Words

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December 4, 2010
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>kayne shrug
Who the HECK is kayne?
Kayne East?

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Pepper said: >kayne shrug
Who the HECK is kayne?
Kayne East?


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Pepper said: >kayne shrug
Who the HECK is kayne?
Kayne East?


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