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Written by Pirkid on October 2, 2009
Anyone remember Muhammad Ali, the retired boxer? Originally changed his name from Cassius Clay, he's globally considered one of the most awesome and EPIC heavyweight boxing champions ever.

My physics teacher was teaching us the Newton's Laws one day, and was telling us that Muhammad Ali once punched a contestant so hard in the face that during the shoot analysis, they noticed a frame where the SWEAT of the man's face were still in place while the rest of his face wasn't, Newton's Law of Inertia.


Well, anyways, this isn't about him, or boxing.

Anyone remember Orville and Wilbur Wright? The two bachelor gentlemen who (in general terms) crafted ,engineering, and flew the first aeronautical vehicle using a combination of physics, dynamics, ingenuity and three-axis control?

Yea, I want to be an aerospace engineer. I'm currently attend Ryerson University for that very program, one of two universities that offers Engineering - Aerospace and Aeronautics.

Basically, planning and building something like this.

I already have my Glider license, which I gained this past summer from a training session up in a village called Artur. I can fly this:

And I have, for about 18 hours in total so far.

It's fun singing in the sky.

A song I feel I can really connect with.

I never gave a fuck..-sigh-
I never a fuck about what nigga's thought about me.
I mean I did but like fuck it you know what I'm saying?
You gon' love me man,
You gon' love me man..

They can't comprehend,
They even come close to understanding him,
I guess if I was borin' they would love me more,
Guess if I was simple in the mind,
Everything would be fine.
Maybe if I was jerk to girls,
Instead of being nice and speaki'n kind words,
Then maybe it would be ok to say then,
I wasn't a good guy to begin with.

But my mind is all crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...
They got me thinkin' I ain't human,
Like I came in from above, above, above, above...
Feelin' like a airplane in the sky.
But then they say I'm crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy...
They got me thinkin' I ain''t human,
Like I came in from above, above, above, above...
Feelin' like a bird sittin' high high..

I be that man on the moon.
I'm that man on the moon.
And I'mma do what I do so,
Do you hey hey.
I be posted with my blunt and a brew my dude,
I'm that man on the moon.
I'm up up on the moon.

Close my eyes, hide in the dark,
It's a curtain call, come one come all.
All I do is try to make it simple,
The ones that make it complicated,
Never get congratulated.
I'm somethin' different in all aspects,
Don't want a woman just to love her assets.
I Still wife her up even with her flat chest,
The type to get hurt,
But that's the past tense.

My mind is all hazy, hazy, hazy, hazy...
I be thinkin' that I'm wrong,
Cuz they used to call me lame, lame, lame, lame...
My swag was a little different
But then my mind is hazy, hazy, hazy, hazy...
I be thinkin' that I'm wrong,
But they the ones who lame, lame, lame, lame...
I got the last laugh nigga.

I be that man on the moon.
I'm that man on the moon.
And I'mma do what I do so,
Do you hey hey.
I be posted with my blunt and a brew my dude,
I'm that man on the moon,
I'm up up on the moon.

My birthday is this Saturday.

As usual, I'm not very excited. It's just another day.
But, strangely enough, my parents had promised me an iPhone for my birthday. So I was excited when me and my mom and my sister went last Monday to check out plan and return my sister's newly bought, iPod Chromatic for a iTouch.

And then it happened.
My dad works in a carrier business, he gets calls from people offering him jobs to move things from one place to another. He dries a big truck around and only recently replaced his 7 year-old motherhumper with a new truck. He's often at the garage fixing something or other with that truck.

I woke up Wednesday morning to find that my father had crashed into the backside of another car while being asleep at the wheel. He takes a lot of night shifts so I wasn't too surprised. He isn't hurt, but the truck is.

Money. It drives us all insane.

I kind of expected this when my mom first told me about the truck, but anyways..
A few hours ago, my mom called me downstairs. She and my father were sitting in the living rroom, faces solemn. They asked me to take a seat.
I was shitting myself. I thought I had done something horribly wrong or ba,d and I was gonan be shipped off to the home country and be forced to plant te-

"You might not be able to get the iPhone."
"Please try to understand."
"I do."

I have a phone already. It's pretty crap (Sneha can attest to this) but it's a phone. I have 18 months left in my phone contract and we were gonna give this phone to my sister and get an iPhone for me. But due to the money involved in repairing the truck, and our family running low in the economy at the moment..

I work twice a week, making about $45 bucks a week. My textbooks for university alone cost about $700, plus I have to pay tuition of $6280 (Only $2900 of which I've paid). I also have to purchase a GO pass ($154) and Metropass ($91) each month for the train and subway, respectively. My dad recently had nose surgery and is 'out of work', and my mom is bankrupt, save a few thousand in the bank for emergency. She's saving the RRSP for my sister.

My sister cried a bit. She really wanted a phone or an iTouch, and she might not get either.
My parents told me to tell her about it, because they knew I'd understand the situation but she wouldn' much.

ѕизнα  says (20:22):
*whatever. lifes a bitch

~Pir <3

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October 2, 2009
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Fri Oct 02, 2009 06:07 AM +

yeah. i love how it was all woohoo career at the start, then all blah, lifes a bitch at the end :P

Fri Oct 02, 2009 06:09 AM +

Mechanical > Aerospace!!! They're grouped together at my college, so there's a bit of a rivalry. Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for y'all. I might have considered it (as car aerodynamics come from aerospace engineering), but I didn't want to have to sit through all the plane and spaceship stuff.

Fri Oct 02, 2009 06:49 AM +

Architectural > Mechanical > Aerospace!!!!

Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:23 PM +

Happy Early Birthday! I wish my parents felt that bad about not being able to get me things. I asked my mom if I'd get anything and she said: "No. What do we look like to you? A fucking bank full of money? We have more important thing to spend money on than some crap phone that'll be obsolete next year. Get outta my sight!" I was so touched by that that I never asked for anything ever again. <333

Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:17 PM +

I'm considering Aerospace or Economics myself xo
Sorry to hear that hope everything gets sorted out soon!

Sun Oct 04, 2009 02:40 AM +

I barely ask for anything from my mom or gran. So when I ask for something I usually get it x_o
it'll go down....soon......or not x_X

Sun Oct 04, 2009 06:15 AM +

It's not the end of the world. -pats back-
You can get one later after you get out of college. :D


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