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An analysis of the greatest blog ever

Written by Waffle on November 20, 2009
Dest1 recently released a blog that moved me to tears with it's symbolic meaning and the way it makes you look in yourself to see the flaws of mankind in it's entirety

hi im dest
Notice how the word "Hi" is lowercase and the way it is spelled. On the surface it seems as a greeting but a deeper meaning lies beneath. Hi can be an alternate spelling of High which leads me to believe that maybe was Mr. Dest1 is getting at is that greetings are the highest point of social interactions for us. Humans. Social creaturess. When we see the word Hi it triggers an emotional high of sorts because we know that we are going to meet a new possible friend. Or possibly a new enemy, the Gary Oak of sorts to our Ash. It tugs at our competitive natures and Mr. Dest1 was aware of this and used it to his advantage to reel us, the readers, in. His masterful use of such amazing subconcious puppeteering really is amazing. Good show Mr. Dest1 you have my attention.

im 14
What is the significance of "14?" Consider that 13 is considered a most unfortunate number. Could Mr. Dest1 be saying that there's always better days to come? That deep within us no matter how tiring things get we should always consider that there is a better somethign out there waiting for us the next day? "But Waffle, maybe he was just telling his age" Ah but alas age is nothing but a number, is it not? Therefore that can't be it. This is more than just a number it is a realization of the conciousness of autocidality.

im chinez
Notice how chinese is misspelled. It obviously is referencing the difficulty that immigrants go through learning language as complex as americanized english. What I enjoy about this section of the blog was how Mr. Dest1 shows sympathy for this group without becoming overly socially concious and detracting from the rounded nature of the rest of the piece.

i go to high school
He goes to high school.

The most moving part of the entire blog. It was hard to read with the tears in my eyes clouding my vision. Everything I ever knew was a lie to me after reading this part. Touche Mr. Dest1 you made me realize how hypocritical I am. Was I better than anyone because of my beliefs? How could the average joe change the future or save a life? How do we know that technology will not turn out to be our undoing? So many questions were brought up with this section and they made me realize how small I am. I still tear up as I write this because as I bask on my insignificance I know i can be changing the world or making a difference. After reading this I am a changed man, never again will I look upon anything the same again. Amazing Mr. Dest1.

This section brings up the question of whether we truly absorb anything we hear. I think Mr. Dest1 has given us the reality that most of what we hear goes through one ear and come out of the other. Think of how many times you or I have read the statistics on how much bacteria is on the average toothbrush. We still brush our teeth everyday however. Well not anymore from this day on I shall no longer brush my teeth (or wear deoderant, did you know 1 in 57 people have a deoderant allegy that can cause minor rashes? I'm not taking the risk those motherfuckers are itchy.)

What IS spam? According to Mr. Dest1 it's whatever doesn't apply to you or I. A valid observation Mr. Dest1. Who am I to say something is spam when one man's spam is another man's lunchmeat. After I read this it truly showed me how egocentric we are. It shows our weakness and can only be our undoing.

An expansion of the above passge but equally as touching.

What Mr.Dest1 is trying to make us understand here is that everything we consume will come back to consume us later. This has a double meaning that can represent the literal realization of weight in it's relation to our perspective of ourselves or it can mean consumption of ideals in our respective cultures. Either way it's something that can't be analyzed and must be read by the reader to grasp the full gravity of OMNOMNOM

A short concise way of letting you and I (the readers) know that all good things must come to and end and that this does not mark the end of something great but the beginning of something better. And in the case of this amazing blog that better something is a life changed for the better. Thank you Mr. Dest1.

(delete plis)
Oh Mr. Dest1 don't be so modest

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November 20, 2009
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January 19, 2015
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June 13, 2009

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Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:33 PM +


Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:42 PM +

Can someone call MEGATROLL on this?

Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:08 PM +

Dude. This was the funniest thing EVER.
Waffle, you rule.

Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:31 AM +

Was there a second meaning to Dest's blog?

Sat Nov 21, 2009 03:44 AM +


Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:08 PM +

i go to high school
He goes to high school.

I nearly came. That part was inspirational and magical.

Sun Nov 22, 2009 01:02 AM +

I'm a powerful writer

Sun Nov 22, 2009 01:07 AM +

Dest1 will surely go down in THE INTERNETS as the most influential man to grace this planet ever. EVER

Sun Nov 22, 2009 07:05 AM +


Sun Nov 22, 2009 02:40 PM +


Tue Nov 24, 2009 07:39 AM +

Zhlink said: *Facedesk*

Sat Mar 05, 2011 06:35 PM +

Reve said:
Zhlink said: *Facedesk*


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