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Summer of...well pain

Written by DarkDragoon on June 8, 2010
Hey guys! Been a while since I last blogged, how people doin'?

I've been ok, school let out on May 27th which was coo'.
However, I had a Computer Science Competition on Saturday, so we flew out to Philadelphia on Friday returned back on Sunday.
Shit's cash tho, won a printer as well as first place, but that's not as important.
Grammatical errors aside in my previous blahblah'ing let's get down to biznis.

▲ ▲
Let's see if that works

Anyways I'm now involved in this 2 year research project with a professor, as his research assistant, dealing with economics, since well at the moment I'm aspiring to major in Economics ;-;
Basically means during the weekdays: wake up at 7:30 A.M. and get ready, get picked up to go at 8:30, arrive at 9:30-45, laze around the professor's office till 10:00, attend his class till Noon(or 11 if there's a quiz), after that I work till 1:30-2 P.M. on the project.
After that I either go volunteer at my, now previous, school or go home.

This is the first full week that I've been in on this and well...tis ok.
Mainly not used to waking up this early during summer, but owell.
(btw typing this while im "working on the code")
If I didn't mention this, I'm the computer nerd of the project. Basically, that means I write the program to analyze the data he gives me, he checks over it. If it's all good, we cool. If not, I re-write entire thing! Since he doesn't know how to work with the programs(why he needed an assistant in the first place).

That's about it, oh and he buys me coffee in the mornings since he isn't "paying me", I guess that's a perk besides being able to mooch off the College's wi-fi.


Back-track to the end of the school year now kiddies.
So yeah, this was the end of my sophomore year in High Skoo'.
The year was pretty good, just went by WAY WAY WAY too fast IMO.
Seriously, one moment it's August, the next it's May and I'm like, "wtf".
I had my 5 AP tests, and well I think I did alright.
Computer Science A-5 fo' sho'
Biology-Either a 5 or extremely close since I skipped a part of the last free-response question.
Calc BC-Bombed or 3...couldn't think during the test and skipped half of the free-response questions.
World History-Wild Card, don't know what to expect.
Microeconomics-5 or extremely close, since I'm just that epic.
Now if you're thinking, "woah 5 tests?", I originally was planned to do 6 including AP Chem, but that got bleh since I haven't studied for that in like 5 months.
Now there's a perk to taking all of these AP tests.
Since my school doesn't really offer exemptions from finals the only way to get out of them is for the teacher to not give a final.
All of my teachers for these AP tests decided to not give a final, since the tests are hard yo.

tl;dr-Only had an English final(which was really easy, three easy essays and a poem).


K' so now it's summer.
I played some Aika.
Got some screenies, which I guess I'll put in spoiler tags...or just link entire folder I derno.
K here's album
Password for album is: DarkDragoon
Just copy pasta that password
Too lazy to link individually.
Note that these are somewhat old and my cleric and Pran look different now.
Btw cleric's name is DuckPhock and Pran is PhoPhock.
Additional note, I am not Vietnamese
So yeah, twas fun but I went back to Cross Fire.


Ah my love...thou are so sweet.
I'm currently playing as AwmNom(Awm is the CF equivalent of an Awp or Intervention with stopping power for you MW2 fags, but said as "Om" get it? ;]) in the clan Turtle*Force.
Clan is ranked 475, which is awesome since we mainly play for fun and all, but we do Clan War every now and then.
Probably the most fun I've had in a clan, well ever. We have a lot of really active members, most of which kick ass(myself included), and are generally fun people.
A little dive into the clan now, shall we?

If you don't wanna read, skip spoiler.

Current Leader of the Clan.
One man wrecking squad on favorite maps(personally when he's on top form he never gets less then 40 kills in a 100 kill tdm with 8 players on each team, and I have never seen his kdr drop below 3.0)
Weapon of choice: Scar Light
Alternate: Awm
He's beastin' with the Scar Light, and good with the Awm, he's our clan's leader and top player(from what I've personally seen).

One of the lieutenants of the clan.
Has a wider variety of guns then Audi and is also very good.
Weapon of Choice: M4 Custom, or Kriss
Alternate: Awm
He has a lot of variety and is a game changer as well(very nice personality wise btw).

Old man of the clan, but is also an lieutenant
Even wider variety of guns then Black, and is pretty damn good as well.
Weapon of Choice: M12
Alternate: Dsr, or M4 Custom
Talkative and fun, but he's also one of the best players in the clan(sucks to be against him since he changes up guns so much).

One of the few females, but is still pretty good(very nice as well).
Usually switches between the Awm and M12 interchangeably, skills are top notch with either.
Weapon of Choice: Awm/M12
Alternate: AK-47
My sniping buddy in most cases, providing backup and support.

[ttext=Me, I guess]AwmNom[/ttext]
I'm in the upper tier of snipers in the clan, with Audi and a few others(I guess)
Most likely to kill with my Deagle then Awm, fails with most Assault Rifles
Weapon of Choice:Awm
Alternate: Deagle
I've challenged almost everyone(who snipes) in the clan to a 1 on 1 snipes and won every one except against one guy(new recruit who's pretty bangin' who I tied against). Actually better with my Deagle then the Awm since I use it more often.

And thas it for like 5 people, theres around 60 people in clan, but these are the people I'm most in contact with.

We mainly play Egypt TDM(which is the clan leader's favorite and best map) as a clan and try to have fun...wrecking other people that is.
We clan war every now and then, but mostly it's just a lack of enthusiasm to clan war that makes it so we don't(which is fine with me since I find them a bother anyways).
The lack of Clan wars makes some people not want to join us, but we get new people as well since we are mainly a clan "just for fun", unlike many other clans in where you constantly have the fear of being kicked for doing poorly in matches.

Tis fun, and all I've really been doing lately, ranked up finally to Master Seargent(go me!), but now It's going to be another 150k-200k exp to get to Lieutenant...which depresses me but w.e.
Got my Quick Scopes down for the most part which helps tremendously, but I still prefer no bleh.
So if you play, just hit /w AwmNom <message> to tell me you're on and who you are of course and we can play!

Thas it for my blawg peoples.

Till next time

~The Dragoon/Lee/AwmNom

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June 8, 2010
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Wed Jun 09, 2010 09:56 PM +

You're the future Dervdddd <3

Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:07 PM +

snowhamster said: You're the future Dervdddd <3

I don't wanna cry over 97's :[

Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:15 PM +




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